I don’t use my blog to rant about things very often but when you’re driven to breaking point and in a helpless situation then maybe it’s time to let EVERYONE know what a crap service some suppliers out there are offering.

It all started when I was due my T Mobile upgrade back in July. I was staying at mum’s visiting Nottingham with her (beautiful town by the way) and whilst she looked after the twins for me I popped into the store to enquire.

With T Mobile (now EE) stores up and down the country I wasn’t to know that I’d have been better off going to my local store.

A very pretty assistant helped me, I mentioned I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone as I’d never had one and was curious to see the difference. 

I have been a client with T Mobile for 5 years but still I had to change plan (it was going to cost more) and I could only get the iPhone 4 not the 4s or above.

No information on the difference between the 4 and 4s was given just the fact I would have to pay an extra £69 so as this was getting more and more expensive by the moment I opted not to.

I would later discover the Fitbug app doesn’t work on the iPhone 4!

Would I like to pay £10 insurance A MONTH for my brand new iPhone in case I dropped it? 

I opted not to as personally I think £10 a month is extortionate.

I wasn’t given any demonstration on how to use my iPhone. 

Do I have broadband at home?

Yes I do, I work from home and need it, I’m currently with Virgin Media. (This piece of information will come VERY relevant later on)

Would I like to change to EE and save myself a fortune?

Can I do that?

Yes we will sort out the switch over for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Do you have a BT landline connection?

Yes I think so but I’m not sure it’s working. We’ve never used it since we moved in and it wasn’t used previously as the owners were on Sky.

We can check that for you.

So you’re telling me you will swap my accounts from Virgin to EE and I will have the same service as I enjoy now and I will save money too?

Yes, I saved about 50% off my bill in the last year, it’s brilliant.

Ok then. Let’s go ahead only thing is I’m on holiday next week for three weeks and won’t be back until the end of August. I don’t want it starting up until September, will this be a problem?

No, no problem at all, I’ll sort out all the paperwork for you to sign today and it’ll be set up for you when you’re back from your holiday.

Current situation

I wish I’d never done it.

It was set up whilst I was away on holiday and charged too. In fact I am currently paying TWO suppliers, Virgin and EE. 

PLUS my broadband is very intermittent and my phone works and then doesn’t work. I imagine the BT connection is faulty or broken and needs replacing.

My 93 year old grandmother tried to contact me 3 times on Wednesday and didn’t get through once hearing only an unobtainable sound.

Action taken to resolve the situation

First I phone the 0800 number for customer services as my phone wasn’t working and I hadn’t realised I could use the 150 option on my mobile. I was asked to select a lot of options and finally spoke to a man in India in the technical department. I struggled to understand him and asked to speak to someone who could help me explaining my problem. I got cut off.

I phoned a second time, went through all the choices and got through to another lady in India, the line was so bad I couldn’t hear her, I mentioned this and she cut me off.

Not going well so far.

I phoned for a third time, I chose different numbers this time, sod it I need to speak to someone and I got through to customer services in Rotherham (I think) but at least I could understand. I spoke to a lady, told her my problem and she was very nice. She asked me to hold the line whilst she put me through to someone

…in India. I asked this person kindly to put me through to a department in the UK who could help me with my problem please. I promise I asked nicely even though I was losing my rag.

The connection was lost so I re-called customer services. I was firmer this time and at this point said. I wish I’d never bothered.

“I’ll put you through to cancelling then.’

Where I was informed, ‘Yes you can cancel but we will have to charge you £129.00 cancellation fee.’


Because you signed the contract.

But this isn’t what I had signed for at all.

I was told lots of notes were written on the system on my account and I left the conversation very frustrated as I wasn’t getting anywhere.

Follow up

I try working off my EE router, I have no landline. The connection comes and goes, I spend one hour with no connection as the router tries to find the signal again. 

I phone customer services I speak to someone who gives me the name Jed, again in cancelling. A nice man, he listens carefully. He understands, he can’t find any notes written only a log of when I have called. I plead with him to write notes so whoever I speak to will know and save me the problem of re-telling the whole story. 

He says I should never have been sold the service in the first place as we can’t do Virgin.

He advises me to go into my EE store and claim for a miss-sale.

This morning I visited my EE store at Bluewater, I spoke to a very nice man who listened and said he couldn’t take my router off of me as they don’t have anything to do with EE broadband.

But Jed told me I could, he advised me to follow this route!

Sorry, there’s nothing I can do.

Can you write notes on the system for me so there is a log of my actions?

No we don’t have access to those systems I’m afraid.

So you can sell the products to your clients but you can’t do anything about it afterwards, not even take back the router off me and give me a receipt for it?

No, sorry.

