micro scooter Sprite

The girl’s very first Micro scooters were Mini Micro Original Microscooters, the three wheeled ones and they very quickly got the hang of them as you can see in the sweet video below that we made when they were 3 and a half years old, my goodness, where does the time go?

They used their Mini Micro scooters every single day. They would scoot to and from preschool, they would come with us on holidays and were perfect for trips to the beach when we wanted to go for a walk, as small children often have ‘My legs are aching‘ moments but a scooter takes all that away as they scoot ahead and call out to you to hurry up.

We reached a point when they grew out of their scooters, they got too tall for them and Santa brought two new scooters one year with Tinkerbell on them and only two wheels.

The Mini Micro Original Scooters

Then back in January Micro Scooters got in touch asking if we’d like to review their fabulous Micro Sprite Scooters. What perfect timing, just as the spring is about to arrive and the days get longer. Plus we had been talking about getting new scooters as they really are excellent to have, smaller than bikes to pack for weekends away and when we go camping they are perfect for roaming around the campsites and getting us from A to B.

The Micro Sprite Scooter

micro scooter

The Micro Sprite Scooter comes compact in a box and the box has a cut out on the side making it easy to carry around which I thought was an excellent idea.

It is constructed quickly and effortlessly in a few moves and is ready to go in less than five minute. In fact once they were ready of course the twins wanted to try them out.

Luckily they are used to skating now, not like the early days in the video at the top, they were off in seconds and racing around with huge smiles on their faces. We took them over the old runway close to our home and they skated up and down enjoying the sunshine on their faces.

Dad had a go at trying to recreate some of the stunts he used to do as a kid, the bunny hop was one he tried to teach the girls and by the end of our trip they were starting to get the hang of it. I can see lots of You Tube videos coming our way as they start to learn more stunts.

We took them home later that day with lovely pink flushed cheeks from being in the fresh air and exercising and the knowledge that they had both really enjoyed themselves.

I’ve seen the adult scooters and have considered investing for me and dad as the girls tend to go really fast now. As you can see in the video above they race off ahead and dad and I have to up our pace to keep up with them! It does mean however that we can get a good walk without the twins complaining their legs hurt.

I am very impressed with the Micro Sprite Scooter. It is carefully made with a lot of attention to detail, you can tell it is very good quality and that it will last the test of time hands down. There are lots of patterned decks to choose from with many colours and designs.

We like the stand which stops it sliding all over the place and the girls quickly learnt how to flick it up and down with their foot before setting off.

micro scooter westgate on sea

Micro Scooter helmets

If you visit the website Micro Scooters have plenty of accessories to choose from. They sent us through the two helmets you see here which the girls adore, they are their favourite colours and sparkle too! What more can a girl wish for? They are adjustable and should fit securely. We have forgotten to use them on occasions but on the whole I tend to ask them to put them on

Disclosure: We were sent two scooters and two helmets for the purpose of this post.

Saturday 8th – It’s been about a month now that EVERY day I am asked by the little people, how many days to our birthday mummy? And quite frankly it’s doing my head in soooo I sat down with them and designed their own little countdown calendar which they have taken enormous pleasure making a cross each day, even going to the point of waking me at 6am to remind me it needs doing.

birthday countdown chart

Sunday 9th – A quiet day and a lazy one at that but we did make time to read the tricky words which they read off very easily, I am absolutely amazed at how well they read and we are currently organising a reading corner in their bedroom to use over the summer when they want a quiet moment (or me for that matter!)

twinkl tricky words

Monday 10th – I got my Panasonic breadmaker out again and made a normal white loaf which was devoured the same day, later on in the week I tried the Italian program and made Porcini and pancetta bread (below). It was delicious and I’ll be posting the recipe up soon along with a sweet bread Apricot and almond.

porcini and pancetta bread

Tuesday 11th – Messy desk, messy house = Tea break

tea break

Wednesday 12th – A trip to Specsavers to pick up my new prescription glasses and luckily I was able to make use of the BOGOF deal so I have brand new prescription sunglasses too. I’ll take a photo of them if ever the sun comes out again!


