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Chances are someone around you is suffering but can’t talk to anyone. I’m very lucky this has never happened to me but it’s a big problem out there and it breaks my heart to think of women being treated so badly and being unable to do anything about it, please help me spread awareness about Refuge and let’s start helping these women to help themselves.

Mari x

The campaign video above – available on as well as YouTube and Avon/Refuge Facebook channels – launches ahead of the international and UN supported campaign, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, which starts eleven days later on 25th November 2012.

Tomorrow, 14th November, Avon UK and national domestic violence charity Refuge will launch a ground-breaking, interactive video campaign to encourage people to recognise the signs of domestic violence and learn more about how they can support friends or loved ones who might be experiencing domestic violence.

The “Support a Friend” campaign is the latest phase of the joint ‘1in4women’ campaign, launched by Refuge and Avon last year, reflecting the statistic that one woman in every four will experience domestic violence at some point in her lifetime.

The video, animated by French musician and film director Fursy Teyssier, will drive people to the campaign website, which offers a wealth of information about the signs and causes of domestic violence. The 1 in 4 Facebook App, launched last year on Refuge’s Facebook page, will continue to be a key part of the campaign which will drive awareness and share the campaign message.  The App works out how many of the users’ female friends could experience domestic violence based on the shocking 1 in 4 statistic.

The Campaign
The striking ‘Support a Friend’ animation video sets up four scenarios and asks viewers what they might consider doing in each situation to support a friend experiencing domestic violence. The animation unfolds in different, dramatic ways according to the responses given.

Get Involved
The video will go live on 14th November 2012 – to tie in with the ‘1 in 4’ statistic – with an official launch at 14:00, the time of day when the Refuge website receives the most visits.  In the days and hours leading up to the launch supporters can visit to sign up to a Thunderclap, which will automatically send the tweet “#1in4women experience domestic violence. Would you know how to #supportafriend? Find out now.” at 14:00 on 14th November 2012 – calling on women everywhere to watch the animated video and learn more about domestic violence.

The campaign video – available on as well as YouTube and Avon/Refuge Facebook channels – launches ahead of the international and UN supported campaign, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, which starts eleven days later on 25th November 2012.

At 14.00 on 14th November 2012 thousands of independent Avon Representatives across the UK will be logging on to view the campaign video and urging all their customers to join in and support the cause.

Rifugio Rumor Campomolon, ArsieroLast weekend I took a quick trip over to Italy to see my grandson christened. I can’t believe that after the hottest August on record for years in Folgaria I arrive and the heavens opened! Not only that it didn’t stop for two days but thank goodness it cleared for the christening.

As always it’s the perfect time to catch up with my best friends in Italy, we’re all really bad at keeping in touch, the odd Facebook comment but never lots of texts or phone calls as much as we’d like to. Nevertheless, it’s like picking up where we left off and there are certainly no breaks in the conversation as we all struggle to get a word in edgeways.

This time we organised to eat out on Saturday night, I left the choice up to them and a group of 12 of us drove across the mountain pass to Rifugio Rumor which is in Campomolon in Veneto and is at 1748m above sea level – imagine the view in the daytime?

Rifugio Rumor - Veneto

It’s a long twisty drive to get there and from Folgaria it took about half an hour, our reserved table had already been laid up, it is a rustic setting so don’t go expecting linen napkins, silver cutlery and crystal glasses, the idea of these Refuge restaurants was born years ago for people travelling from one place to another and needing a stopover, nowadays they are very popular with cyclists, motorcyclists, hikers and families too looking for a day out a little different to the usual.

Filet steak grilling in front of the fire

We chose from three starters, I chose Fettucine alle finferli (local wild mushrooms) which I forgot to photograph as they were so delicious and for main course the speciality of the house is grilled meat.

mixed grill Rifugio Rumor

Filet steak, costine (ribs) and tagliata di manzo grilled in front of the open fire, so tender it melts in your mouth. Served with potatoes and fried tomatoes. Delizioso!

bread and wine

Dessert was a plate of Salame al cioccolato and bottles of grappa were strategically placed on the table, prugna and white or Limoncello which I chose :)

Rifugio Rumor after dinner

The cost of the whole meal including alcohol was €25.00 per head and considering fillet steak was included I think it was excellent value for money.

Gianni rifugio Rumor

Our host and manager of Rifugio Rumor Gianni Marenda

If you’re ever in the Dolomites keep an eye out on your map for Rifugio as there are many dotted about and they all have good wholesome meals on offer, the views are spectacular and it’s a fabulous experience to be on top of the world enjoying a good meal.

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