Ahhhh Davina, I have some good news for you and I have some not so good news too and putting the two together I come up with a quite a good week.

On the fitness side I can report a continual plodding on, I’m not happy with this I want to be bursting with desire and bouncing all over the place but life keeps getting in the way. So I’m going to add an aerobics class into my weekly schedule (maybe two.) I am in desperate need of a new DVD player as ours will only play a DVD from start to finish and you can’t jump from bit to bit, otherwise I’d be doing your Ultimate Target but I can’t get past the intro! This is the not-so-good news

On the Jenny Craig diet I am very pleased to announce a weight loss of 3lbs for my first 9 days. (This is the good news Davina!) I am now 10 st 3 lbs, a weight I can’t remember being since way before the girls were even thought of! All of my diet food is absolutely scrumptious and so easy to prepare, for example for dinner on Thursday I’ll be eating Prawn Korma and rice and I can add as many plain vegetables to it as I want!

I had another consultation with Angela this week and we went through the different kinds of eaters that there are, I identify myself as a social eater and therefore am more likely to put on weight to join in with everyone else. When I’m out I can go a bit crazy and enjoy all of the food on offer with the excuse ‘It’s an occasion’ or ‘it’s a party’

I’ve been going through my Jenny Craig book and I measured out a 5oz glass of wine so I know what I’m looking for when I do treat myself at the weekend, needless to say, my wine B.J.C (Before Jenny Craig) was way over 5 ozs! Another trick I have started to implement when I get my chocolate craving is to make myself a hot chocolate, oh and I spotted that when I’m allowed to add 1 fat to a meal I save it and have two cubes of chocolate instead – Get In!

Yes, I have suffered hunger on occasions but I have compensated with water or tea and I have got by, luckily you eat something every three hours so it’s not that bad. I have been as strict as possible and only allowed myself one 5 oz glass of wine on Friday night and another on Saturday night and best of all I can see the results. I am hoping to reach 10st 2lbs by Friday and having been offered another two week trial (which I jumped at to accept) I may even see the number 9 again. Now that would be amazing!

The MuTu system I can sing my praises from the heavens above! The exercise routines fit into some of my days and what’s more they have worked. My tummy has tightened up. It’s amazing the changes our bodies go through to accommodate babies for 9 months and the MuTu system really helps turn the clocks back. If someone asks you if you’re pregnant and you’re not, you probably have muscles that could do with the MuTu system ;) Click on the MuTu badge in my sidebar and it’ll take you straight there to sign up!

So Davina, I’m right on track with my weight and slightly lagging on the exercise but come Friday I’ll be back up with the best of them, however I did walk round the Hobbies and Craft exhibition at Bluewater with Domestic Goddesque (that must count as movement?) and I played in the snow with the girls on Sunday and made them a snowman.

One last thing – have you thought about Valentines or are you scratching your head for ideas? NEXT comes to your rescue with their Valentine’s Gift and Outfit selector and you can have a play below to see what you come up with, it’s fun!

I seem to have a keep fit pattern. I have two weeks where I’m bursting with enthusiasm, energy and will power to fight the flab and then I stop. I come to the most amazing halt when I know I should be doing something but cannot for the life of me get motivated.

NEXT must have cottoned on to this as I received Davina’s new DVD Ultimate Target in the post this week from them. It looks really good with Fat Burner, Brilliant Boot Camp, Target Abs and Target workouts to get your Bingo Wings into shape, to sculpt some shapely Summer Shoulders and get that rear into a decent Bikini Bottom *sigh* where did I put the remote for the DVD?

Here’s my DVD video of me wearing my new Davina gear which looks lovely (if I do say so myself) it’s incredibly comfortable and it may sound silly but it’s motivating too, if you’re dressed up for the occasion you’re more likely to get on and do it…right? Well it makes me feel more sporty that’s for sure. Here are a few exercises to help with core muscles and flab fighting

I have now lost the 4 frigging lbs I put on over Christmas but I’m still hovering around 10st 5lbs and that’s where I started back in October when I first took on the MuTu System for Mari’s World.

