First term of Big school progress report

swimming certificates

Wow, didn’t that first term of school go quickly?

There I was waiting for school to start and complaining of the long induction process and boom – it’s Christmas, the girls can read and recognise letters and have even started the add one concept.

They have weekly PE lessons, weekly trips to the library [...]

A peek into reception classroom

self portraits - Alice and Bessie aged 4

Now the girls are happily settled into school and I have all this time on my hands, often throughout the day my thoughts drift to wondering what are they doing?

I can’t hide that I have been just as excited as them this past month. I think starting school is an enormous step in [...]

Number Puppy 6 – learning your numbers

number puppy 6

I must admit to great excitement in the house when it is our turn to have a number puppy for the night.

Today’s post is based on Number puppy 6, a puppy with a penchant for the number 6, the colour purple and the hexagon shape. Number puppy 6 is one of ten puppies [...]

Moosicology – turbo boost your child’s development


Music engages practically all areas of the brain.

Research by Schlaug et al (1995) showed that music learning before the age of 7 boosted the connection between the two sides of the brain.

Music learning tends to produce more intelligent and creative children.

Moosicology is the first and only home education package for [...]

Learning to read and write at infant school

What a great school the girls are in! All parents have been invited to three workshops last week to enable us to help our children get to grips with the learning system our school are using with our children and I am so pleased they are encouraging parents to take part and help them [...]

School home visit – what’s it all about?

school information leaflets

A gift from last year’s Badgers given to the girls on our home visit

After our first introduction day at school last week was spent at home whilst we had our home visit, apparently it’s a government decision and although it was lovely to meet the teachers; Mts T (for Teacher) and Miss [...]