The the soul miningToday I am honoured to have the Soundtrack to my Life published on I am Typecast. It was a project I took on holiday with me to France last year, after all that’s when the Mister and I set up the iPod on random and just go through our backlog of music on random. I started to jot down my favourites during the holiday and before I knew it I had a really long list of ‘Oh I love this one!’

Once back in Ol’ Blighty, I looked through them and started to whittle it down to 5, that’s how many Nickie wants. FIVE. It’s a hard job but it’s also one that takes you back down memory lane, you realise some songs are good memories and others are not so good and slowly you start to form a list. Take a look here and make up your own, open to everyone not just bloggers.

It was on New Year’s Eve this year that I remembered the first time I heard Jools Holland and fell in love with his remarkable talent. So as I can’t add it to the Soundtrack of my Life I’m going to link to it forever ;)

The Jools Holland memory

I was about 16 and at my friend’s house, her older brother (who we all fancied – you know how it is) put this track on and I fell in love with Jools Holland. The older brother with his car, cool clothes and great street cred sadly never owned my heart but Jools has had a place there ever since that day, listen to the piano on this track (jump to 3.25 if you’re in a hurry) and be stunned by his amazing talent, it blows me away every time

I’m really excited, I’ve never done a Listography before. It’s Kate Takes 5‘s little baby and it’s fun, for my first entrance I am to name my Top 5 albums by a Male Solo Artist and it’s proving more difficult than I thought but without a doubt my first choice goes to

George Benson

Probably better known for ‘Give me the night’ which went platinum but Nature Boy sung in the video was my all time favourite song of his


A master of music and the song/album must be Purple Rain, I can still listen to it today and get what I did back then….’I never meant to cause you any sorrow, I never meant to cause you any pain… beautiful

Stevie Wonder

But which album? He penned so many ‘You are The Sunshine of My Life’ went straight into the top 10 when first released and today we still sing ‘I Just Called To Say I Love you’ Everyone knows the words but today I give you Superstitious I love the beat to it it makes me happy and want to dance

David Bowie

A super hero in music my only regret is I never saw him live and I would have loved to. Have you seen his doscography? It’s massive and I love them all so the one song I give you today is We can Be Heros

Peter Gabriel

A man who had enormous influence in the 80’s and carried on producing beautiful music right through I’ve chosen a song which he sings here with Kate Bush another fantastic voice from the 80’s Don’t Give Up. A beautiful message and if you’re feeling a little bit down this will pick you up and give the strength to carry on

That’s it guys, that’s my five, ok I didn’t name Albums but I have given you some of my favourite songs now head over to Kate Takes 5 to see what everyone else came up with and have a great weekend
PS – did you like my song choices or did I forget someone? Let me know

Another fun meme to take part in and I have been tagged by the lovely Mama Syder who you must nip over and look at if you like vintage, creativity, caravans and style, she has the lot.

Music is an enormous part of everyone’s life don’t you think? Paul is forever choosing his wedding song but we’re no closer to getting married because of it! (Bon Jovi in case you’re wondering – I’m leaving it up to him)

Can a song spark a memory for you? A happy one, a sad one, a funny one? It does me and with this meme we’re celebrating the birth of our children by checking what song was number one the day they were born and what better day to post this than March 26th the birthday of my first born? I looked on This Day In Music

Thomas came into the world at 03.03 and his song is Don’t Turn Around by ASWAD in the UK chart. I think he’ll be happy with his sort

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Megan was born 24th September 1990 and her song was Show Me Heaven by Maria McKee in the UK chart. I know Megan would have preferred something else! But it is a beautiful song and Maria McKee has such a powerful voice

Alice and Bessie came into the world on 17th July 2008 and their song is Dance Wiv Me by Dizzee Rascal and Paul is going to hate it but I bet the girls would love it

And now to tag some lovely ladies who may like to play too

Feisty Tapas

Domestic Goddesque

Sarah Mum of 3

A Boy with Aspergers

Tiger Tales

This Saturday just gone was of the best Saturday’s I’ve spent in a long time and a special thank you must go to Sainsbury and P&G who very kindly invited me to attend the fabulous Sainsbury’s Super Saturday on Clapham Common. I decided not to take the twins with me as they were too young too appreciate it and I knew two people who would LOVE to be there, my niece and nephew aged 12 and 10.

Sainsbury’s are sponsors of the Paralympic Games and Super Saturday was a ground breaking initiative to raise more awareness and boost our athletes moral as the countdown of less than a year ticks by. The Common had been transformed into a fabulous family-friendly Super party with sponsor tents around the edge each with its own exciting initiatives, a sports arena in the centre where you could watch Goalball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Tennis and Wheelchair Basketball, a stage where top bands such as The Wanted, The Saturdays and Taio Cruz performed and sport areas where anyone could have a go at a sport. (see my picture of family members of all ages having a go at Wheelchair Basketball in the collage below). In fact there was so much going on we didn’t get to do everything we wanted to. The Water Zorbing was mobbed and after half an hour in the queue the kids decided they’d prefer to watch Olly Murs on stage, so reluctantly we left our hard earnt places and  made our way over to the stage. At least Olly Murs gave a fantastic show which we thoroughly enjoyed, even my brother gave the thumbs up!