I return home with my router, my two suppliers and no better off than I was 10 days ago plus nothing logged anywhere.

So this blog will act as my log and EE I want to cancel my contract with you.

I have been told by your customer services I have been miss -sold this product, I have been told by customer services that I won’t be charged for this month as I need to get the problem sorted.

I have been advised by your cancellation team that I should put it all in writing and send a letter in to them in order to make a claim for your cancellation fee of £129.00 and they will see if I am applicable or not. I shall be putting it to my twitter followers too to see what they think?

EE, £129 is a week’s shopping for me, you’ve already taken a monthly rate out of my account when I wasn’t even set up, I think you’ve had enough of my money for a service you can’t give, don’t you?

I’m linking this post up with the famous Mummy Barrow’s Ranty Friday she’s even on the Alan Titchmarsh show today at 3pm, do watch out for her, she’s amazing and lovely too

Sometimes you go to an event and it stays with you for a very long time afterwards and our family day trip onboard the Independence of the Seas did that for me.

I have been sent through the video clips taken that day and it gives such a great insight to what we got up to. You’ll meet my fellow blogger and friend Mummy Barrow who was present with husband and teenage daughter all of whom had a terrific time and saw completely different parts of the ship to us which goes to prove that Royal Caribbean has something for everyone, take a look for yourself – it’s fabulous and see some cute shots of the girls playing that day

snowdon summitWhat a fabulous, marvellous, amazing, awesome experience I have just had, it will easily go down in my best evers.

I climbed Snowdon

The culprits of this expedition are #TeamHonk who I’ve been talking about now for a good few weeks. They sent me a postcard from Ghana and their latest hairbrain was to climb Snowdon to raise more funds for Comic Relief.

We stayed at the Snowdon Ranger Youth Hostel The drill was: up at 7.00, breakfast at 7.30, leave the building 7.45, meet up at the bottom of The Miners Path at 8.30 start walking at 9am.

Timings were non negotiable, estimated climbs say 3-4 hours up and about the same coming down plus Marit and Al, friends of Gemma‘s who had volunteered their time to accompany us wanted us safely down before sunset. Nikki from Stressy Mummy was our driver and we were lucky to have a beautiful sunny day.

Snowdon Miners path Excitement in the car park as red lacy knickers from Who Made Your Pants were handed out to all climbers to wear over our trousers, @HiTecSports had very kindly sent us along some super warm socks (not one blister!) and Mummy Barrow handed out bags of delicious brownies sent by @GowerCottage for energy snacks on route and encouraged her husband Bruce and son Johnnie as they started out on their trek with us

Snowdon Miners Path form Peny pass

The Miners route is a ‘gentle’ start working us in nicely, warming our muscles up and presenting us some spectacular views on route. Kate (Kate Takes 5) and Laura (My internal world), who had come over from Ireland thanks to Stena Line kept me company on the first part. Kim brought Hettie the hoover with her and her son Miles (testing the icy lake below)

Our first break was 1 hour into the trek at a beautiful iced lake set with a breathtaking backdrop of scraggy mountains.

Snowdon pitstop

Al pointed out a couple of climbers picking their way up the ice to the summit of Snowdon – little did I realise we would be doing something VERY similar shortly after. Greg, a fellow twin dad (Whisky for Aftershave) caught up with us having struggled to find parking and Emma (Bunny Pudding) and Jennifer (Jennifer’s Little World) enjoy a hot drink.

I asked Marit what was the next part of our route and she pointed to the sheer rock face in front of us where a stream of hikers were making their way up the tiniest shelf like path to a miniscule ledge higher up. Our next bit was to be

  • Sheer rock face
  • Icy covered rock face
  • Icy thin ledge to ridge
  • Snow covered slope to summit

In fact take a look at Annie’s blog Mammasaurus to see the trail for your self, she also has an.. er …interesting shot of my bloomers – g’wan take a look you know you want to.

Snowdon steep climb

This second part of our climb was hard going and testing but we took it slow and steady. The rocky mountain wasn’t too bad but as I lifted my legs and used rocks to pull on I knew my muscles were getting the workout of their lives. Hannah (Cupcake mumma) and Kat (Kat a Pillar) in pink tutus

Snowdon ice climb

The icy ledge in single file with sheer drop to the left and steep rocky mountain to the right. I thought, absurdly, of goats quite a bit.

The ridge was covered in snow with a few rocks pointing through and it was slowly turning into an ice rink. Below 1. Annie (Mammasaurus), Steph (I’m counting UFO’s) and Kat (Kat a Pillar) 2. Danielle (It started with a squish, who always managed to find a signal! 3. Kat (Kat a Pillar) 4. Penny (Alexander Residence) with lots of video to check out

Snowdon ice climb done

The last climb to reach the summit was difficult, it was icy, it was packed with climbers and it was steep but the shouts of jubilant cries coming from the top, the smiles on the faces of those who had made it was so inspiring NOTHING was going to stop me.

