Are you a lemon and sugar kind of person or a full out nutella and banana lover? What’s your favourite pancake filling?

Shrove Tuesday the end of luxury and eating whatever you want and the beginning of Lent – Are you giving something up this year? I stopped doing that year’s ago as it never worked for me plus I seem to have slipped further and further away from any religious practise in my life but that is another post.

But religious or not Pancake Day is one to be celebrated in this house and having seen Daddy Pig’s efforts to flip his pancake which ended up stuck to the ceiling I might need a little practise before the big day arrives.

Thankfully Lakeland are on the case for helping the nation get their pancakes ‘just right’ and have sent me through two products to make my pancake experience more enjoyable.

Ceramica Crepe pan

ceramica crepe pan

The perfect flat pan with a lip which makes flipping and serving on the plate a doddle. It’s made from aluminium with a pancake proof non stick Ecolon ceramic coating meaning NOTHING sticks RRP £19.99

The second gadget they sent through was the

Lekue Citrus Spray

Lekue citrus spray

Well if at first glance you think it’s one of those plastic bottles found on supermarket shelves with ‘lemon juice’ in I’ll let you off because that’s what I thought on seeing the initial photo but it’s not. It’s an ingenious gadget which screws into your citrus fruit. A gentle squeeze of the fruit and then spray out the real lemon juice. Can be used on oranges, limes and so forth. For salmon, salads, fruit salads and who knows? What a fabulous idea RRP £9.99

How to make the perfect pancake batter?

…and then Lakeland had another thought, let’s really cross out ‘t’s and dot our ‘i’s and make sure she has the perfect recipe to follow and here it is below. Now last dilemma, the filling. Traditional lemon and sugar or something more fancy, nutella and bananas, ice cream and caramel sauce or even savoury pancakes now there’s a thought.

Happy Pancake Day everyone

Lakeland pancakes

Some other sweet fillings are

  • ice cream and caramel sauce
  • nutella spread across the pancake and bananas sliced on top
  • blueberries, strawberries, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sugar
  • fried apple slices in a little demerera sugar and caramel sauce