Thursday 13th – When I received an email asking me if I would like to take part in World Gin Day I jumped for joy and shouted loudly all over Facebook how lucky I was to be sent bottles of gin, rum and a ginger liqueur for the occasion … and then it arrived and oh dear, the disappointment, the disbelief. How can I possibly celebrate with a miniature bottle. At the risk of sounding ungrateful I will say I expected more I’m afraid but here it is and also your timely reminder that Saturday 15th June is World Gin Day.

world gin day

Friday 14th – We have finally managed to get the correct break for the Mini Micro scooter  (thank you!) and can now happily scoot to and from school knowing they can stop at the roads.

scooting to school



micro scooters

Alice not happy as her scooter hasn’t been blinged yet.

We’ve had our micro scooters for about a year now and the girls are super fast whizzers on them. I take them to pick them up from school as usually they are tired and therefore start moaning

‘I don’t want to walk mummy.’

‘My legs are tired, mummy.’ with tears streaming down their little faces. *raises eyebrows*

BUT turn up with a micro scooter and the world is a wonderful place to be in, on they jump (outside the school gates as we’re banned from scooting inside them) and off they scoot with me running along behind as fast as I can to catch up. Carrying two book bags, two lunch bags, two water bottles around my neck and frequently two works of precious art to get home safely, like these poisonous apples for instance

poisonous apples

The girls are good, they know the rules. Get to the road and stop and wait for mummy – this is to allow me to catch up with them and catch my breath of course!

The journey home from school is a gay one until Alice tries to overtake her sister, then Bessie will start moaning very loudly and trying her best to scoot past her or worse block her overtaking as both want to be in front.

YES, we have cause for argument even on our scooters.

Micro Scooters got in touch with us before the Easter holidays, ‘Have a look at our scooter accessories, fancy blinging up your machines?’

They sent through these lovely mini micro bags which clip on very easily to the front and are currently used to collect flowers in.

micro scooter mini bags

Then we had  a neon pink mini belle to ping to warn pedestrians we are whizzing through.

The girls adored the bunny Scoobits which wrap around the front pole, you can add as many as you like

micro scooter accessories

Personally the wheel whizzers do it for me

micro scooter wheel whizzers

And finally we all gasped when we opened the Bedazzles. Oh the fun the girls had. One wet, grey, cold day over Easter we opened it all up and I set them free to bling their machines as they wished and these are the happy contented smiles and this is the result.

micro scooters bling

Look at those happy faces!

micro scooters instagram shot

Pretty cool eh? Which is their new word too. Cool shirt your wearing mummy!

TheBoyandMe's 365 LinkyThis week saw the beginning of the Easter holidays, a freeeeezing bitter cold and our Ambassador Butlins break at Bognor Regis which really succeeded once again in cheering us all up.

I went to buy some net curtains today (Friday) in John Lewis, it was lunchtime and there were a lot of mums with noisy kids, some screaming, some being unruly and my two, well they weren’t too bad considering I was there for over half an hour. Anyway the woman cutting the fabric raised her eyes at me on hearing one piercing shriek (not my kids) and said, ‘I bet you can’t wait for the kids to go back to school?’

I nodded and raised my eyes too but it was a lie.

I LOVE having the girls home with me, I love hearing their chatter all over the house. I don’t mind picking up toys that have been played with and then left behind whilst they move on to the next imaginary game using something else. I love cooking their favourite foods for them, having them slip into my bed in the early morning (maybe too early sometimes) but the hugs are priceless. I love the relaxed attitude that a school holiday brings with it but I couldn’t be bothered to tell the shop assistant all of this, she maybe would have thought I was mad?

Right here we go – I’m taking it from last Friday, Good Friday as that’s when we left for Bognor Regis and the fun started, it’s very difficult for me to choose a couple of shots from Butlins when I took about 300 but I daren’t bore you

Friday – Arrival at Butlins and this was our room, a beautiful honeymoon welcome which really made us and the girls smile. They played with the swans. We wathch the Skyline Gang in the Pavilion and eat late, poor Bess falls asleep at the table :( and we cart her off to na’nights.