I love the MuTu System as the core exercises have  really worked on my slack tummy muscles and now it feels and looks a lot tighter. I just need to find more time in my day to squeeze in the workouts and now with Davina’s heavy duty DVD on board I have no excuse.

To tackle my weight I have accepted to trial the Jenny Craig diet for two weeks. This is my first ‘proper’ diet ever, I am far to much of a food lover to follow a diet properly as I’m always tempted to add a chocolate, glass of wine or special treat into my day too often and before I know it all the calories I have chopped off of breakfast, lunch and dinner I’ve added on with a handful of sweets or a glass/two of wine!

Not any more, Jenny Craig is in my life, she’s taken over my cupboards, my fridge and anything that enters my mouth of course my Slimpod is making this a lot easier as I no longer think constantly of chocolate. Every day that passes I recognise new changes. For instance over the past week I have noticed I am chewing on my food more and savouring it rather than gulping it down in a quest to curb my hunger.

Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig diet  is a bit of a revolution to me…no wonder I wasn’t losing any weight with the portions I was serving myself! They’ve put me on 1200 calories and I have been sent a box of meals for two weeks and the only bits I have to buy are fresh fruit and veg and dairy products. I’ll be honest in saying I have always been sceptical of food in packets but I am very pleasantly surprised, the food is delicious and you can add as much veg/salads to the main meals as you wish. Treats are included – one a day and you are encouraged to eat little and often so mid morning I have a yoghurt worked into my calories or mid afternoon a chocolate bar (one of theirs – no caramel bars allowed!) or a packet of crisps.

Jenny Craig schedule week 1

I won’t lie to you, I’m often hungry and thinking of my next meal. As I dish out the last of the Chocolate Custard Cookies to the girls I’m drooling over them BUT I haven’t touched ANYTHING outside my diet allowance…yet. I am hoping this two weeks will help me rid the stubborn 5 lbs I’ve been hanging onto for the past 3 years now. When I do get hungry I make myself a cup of tea or drink a large glass of water which is unlimited on this diet.

Today I am half way through the first week so next week I shall have results to put forward to you.

The Jenny Craig diet is an experience you are assigned a consultant, I’ve spoken to Angela now a few times and I have her email address should I need to contact her with a query for example eating out with friends? She will go through the online menu with you so you can choose the best possible options with you. One last thing I’d like to mention is the price, for a month’s food you’ll be looking at around £310 (about £75 a week) but as you progress and the weight drops off this amount goes down too, it’s really worth considering if you’re seriously thinking of losing weight.


Chocolate temptation

I swear I haven't touched a bit all week

Another week has gone by and I haven’t missed my Slimpod one day which I’m really pleased about, the signs are cropping up on a daily basis when I look back over the day and realise I didn’t succumb once to the biscuit barrel, the chocolate cupboard (I have an opened packet of Cadbury Caramel in the cupboard which hasn’t been touched in a week and that for me is impossible – or was! See photographic evidence) or the tin of Roses of an evening. My Other Half couldn’t believe it when I stopped after TWO chocolates! Where I’d normally have about  8.

The fact you have a motivational email land in your inbox every day also helps to keep you on track and remind you of the good work you are doing. You really should try it!

I’m not gasping for a glass of wine come 7 o’clock now and even on the days I do allow myself a drink I’ll stop after two glasses instead of helping myself to any more. Thanks to the Slimpod again.

For breakfast I’m making myself porridge and adding a teaspoon of Acacia honey it’s delicious. I’ve started drinking Green Tea in the afternoon which apparently is full of anti oxidants and I’m serving myself smaller portions for my main meals. I also have a very exciting trial coming up over the next two weeks which you shall be hearing about very soon.

