going to school‘We break up, we break down, we don’t care if the school falls down …’ do kids still sing that song these days? It was hollered at the top of our voices as we left the school building for the final time in the school year but maybe it’s more of a senior school thing to do?

We break up on Wednesday and I can say that the twins have thoroughly enjoyed their first year at school, they settled in easily and the decision to keep them together has worked wonders, we were also allowed to mention a few friends names to add to the same class and as they had such a great little group started at pre-school the mums decided to request to continue these little friendships and we have watched from the sidelines as the friendships grew stronger and bonds were made.

I am stunned at how much they have learnt this past year, their reading is amazing and the teacher mentioned that the class is above average and has gelled really well at the last parent’s evening.

This term started with each child writing something they’d like to work towards this term, Alice said she’d like to swim without armbands

alice star wish

Bessie said she’d like to ride her bike without stabilisers

bessies' star wish

For the record they are still both ‘work in progress.’

This caught my eye in the class – the hot seat.

Bessie tells me that when you sit in the hot seat you pretend you are a character from the book the class is reading, when it was her turn she had to pretend to be a duck and had to quack a lot. Alice had to pretend to be a cow when it was her turn.

hot seat

We were also told at half term that term 6 would be focusing on transport, they covered all sorts of transport including packing suitcases for holidays and they also covered rockets and planets too.



The water  transport also extended to explor ‘commotion in the ocean’

ocean art work

When we pick them up from class we can see their little outside play area and they have planted flowers, potatoes and made bird seed feeders too. I thought Superworm came into discussion during talks about that but on asking the girls I discover that Superworm saves the world!



The twins loved their teacher and their teaching assistant; they have blossomed under their instruction this first year and it will be sad to have to move on but it’s been confirmed we’re moving out of Badgers and into Koalas.

The school reports tell of two happy, smiley girls that socialise well and get on with everyone. They listen, they learn and are a great part of the class. We are over the moon with that and long may it continue!

As for homework over the holidays, practise number bonds and reading and that’s about it, let them relax and enjoy themselves, the beauty of having girls is they like to write, they love to read and they enjoy counting and number games so it really shouldn’t be too hard for us.

Now the girls are happily settled into school and I have all this time on my hands, often throughout the day my thoughts drift to wondering what are they doing?

I can’t hide that I have been just as excited as them this past month. I think starting school is an enormous step in their lives, a step when they begin to construct their own world outside of the home. They will choose their own friends, start making their own decisions and learn lots of wonderful things every day.

On asking my children after school ‘What did you do today?’ I repeatedly hear ‘I can’t remember.’ So when our school held an Open Classroom a couple of weeks ago it was the perfect opportunity to stalk my own kids and find out what they’d been doing with their time.

self portraits - Alice and Bessie aged 4

Just so you know who we are talking about, here are the two protagonists of today’s post as seen by themselves, pictures I will never tire of seeing  – can’t wait to see how they do mum!

Mrs T (for teacher) explained that a lot of their time is play time, most of the learning activities are centered around games and we have a fabulous outdoor area which is also covered so much of their time is spent outdoors in the fresh air.

Inside classwork will take the form of colouring, painting, cutting and a lot of creativity so children enjoy whilst they’re learning.

Me, Myself and I

Term 1 has been focused on Myself, this has included parts of the body. Bessie showed me her fist one evening and very proudly informed me

‘These are knuckles mummy.’

Myself has also included lots of work on how we are feeling and this also has brought home some interesting conversation, like when I called the girls upstairs for a bath one evening and heard Alice in her best moany voice (as she didn’t want to be dragged away from CBeeBies)

‘Mummy, you’re hurting my feelings.’

children's art work 'our bodies' reception class

Of course school wouldn’t be school if we didn’t spend time learning our alphabet and our numbers and here are the first signs of writing the satpin letters.

cursive writing in reception class

I think t for teeth has to be my favourite

Numbers play a good part and I discovered they use number lines, basically a strip of teddy bears or another object, each with a number on a laminated strip starting with 0 and ending with 10. The children are taught to use two fingers so they place the left hand finger on number 1 for example and add two (count two spaces) with the right finger. This introduces adding and further down the line taking away in a simple method that sticks.

Myself has also been recently extended to family and below is Bessie’s work as she portrays her sister on a stone. I love it and find it even more endearing as Alice was off sick whilst this task was being done.


Last night’s first ever parent’s evening was fabulous, a ten minute chat about each child where I was told they had both settled in well, that after an initial separation anxiety when groups went off to do separate work (The girls have been split into different groups and it’s more Alice than Bessie who struggled with her sister leaving the classroom) they can now work very well individually. They are happy girls always smiling and although their personal organisation needs working on said Mrs T, they are very good and fun to work with.

I will take the blame for the personal organisation as hopefully other twin mum’s will, but when you’ve got two to prepare and get out of the house it’s so much easier to do everything for them rather than wait for them to do it. I’ll have to hold back and let them get on with it from now

Half Term homework

  • Practise using scissors as they’re not very good
  • Practise drawing lines (I have a roll of very long paper and we’re going to draw roads for the cars)
  • Practise shapes as Alice loves them
  • Reading, counting and letter writing

IF they will do it with me because one thing I have noticed is they will do anything Mrs T sets them but when I, at home suggest letters or numbers I am greeted with groans and moans, maybe it’s my teaching technique?