ravensburger puzzle The Red Box

1000 pieces people, 1000 pieces and it took me about four days ish to complete. Not that I spent the entire day doing it of course, probably a couple of hours at a go and I really enjoyed it.

I find it therapeutic to just concentrate on the pieces, it’s relaxing but at the same time you don’t want to stop because you might just find that next bit you’ve been hunting for.

ravensberger puzzle -sorting out the pieces

I’ve done plenty of puzzles in my time, with Megan (Oldest Daughter) we did a 1000 piece puzzle of two dolphins swimming at sea – they were her favourite animal, and it took forever to separate all the various shades of grey and blue but what a joy to finish it and then have it framed and put on her bedroom wall. It was also a time we worked on something together, slow family time which allows for lots of talking and it’s amazing what subjects can come up when you are completely relaxed. I can’t remember any exact conversations I had with Megan back then but I can remember us both enjoying that time together.

ravesnberger puzzle started

I have some tips for doing puzzles, you have most likely worked them out yourself but I find that a little P&O (Preparation and Organisation) goes a long way in this game.

    1. Invest in a rollable mat as you will not want the puzzle lying around forever and if you don’t crack on and do it it will.
    2. Separate the pieces that form the edge of the puzzle from the pieces that make the inside and find the four corners.
    3. Make up the edge
    4. Work on prominent sections first, this light coloured piece for example was easy to find as the pieces stood out from the others

ravensberger section

  • As you take each piece up if you can’t find where it goes put it in a new pile and add to it as you go along – this saves picking up the same piece over and over again.
  • Remember it’s supposed to be fun, if it’s not then put it away and find something else to do.

ravensberger puzzle section


Disclosure: We were sent this puzzle by Ravensburger for the purpose of this review

animags wild animalsIt’s toy box time again and this week John Crane are proposing a 21 piece game called Animags Wild Animals.

A collection of 6 wild animals made out of wood and brightly painted plus three bushes to create a jungle environment. Each animal is divided into three pieces which fit one on top of the other with magnets to make the animal, bottom, middle and head so to speak.

Apart from the hand to eye co-ordination it also gives thinking and reasoning skills a good workout and is advised for children from the age of 2.

You can imagine the laughter of making a tiger with a crocodiles mouth and a gorillas’ feet?  hours of fun!

animags wild animals

I had a quick peek online and prices for this wooden toy go from £12.99 to around £14.50. The puzzle comes in a sturdy box with an easy opening for little hands and each animal comes packaged in its own bag. find your nearest dealer at John Crane toys

animags wild animals