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Claire’s fashion retailer has got together with UNICEF and they have created ‘Little things make a big difference‘ which focuses on giving children the best start in life whether through education or basic life saving care.

unicef bracelet - claire's

Claire’s have designed 6 individual jewellery items which will raise money for UNICEF’s vital work saving children’s lives, so far the partnership has raised over £100,000 through a Back to School campaign but they’re not stopping there.

unicef necklace - claire's

On the 14th November Claire’s launched their exclusive range of products across Europe with a donation of £1 being made to UNICEF for every purchase. Pieces cost £4.50 or £5.00 and are perfect for Tweens, teens and children too.

The £1.00 donation could provide life-saving vaccinations to 8 children or provide life-saving food to a malnourished child for a day, proving that little things make a big difference.

unicef bracelet claires

Other ways Claire’s customers can help

  • Customers are able to add a donation at the till every time they make a purchase
  • Customers can purchase a gift card at any denomination and add £2.00 donation to UNICEF. ( a £12 gift card = £10 to a friend and £2 to UNICEF


Bessie wearing her John Crane Wooden bead necklace on the right

Since the girls started preschool I found they have become so much more aware of what they’re wearing, this doesn’t stop at their clothes

“Mummy I want to wear a dress today’

‘Mummy I don’t want jeans, jeans are ‘googie’ (I have no idea what that word means but it’s used for anything they don’t want to do.)

Of course their newfound fashion interest extends to hair bands, clips and elastics, shoes and bags but more importantly still


They are in love with necklaces and bracelets, tiaras and crowns and anything that is pretty and girly.

So when John Crane included a jar of wooden toy beads in our review package I knew they were going to love it.

It’s a handy little pot that I decided to take on holiday with us in case of a rainy day or moments when I needed to keep them out of the midday sunshine. The pot is full of colourful wooden beads from tiny beads to larger pieces including shape of teddy bears, butterflies and fish. Long pieces of coloured cord are included to cut off to the length you need and I discovered the girls needed no assistance at all in getting started, in fact they decidedly didn’t want Paul or I to play with them at all.

A fabulous toy to encourage fine motor skills including using finger and thumb and threading onto a tiny cord with patience. On tidying up I asked the girls to colour sort the beads into different pots which made an extra game and even encouraged them to tidy up which is new!

The beauty of this toy is there is no limit to the amount of necklaces or bracelets that can be made as once they’ve lost interest, simply undo the knot and tip them all back in the pot.

We made this video on holiday, daddy narrates for the first time and there’s a tiny smudge of sun cream on the lens (sorry!) but you get the idea ;)

Disclosure – John Crane sent us a pot of wooden beads to review and we loved them, see for yourself