Twin time – 1st term of Big School

halloween costumes

It’s time for a catch up on the twins very nicely prompted by Fiona at Coombe Mill who you must nip over and see as she owns and runs a fabulous farm guest house in North Cornwall, the perfect holiday spot for families who want to get close to the animals. Fiona is holding [...]

Twin parents – Multiple Mayhem Carnival

Welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival where twin parents across the blogosphere write their notes on what being a twin parent means to them. They share experience, thoughts and posts that make you recognise you’re not the only one going through this manic double trouble minefield.

I guess if you’re reading this chances are [...]

Twins, Triplets and more week!

Twins, triplets and more week is from 2nd – 8th July where families of multiples can celebrate their uniqueness and find lots of events to join in and generally have tons of fun together. Here in the blogging world there are hundreds of blogs written by mums and dads of twins, triplets and more so [...]

Now we are two and a half

Oh yes, we have come a long, long way from 17/07/08. Now we are constantly on the move, asking questions and wanting to do things by ourselves, for a reason that mummy doesn’t understand we love taking the middle cushion off the sofa and playing in the middle bit. Our favourite TV program is still [...]