Paralympic - Sainsbury's Super Saturday

My favourite sponsor tent was P&G who had sent me a wristband allowing me to enter, drink Bucks Fizz and listen to Belinda Carlisle live! The kids had their faces painted (yes Billy did choose a Lego brick!) I got to have my photo taken with Glenda and also to catch up with Sandy from Baby Baby Maria from Mixed up Mummy and Sabina of Mummy Matters all of whom I hadn’t seen in a long while.

To top my day off as I used my tokens in the Sainsbury’s Super Dome for free drinks and helped myself to an ongoing ever-laden buffet of delicious food (2lbs extra this morning showed on the scales!) I caught up with Liz from Me and My Shadow (2nd place in the Wikio charts! – I’m 92 :) and together we ran strolled over to Alex Reid to have our photo taken, he was very sweet and obliged so long as we both kissed him on the cheek…stars eh and their egos!

Tom Parker, Belinda Carlisle, Alex Reid

So here are some ‘Did You Know’s?’ that I didn’t before looking into what the Paralympic Games are…

  1. There are 20 sports in the Paralympic program for London 2012 Games
  2. Blind swimmers have to wear blackened goggles to ensure fairness, they are removed at the end of the race and checked by an official
  3. The distance between fencers at the start of a bout is decided by the fencer with the shorter arm who can decide whether to fence at their own distance, that of their opponent or anywhere between the two
  4. Wheelchair tennis follows the same rules of able-bodied tennis the only exception being, wheelchair tennis is allowed two bounces of the ball
  5. Top wheelchair basketball players use specially designed titanium chairs costing more than £3,500 that can last as little as 6 months in high-level competition periods
  6. Hand-cycling, for athletes with lower limb disabilities was introduced at the Athens 2004 Games
So who should we be watching out for in the GB team? Here’s a few names
  • Darren Kenny, currently Britain’s most successful paralympic cyclist a serious neck injury at the age of 19 prevented him continuing with his favoured cycling sport but at 30 he is back in the saddle competing on both track and road. He brought home 4 golds and a silver form Beijing. Go Darren!
  • Peter Norfolk, was left paraplegic at the age of 19 in a motorbike accident. The first British player ever to win a  Paralympic medal in tennis at Athens bringing a gold medal home from Beijing in the singles and a bronze in the doubles with Jamie Burdekin. Go Peter! Go Jamie!
  • Will Bayley currently ranked number two WORLD player in his class. His grandmother brought him a table tennis table to keep him active during his recovery from cancer, he made his Paralympic debut at Beijing and hopes to fulfil his dream of gold in London 2012. Go Will!
  • Hannah Stodel started sailing at the age of 3 and completed her first world championships at 12! The first British woman to compete at Athens, a string of medals to her name Hannah and her team are determined to get the gold for Britain! Go Hannah!
There are so many more, David Weir, Ellie Simmonds MBE, David Smith, Georgina Bullen to name a few and these athletes show that Great Britain is capable of rising to any occasion and performing 100% against all odds. Please make sure you follow their progress as they are doing our country VERY proud.
Once again a special thank you to Sainsbury’s and Beige, P&G and Hill and Knowlton

Take That have been filling Wembley Stadium for the past week and tonight is their 8th and final night in the UK before heading off for San Siro in Milan to belt out the Progress songs across Europe. I was there on Tuesday so high up in the Gods I could almost touch the roof but at least I stayed dry!

This is my 3rd Take That reunion concert and one I was really looking forward to having managed to get the tickets online back in October. I was curious to see how the lovable rogue Robbie Williams would fit into the group with his enormous ego and having been so successful as a solo artist, in fact no surprises, the boys kicked off with some of our favourite tracks since they’ve been back together and then Mr Williams took over the stage solo and belted his heart out under a torrential rain to 85,000 adoring fans. A special mention must go to his heartfelt Angels tune which he dedicated to everyone in the audience who had recently lost a loved one as he said he had lost three people close to him in the course of a few weeks. The crowd loved him, he loved his crowd and the songs were sung by all present but was this becoming a Robbie Williams tour…hadn’t we all come to say Take That reunited?

As Robbie finished his solo set the stage started to move and it became apparent the show was about to start. An amazing set featuring a robot who appeared from the back and as the set pieces were sang the robot moved and the lights changed colour lending brilliant effects. They sang the new stuff and some of their old material too which got all the grils singing along. The lads took the mickey out of each other about past differences, a little light arguing but the atmosphere was great. They jumped, danced, sang and kept us all thoroughly entertained for two hours but….yes there’s a but for me…I came away thinking ‘Yeah, good but maybe not as good as The Circus tour. Had the new addition of Robbie stolen some of the limelight? Had the boys had to bow down to Mr Williams wishes a few too many times? Who knows? But I came away thinking that there was something behind the scenes that we weren’t being told and everyone was being polite and doing a job.

Here’s a collage of a few pictures I took