Peppa Pig and muddy puddles

Peppa Pig is BIG, she’s even won a BAFTA and children the world over have fallen in love with her and family. We are huge fans in this house and even if we should be moving on now from Peppa we’re not. Her toys come out time and time again and the girls spend [...]

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Tour the UK

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

We had the pleasure of going to going to see Peppa Pig’s Theatre tour back in February and the girls LOVED it. They came home with souvenirs, big smiles but more importantly a memory, a memory of going to the theatre and joining in the ‘He’s Behind You’ and all the fabulous parts [...]

Peppa Pig mini games

Peppa Pig mini felt game

Do you have Peppa Pig fanatics in your house? I do, my girls LOVE her, her brother and her family and friends and they have really picked up a lot of vocabulary from watching the cartoons too.

The BAFTA award winning Peppa Pig has accompanied us now for a couple of years since she [...]

Peppa Pig Treasure Hunt Theatre tour – Win a family ticket!

I don’t know about you but Peppa Pig is a huge hit in this house. Peppa has solved many a long journey on DVD in the back seat, she has quietened down two miserable tired little ladies as they lounge on the sofa and watch her cartoons back to back and she is often [...]

P is for Princess

The girls are at the age now where they love to play “make-believe” and one of the most popular make-believe games of course is the princess one  (alongside the fairy one). Usually this means putting on a lot of bracelets and necklaces that I have collected in a box for them and then telling me over and [...]

Twins 2 years old

twins on beach

Yep, on Saturday it will be twins two years old and the old cliché ‘Hasn’t time flown by’ couldn’t be more adapt. 

I’m not sure if it’s because they are twins and there is undeniably more work involved but it does seem we don’t stop. Ever. 

I have been incredibly lucky [...]