The Mutu System has been a ‘half success’ this week, I’ve been rushed off my feet on a major catch up and it seems my 15 minute daily workout is the one thing that takes the brunt of my busy days but on the other hand I have walked the girls to school more frequently, walked round Bluewater (that must count as exercise surely?) and yesterday I spent the day walking round the Toy Fair in London and came home exhausted but with loads of news for you on upcoming toys :)

I weighed myself and I’ve lost 2 pounds but this only takes me back to my pre-Christmas starting point so although I’ve done well I still feel I haven’t got anywhere. 10st 5 lbs now but I want to lose at least 5 lbs before I feel I’ve achieved anything, ideally I’d like to see a 9 in front.

Again I was going to prepare you my video to watch but this week I have an exclusive Davina video for you that hasn’t yet been seen by the General Public! #yousawitherefirst so here’s what the lady herself has to say on the Keep Fit 2012 campaign…

So as I was saying all in all a pretty mediocre week on the keep fit front, I need to work harder next week, I seem to have peaks and troughs and this week is decidely trough, no fear, I’ll be back on the case once I get all this work out of the way. It’s not easy trying to get back to where you once were, it takes a lot more effort losing it all than putting it all on.

Here are more Davina tips for you to have a look at and be inspired by

Have a great week and try some of her home tips out – you have to start somewhere xxx

A whole week has gone by since I started on my Davina for NEXT mission and I have some exciting news – my capri pants arrived! Now I was going to do another video for you but the twins have been ill since Saturday morning and now they’re better I have got their bug so you’ll have to wait for next week for that!

I never laid out what my goals are over this Davina for Next month – well to lose half a stone (1 stone total but not in a month) – I’m currently a size 12 and I’d like to be a 10, tighten up my mummy tummy and to eat a healthy diet. So basically to look like Davina McCall, right?

My first note must go to my Slimpod and Fitpod! I couldn’t believe it on Day 3 when I went to the cupboard for a sweet snack I found myself turning my nose up at the open box of chocolate fingers (UNHEARD OF) turning my nose up at the last unopened box of Jaffa Cakes and passing on a chocolate from the tin. I actually stopped what I was doing and recognised the fact that the Slimpod was working. I have found myself getting up and about more and being more inclined to taking the girls out in the cold when normally I’d opt for staying warm indoors. It’s strange that each time I do something ‘out of the ordinary’ like mentioned above I do stop and notice it as well. This makes me really happy to see it’s working and therefore more determined to listen to it every night because one of the main requests is that you listen to it for 21 days on the trot. The Slimpod takes about 11 minutes and the Fitpod 8/9 minutes and I am convinced they are working already.

What is a Slimpod? 

Slimpods are a series of unique voice recordings which help people like you to achieve permanent weight loss, whether you want to lose 5lbs or 5 stones. Unlike other methods of losing weight, there are no diets, no calorie counting and no willpower required. Slimpods have been developed by Harley Street experts and use modern approaches to the science of unconscious persuasion to gently retune the mind and adjust the way slimmers think about the world, especially in relation to food, health and fitness. Weight loss becomes simple and it’s easy. Basic Slimpods cost £24.99 + VAT = £29.99. That’s it, nothing more to pay.

MuTu System Progress – I managed to do my core exercises every day but one last week and I managed all 5 exercise sessions interchanging the workouts each time, I was really happy about this as there were a couple of times I was tempted to miss it. Again I think the Fitpod is helping me out here. I have watched the videos for the yoga salutations but haven’t started doing them yet, apparently the morning one sets you up full of energy for the day and the evening one relaxes you for a good night’s sleep. I’m curious to see if they work so I’ll have news on those next week.

Natural Solutions for Achieving Abundant Energy – I’ve been sent this book to review and I’m intrigued as I go through periods of time where I feel utterly and totally exhausted and I have no idea why. I have twin girls but it can’t be them it must be something else. I have questioned all sorts of factors, age, metabolism, thyroid, diabetes? I even went to the doctors to have tests but nothing came up but flicking through this book I can see there are

  • ways of improving our body’s energy production like maintaining a steady blood level throughout the day,
  • discover what happens when our bodies react to stress and how to minimise the impact
  • recognise our thyroid gland which controls the rate of metabolism; if your thyroid is sluggish, you will be too. Learn how to feed it to enhance productivity
  • Look at the importance of sleep, break cycles of sleeplessness
  • Look at the importance of balancing your life

So I’ll be back with more on those points as I work my way through them but you can find them on Facebook. In the meantime here are some more of the lovely Davina’s tips on keeping fit and improving your lifestyle

Just in case you’re curious as to who are the other bloggers taking part in the Davina for Next campaign here they are, each blogger is doing something different from Zumba to running so check them out and find which one best suits you.

Jessie’s Crazy Kitchen, Nadine Adele, Claire Justine, Super Amazing Mum, Snugglebubby, JB Mum of one, Pret a Style, Mummy Mummy Mum, A Boy with Aspergers

Big news here in Mari’s World! With my last MuTu post and the video where I’m wearing some old decorating leggings and an out of shape t-shirt to do my Mummy Tummy system, NEXT took it upon themselves to step in and up the ante so to speak.

“Mari – we want you to be part of the Davina for Next campaign, road test her gorgeous kit and tell us how you get on.”

You know when you watch a cartoon and the jaw of the figure you’re looking at crashes to the ground, that was me! Oh My Giddy Aunt, I answered the email, probably gushing a lot and tripping over myself to say thank you and how happy I was to be chosen, I have since bored every single member of my family with the news to the point they’ve stopped calling me and OH does the warning look at me to let me know to stop but WOW, how happy am I!

Of course part of the deal is I get on track with my MuTu System and I haven’t been doing too badly either, I did 4 days out of 5 exercise last week and am aiming to do the advised 5 sessions this week too.

Then came the really good bit; Go choose your kit from the Davina for Next range. *Squeal* I chose these gorgeous grey trainers from her FIT range (F = Fabulous, I + Increased comfort, T = on Trend design) I was surprised at how light they are, when I initially took my NEXT bag from the delivery guy I thought maybe they were coming later, It wasn’t heavy enough to hold them. NO laces either, just slip on and off you go!  I shall be footloose and fancy free in my new ‘run faster’ trainers. London Marathon here I come!

They also invited me to choose two pieces from the Davina Workout range which I shall tell you about next week as one part has still to arrive and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but have  a look and see what you think, it took me a while to decide and my first choice wasn’t yet in so I’ve added it to my NEXT basket so I don’t miss out.

MuTu System progress report – After my Christmas set back and discovering I had put on 4lbs when I thought I was being really good (imagine if I had really let myself go?) I got back on track and have managed to complete 4 out of 5 workouts last week and I hope to do all 5 this week. I am loving the fact that I’m on Phase 4 of the core exercises and coping really well, I struggle with the full plank for more than 30 secs but slowly I’m getting there.

I’ve set myself at Week 10 and although I can complete the exercise routines well one thing is very clear, I need to lose the extra weight around my waist in order to see the benefits of all this core work.

So I have called on Sandra from Thinking Slimmer to help out in this area and she’s setting me up with a Drop a Jeans Size plus a Fitpod. It’s a life changing method which works on your inconsious mind and slowly changes the way you think about food resulting in a healthier better LIGHTER you. You download the MP3’s and listen to them every day whilst relaxing which can be before you go to bed or first thing in the morning or when it’s a good time for you.

Are you intrigued? Here is a sample of the Slimpod with Trevor’s relaxing, confidence boosting voice. Listen to it and you might want to give it a go too I’ll keep you updated on my progress over the next 42 days anyway.

Lastly I leave you with some of Davina’s tips and I’ve chosen to go with Outdoors this week to inspire you to get up and out! She’s giving some brilliant tips – use them! Oh and that blue top she’s wearing that’s the one I chose too!