Snowdon summit

We made it, I sent a photo as I finally found a signal saying ‘I’m on top of the world with #Teamhonksnowdon and it’s the best feeling ever.’ It was sent and I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who saw it and RT’d it, liked it, shared it and spread the news of our challenge as #TeamHonkSnowdon had hit the £4,500 mark!

Snowdon lunchtime

The journey down was into Llanberis and trust me it may look gentle but it’s far from it. Luckily for me Annie (Mammasaurus) had a couple of gin-in-a-tin’s in her bag and handed one over, ‘After all it is your hen party’ she smiled at me.

Snowdon descent to Llanberis

The lovely Jennifer (Jennifer’s Little World) opening the gate for us. I had been warned that coming down was hard on the legs but I hadn’t realised how much. By the time the last few hundred meters were in sight my legs were giving way and Kat had told me earlier that walking backwards would help, I mentioned it to Penny and Jennifer who were with me at the time and we tried it, it was true! We managed the last bit past the pub and down onto a more gentle slope walking backwards.

Mummy Barrow was waiting for us at the bottom, lots of photos, knicker throwing and general laughter was had before setting off to the hotel for a drink.

mummy Barrow Snowdon photo

Would I do it again? Not immediately but yes. Somebody mentioned Ben Nevis, someone the Wicklow mountains but first I need to regain use of my legs and walk down the aisle!

Please visit the TeamHonk Snowdon fund raising page and a little love if you can xx We’ve teamed up with Clare Balding on her Twitter Million challenge

choccywoccydoodah shop LondonLadies and gentlemen you are in for a massive sugar rush as I wax lyrical about chocolate.

You all know how much I love the stuff and how I will never give it up for good. So when I saw Mummy Barrow was organising a meet up in the London Secret Room of the Choccywoccydoodah shop I got straight in there.

I heard of Choccywoccy a few years back when I saw one of their magnificent wedding cakes in a magazine, with a name like theirs it’s not one you forget in a hurry. In fact on entering the shop I was gob smacked by all the fabulous cakes on show. This is one shop that doesn’t hold back on decadence and indulgence. It is decorated in sexy red and black and everywhere you look you are invited to chocolate,  you can imagine it can’t you? I Was In My Element.

choccywoccydoodah shop London

Choccywoccydoodah have recently turned their third floor into an Alice in Wonderland playroom which is available to rent for ‘tea parties’ or should we call that a chocolate feast? £250 for a minimum of 10 people and each extra person thereafter an extra £25.

choccywoccydoodah shop London

You enter into a magical dimension leaving the outside world behind you and are embraced with a table of sweets, cake, popcorn coated in chocolate and a zillion other sweet delights. We were wined on champagne and dined on ice cream, to finish off the most fabulous hot chocolate ever, you could choose between white choc, milk choc or dark. I went for dark and didn’t regret my choice one tiny bit.

choccywoccydoodah shop London

choccywoccydoodah shop London

The bloggers had come from as far as Southport – Cakes Photos Life to join in the fun and I had the enormous pleasure of meeting Tamsyn Wood who is constantly busy raising money for her husband Alex, their story is VERY touching and can be found on Making Waves for Alex in a nut shell…

Imagine your man going to play a game of rugby, he gets a knock to the head in a scrum. Imagine that from that knock a rush to A&E; scans on the brain, clots, a massive brain bleed. Imagine two life saving operations and 10 weeks in a coma. Alex is battling hard to defy doctors’ initial devastating prognoses of, among other things, irreversible paralysis and dumbness, and making very encouraging progress.

Tamsyn is raising money via a ball amongst other initiatives for the ongoing care of her husband and their four children, the NHS cannot cover all of the care he desperately needs to make sure his recovery is as complete as possible. ALL donations are gratefully accepted so please head over.

choccywoccydoodah shop London

Back to Choccywoccydoodah, the London Secret Room has infinite secrets to discover, green bunnies, secret doors, pink flamingoes and bowls and bowls of your favourite sweets, go discover, if you have a special event coming up and you’d like to treat yourself I would thoroughly recommend  an afternoon London Secret Room party, it will be a party you will never forget.

This isn’t a sponsored post, a group of bloggers who like chocolate and exciting venues got together and decided to meet up. We each paid £25 and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and ate + drank Choccywoccydoodah out of house and home. Look at Becky from Mummy Adventure how she ended up! (Only joking there’s a little boy in there due in about a month’s time)

choccywoccydoodah shop London