Silent Sunday 6/1/13

wedding rings

Perfect stocking fillers for girls in support of UNICEF

unicef necklace - claire's

Claire’s fashion retailer has got together with UNICEF and they have created ‘Little things make a big difference‘ which focuses on giving children the best start in life whether through education or basic life saving care.

Claire’s have designed 6 individual jewellery items which will raise money for UNICEF’s vital work saving children’s [...]

Wooden Beads by John Crane


Bessie wearing her John Crane Wooden bead necklace on the right

Since the girls started preschool I found they have become so much more aware of what they’re wearing, this doesn’t stop at their clothes

“Mummy I want to wear a dress today’

‘Mummy I don’t want jeans, jeans are ‘googie’ (I have [...]