Stick Man DVD

Too old for Stick Man?


This weekend we all sat down together and watched Stick Man DVD. Watching a film together is one of our favourite family pastimes for those wet and windy days or those days when everyone just needs to chill out a bit. It gives us the perfect excuse to spend some quality time together.

Stick Man did not disappoint. It’s a story we have been reading for years but haven’t looked at in a while and there’s always something endearing to watching it played out on your television screen. Did it match what you had been seeing in your head?

Yes, it did!

Stick Man is written by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo, another of our favourite films. The tale is about a journey where Stick Man gets in to all sorts of trouble and it seems the more he tries to get back home the further he travels away.

Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their three stick children and one day he goes on an unintentional journey. His epic journey takes him through different seasons and he encounters many obstacles on his way but he’s not an ordinary stick,

He’s Stick Man, he’s Stick Man, he’s Stick Man, you see.

Axel Scheffler’s fabulous illustrations are brought to life and we enjoyed the 27 minute film snuggled up on the sofa enchanted by the little man and wishing him to get back home.

Stick Man Activity sheet

If you have a Stick Man fan then please download the activity sheet which has lots of wonderful games to entertain.


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Stick Man DVD

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A mouse took a stroll through the deep, dark wood…

thorndon park essex

Thorndon Country Park in Brentwood, Essex is a beautiful wide open area with lots of woodland and trails to follow. We visited to follow one very special route, The Gruffalo Trail.

maps for gruffalo trail thorndon park essex

Your map will cost you 50p from the local visitor centre and the children armed with a map each and pointed in the right direction soon get the hang of the first notions of orienteering.

The woods are deep and dark and the perfect setting for Julia Donaldson’s classic tale which has been a favourite of ours for years now. I was determined to take the girls there before we moved out of this fairy tale period and on to the next stage.

“A Gruffalo? What’s a gruffalo?’

mouse on gruffalo trail

The trail is numbered and of course the voices of other visitors ahead on the trail are great prompts to the children, our little group did a lot of bossing each other about, ‘Listen up.’ and ‘Hold on a minute.’ were frequently heard but they managed to run ahead and find the statues by themselves.

snake on gruffalo trail thorndon park essex

“Where are you going to, little brown mouse?
Come for a feast in my logpile house.”

The trail is quite short and even the smallest of the little people coped very well, even if he did trip over a root and land in the mud at one point. Top tip – don’t forget the wet wipes ;)

owl gruffalo trail thorndon park essex

The instantly recognisable characters, sculpted perfectly to Axel Scheffler’s original designs, are large and perfect for children to try and clamber on and have their photo taken, apart from the beautiful owl who is at the top of a tree looking down on you as you pass.

gruffalo purple prickles

“His eyes are orange, his tongue is black; He has purple prickles all over his back.”

gruffalos child thorndon park essex

You could make a day of it and after the short trail take a picnic onto the fields beyond with views as far as Canary Wharf. A perfect family day out in the midst of nature.

gruffalo Thorndon park Essex

“Well Gruffalo, ” said the mouse. “You see? Everyone is afraid of me!
But now my tummy’s beginning to rumble.
My favourite food is – gruffalo crumble!”


Park is open 9.30am  – 5pm
Pay and Display car park £2.20
Trail maps 50p
Tearoom and toilet facilities available.
Wellies a good idea as can get a bit muddy

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall