Who is Jack White?

You know it’s been a long time you’ve not been listening to music when you don’t recognise a star’s name right?

A potentially ‘ground swallow me up’ occasion if you’re a teenager but for me now it doesn’t pose any threat at all. At most a flicker of interest and if I’m really intrigued [...]

Top 5 albums by a Male Solo Artist – Listography

I’m really excited, I’ve never done a Listography before. It’s Kate Takes 5‘s little baby and it’s fun, for my first entrance I am to name my Top 5 albums by a Male Solo Artist and it’s proving more difficult than I thought but without a doubt my first choice goes to

George Benson


What was Top of the Pops the day your kids were born?

Another fun meme to take part in and I have been tagged by the lovely Mama Syder who you must nip over and look at if you like vintage, creativity, caravans and style, she has the lot.

Music is an enormous part of everyone’s life don’t you think? Paul is forever choosing his wedding song [...]

Sainsbury’s Super Saturday

This Saturday just gone was of the best Saturday’s I’ve spent in a long time and a special thank you must go to Sainsbury and P&G who very kindly invited me to attend the fabulous Sainsbury’s Super Saturday on Clapham Common. I decided not to take the twins with me as they were too young [...]

Take That Progress tour

Take That have been filling Wembley Stadium for the past week and tonight is their 8th and final night in the UK before heading off for San Siro in Milan to belt out the Progress songs across Europe. I was there on Tuesday so high up in the Gods I could almost touch the roof but [...]

Flashback Friday – Take That!

Only a short while ago my postman popped an envelope through my door containing my tickets for Take That, Wembly Stadium in July and it took all of my self control to stop myself running out and kissing him in gratitude and excitement. If anyone else was online that Friday back last year (when was [...]

Skipping ropes – John Crane

I’m back!!!!! Did you miss me? We had a lovely long weekend in Cornwall thanks to the Royal couple who gave Great Britain an extra day off – how sweet of them and didn’t she look devine? Of course you’ve all heard about my own Alexander McQueen piece as I told you about it [...]

V Festival 2007


Now here’s something we can’t do anymore and occasionally it’s one of the things I really miss as I love the atmosphere at Festivals, they make my soul sing and my heart open with joy. In fact I was quite late in discovering music Festivals having spent the best part of my youth in [...]