Peppa Pig is BIG, she’s even won a BAFTA and children the world over have fallen in love with her and family. We are huge fans in this house and even if we should be moving on now from Peppa we’re not. Her toys come out time and time again and the girls spend many a happy hour playing with them.

The latest toy in the huge range of Peppa Pig merchandise from Character is Peppa – Jump in muddy puddles. All hard core fans will know that Peppa adores jumping with her wellies in muddy puddles and the sales of wellington boots for children aged 3 – 5 must have risen enormously thanks to her passion. I know we are never without wellies and every walk is a hunt for muddy puddles these days.

This doll stands about 27cms high, wears her red dress and yellow wellies and she is suitably covered in muddy splashes. She takes three AA batteries easily inserted into her back and by pushing a button located by her neck Peppa jumps thanks to springs in her legs. Whilst she jumps she says some of her favourite phrases and also counts from 1 – 10 counting as she jumps so an excellent toy to encourage numeracy skills.

The minute my girls saw this product arrive in the house they were intrigued and have played with her lots over the past few days. Although they are huge Peppa fans I can see this toy having a short lifespan as favourite toy being left to one side for other toys that are more geared towards their age group but as she is soft and cuddly and she will make a perfect piece to stand on a shelf or cupboard.

Perfect for 3 year olds I would say. A quick search on internet has thrown up an RRP of £19.99 but Tesco is selling them for £14.99 when I checked earlier.

We don’t need much do we to be happy? I mean a little love goes a long way to making a dreary day brighter but if you were to stop and think about those few commodities that make life sweeter what would they be for you?

If you’d ask me 10 years ago I would have said cigarettes. Any pause or time out during my busy days was used to smoke a fag. I really enjoyed them too, so much so I wouldn’t leave the house without a box of 20 in my handbag. That all changed in April 2003 when I couldn’t sleep at night for pain in the veins behind my knees. I stopped smoking there and then for fear of my life and haven’t looked back since.

Today the simple pleasures would be chocolate and wine if we’re talking material comodities but nothing makes my heart sing more than a day out with the girls, two photos below with anohter two sets of twins from the twin club – jumping in muddy puddles = immense fun and snacks at the pine cone pit. Look at the smiles on thier faces

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