Wave hotel butlins bognor regis

Saturday – Bessie is VERY under the weather but determined to leave the room. She is desperate to try out the brand new Helter Skelter we’ve been talking about. She does incredibly well and even manages to see a show but after that we’re off to bed for a good night’s sleep.

butlins kids fun

Sunday – Bessie is still not 100% but a little bit better. We decide not to try out Splash Waterworld (although daddy is definitely trying his best to convince me) I have the enormous pleasure of trying out the Ocean Spa as a wedding present (thank you once again Butlins) I opt for the Deep muscle shiatsu full body treatment envisioning total relax and wafting in the lap of luxury …. little did I realise it’s the toughest on the menu and one footballers use! It was good, painful in places, the knots in my shoulders were very stubborn but overall a beautiful experience. Thank you Butlins x That said, next time I’ll go for a more gentle massage ;)

ocean spa butlins

Monday – Splash Waterworld, a last trip on the Helter Skelter and then homeward bound. A very good journey but boy is the house cold when we arrive. Whack up the heating and get the girls on the sofa under covers

butlins funfair bognor regis

Tuesday – Paul back to work, the girls sleep in till 8.30am – unheard of and the lap of luxury. I wash two loads and hang them on the  line but it’s bitterly cold out there and don’t dry completely. I buy the girls a hopscotch game from the supermarket and they love it.


Wednesday – Another 8am start (Bring it on!) we try to do some Bug Club but the site is down, we read, the girls play, I iron with my brand new Panasonic super dooper iron which I have yet to tell you about and I bake bread in my Panasonic breadmaker – chocolate and orange bread recipe to follow

chocolate and orange bread

Thursday – What day is it? What happened? Oh yes it snowed!!! It snowed on and off all day long. We went to see my grandmother and we talked for ages about my great grandfather and his wife, my late grandfathers parents. Nan mentioned how much she misses her parents. She’s 93 this year and yet she says she can remember being back in her home in Winsford, the wallpaper, the smells, how her father was dressed, so clearly. I realise it must be difficult getting old.

snow in april

Friday – Net curtains, chicken Bhuna curry plus the Panasonic vegetable curry again. The girls decorate their micro scooters with the accessories that have been sent to us. We manage to eat another couple of Easter eggs and now we are left with only 10 more. I swear next year to speak to the aunties and try to cut this out. As I close the girls curtains I am greeted with this spectacular sunset so I run downstairs to capture it before it changes

micro scooters


I think you’ll agree that there are some massive perks for writing a family life blog and one of those are the marvellous products we get asked to review.

micro scooter

My girls have noticed many of there friends travelling to school by micro scooter and have been asking for one for ages. If you remember Alice was asking Father Christmas for one having changed her mind from a bicycle after Daddy had gone out and already bought them, assembled them and stored them in the loft!

micro scooter

We knew that this was one item we were going to have to invest in and most likely before their birthday in July too.

micro scooter

Lucky, lucky us. Micro Scooter were very aware of our twin situation and as any twin parent will tell you, you cannot get just one, some toys they have to have one each, this was one of those occasions. They also sensibly sent us two of the same colour nipping that argument in the bud too.

Fortunately they arrived in time for Easter, Daddy would be home and also Rosie and Billy were coming to stay so plenty of opportunities to get out and about as you can see on the video below

You may agree with me that the Micro Scooters are already gorgeous to look at but for the more discerning scooterists there are plenty of accessories to make your scooter your own, I LOVE these Wheel Whizzers

and another favourite has to be the Scoobits – adorable

If you’re wondering about the age Micro Scooters can be used, I was amazed to find the smallest is made for 1 year olds and has a little seat to help your cherub stay upright!

As for up to how old – well adults use them to get about even commute to work and I’m sure Daddy would be very happy to scoot alongside the girls… mind you I wouldn’t mind a bit of scooter action myself in all honesty.

Micro Scooters that you see in this post aged 3 – 5 retail at £49.95 and can be bought from most major retailers or click on the link included above and it will take you directly to their website.

Disclosure – We were sent two micro scooters to review. They are utterly gorgeous and just what the girls wanted as you can see from the video, we’ll be taking them on holiday with us to Butlins and on our Siblu holiday in France too as they pack away easy and are perfect for the girls to travel longer walks with us. the words and opinions expressed above are purely mine