Caribbean fish parcels recipe – slow cooker

Caribbean fish parcels

The first time I saw a fish parcel recipe was in Italy, the chef would prepare trays and trays of trota salmonata for the guests including potatoes and other vegetables in the parcels for taste but also as a side. 

Caribbean Fish parcels are my take on that, you can use foil as [...]

Smoked fish chowder recipe for the slow cooker

smoked fish chowder

My first chowder ever was eaten sitting on Pier 39 in San Francisco after listening to a pod of seals making a tremendous racket on the rocks by the pier. I remember that day as clear as if it were yesterday.  (June 2006)

Funnily enough I hadn’t expected grey skies and cold, damp days [...]

Cowboy Stew – slow cooker recipe

cowboy stew slow cooker recipe

Howdy partner!

When I was researching for my handy list of 10 things to make with a Bolognese sauce I mentioned my list to my brother who’s a chef and he said as quick as a flash ‘You’re missing Cowboy Stew.’

So I researched a little further and came across Corey’s recipe for [...]

Spanish pork and chorizo casserole – slow cooker

spanish pork and chorizo slow cooked casserole

Slow cooked Spanish pork and chorizo casserole was a very good idea, it turned out even better than I imagined and it was an economical meal to produce. Take a look

Slow cooked Spanish pork and chorizo casserole

Ingredients for 6

800 g Pork shoulder steaks cut into cubes 4 Heggies chorizo sausages 3 [...]

Winter pot roast – slow cooker recipes beef

slow cooker pot roast beef

Brisket is one of the cheaper cuts of beef and therefore can be hard and stringy if not cooked gently and that is why the slow cooker is the perfect method for all tougher joints as the low temperature and long cooking time breaks down the toughness of the meat so it will melt [...]

Pork in beer with dumplings, slow cooker recipes pork

slow cooked pork in beer with dumplings

Other Half does not like his pork cooked in cider, I found that out last time I cooked it and added a sliced apple to the pot too much to his distaste, he’s a meat man and likes to keep his sweet and savoury separate. So when Oldest Son was over last week and [...]

Lamb shanks with red wine and rosemary – slow cooker recipe

lamb shanks clow cooker ingredients

My lamb shanks with chorizo and garlic is one of the most popular recipes on here so I thought I’d have a second option just in case chorizo and garlic isn’t your thing. I decided on rosemary which always marries well with lamb and red wine. Cooked in the slow cooker it becomes a [...]

Italian fish stew – slow cooker recipe

Italian fish stew

This is a first for me, cooking fish in the slow cooker and I am pleased to report it worked exceptionally well. I was inspired by Mediocre Mum who last week did Chorizo, new potato and haddock and I took up the challenge to see if I could create one of our favourite recipes [...]