Matalan asked me to be part of their #HalloweenTips campaign where together with another four bloggers we embrace the theme of Halloween and share all our tips to make the 2013 scary party The. Best. Ever.


Did I scare you there?

First up we had a really fun Twitter party where 10 of the best Tweets were each given £20 vouchers to spend in Matalan. It was so popular that we trended in the UK for the entire period we were tweeting. You can see the best tips here on the Matalan blog. or by searching Twitter using the #HalloweenTips hashtag. 

halloween party food

Then Matalan have been passing over their blog to us and we get to chat all about Halloween. Helen from The Crazy Kitchen took over the food side of Halloween, among her top tips and simple ideas were Finger Lickin’ Witches Finger Dip and Mummy Hotdogs which are really cute. The photo above is her handy work, check out her blog for lots more halloween treats.

I was entrusted with costumes and as you may know the only costume I have on here is my shepherd’s head dress of which I am very proud  but it’s not very scary is it? So I called on all my crafty bloggers to help out with the costume side of Halloween and they came up trumps for me with loads of top ideas and 11 No Sew Costumes even costumes made out of cardboard boxes too.

If you’re really stuck nip to the chemist and buy lots of bandages and then proceed to wrap your child (over clothes to make sure no one catches cold) and voila’ you have your own mini mummy.

no sew halloween costumes

Make sure you keep your eye on the blog as each week my fellow bloggers will be giving you top tips on how to decorate the house, tricks and treats and games to make your party go with a spooky Boo!

And of course take a look at my Halloweeen Pinterest board where everything I discover around the World Wide Web I collect there as a constant resource.

Disclosure: I am working with Matalan on their #HalloweenTips campaign.

Guest post by Frojos

Can you believe we were nearing the middle of September all ready? With time flying, it is time to start thinking about Halloween.

Although there is still a way to go, you can never prepare for Halloween too early. Costumes can sell out quick, so avoid disappointing your little one by securing their fancy dress costume early.

Here are a selection of the best, and the scariest, costumes for your little monster this year…

Witches and Wizards

Nothing screams Halloween more than a witch or wizard costume.

There is a great range of witches and wizards costumes on the market this year, but make sure you finish off the look properly. Black and purple stripy tights are a must for all wicked witches, while your wizard can’t be without his wand, which sometimes isn’t included in the costume pack.

witch costume

If your child is Harry Potter mad, paint a red scar on their forehead and find some round spectacles to transform them into the Hogwarts legend.

Creepy cats

As a witch’s sidekick, the black cat is a simple but effective costume.

Dress your child all in black, and paint on a black nose and whiskers. Complete the look with ears and a tail, and you’ll be left with a scarily fab feline.

The cat costume works great if you have two children, as one can be a witch and the other can be a cat, making a terrifying twosome.

You can find a great cat costume, as well as a host of other children’s fancy dress, from Frojos.

cat costume halloween


If you want to do Halloween on a budget this year, dressing your child as a zombie is the way to do it. You can create a believable zombie costume simply by cutting up your child’s old clothes.

Making the costume will be a fun way to spend quality time with your children, while getting creative too.

Invest in some fake blood and scars for a gore fest that will have your kids and their friends mesmerised.

However, be warned – fake blood has a tendency to go everywhere. If you should get any on your non-zombie clothes, this website offers some great tips for removing the fake blood stain.

Disclosure: This is a partnered post

Halloween tips
Not long now and we’ll be celebrating Halloween which is a real fun event for the children and with a little preparation can be fun for parents too but what you need is good ideas.
Matalan are holding a Twitter party this Wednesday 25th September @matalan  between 1 – 2pm where all things Halloween will be discussed. There are some really creative bloggers taking part and co-hosting the party, each of the ladies bring their own tips and tricks to the table and prove that lots of fun can be had even if you’re on a budget.
Helen – The Crazy Kitchen @jessies_kitchen
Becky – Family Budgeting @familybudgeting
Carolin – Mummy Alarm @caro_mad
Cat – Yellow Days @CatParrot
and me Mari @maris_world
Matalan will be giving away 10 x @20 gift vouchers during the Twitter party, all you need to do is tune in and share your top tips and ideas, make sure you follow @matalan and use the hashtag #HalloweenTips
Have a look at the topics underneath and jot down your thoughts to share on Wednesday, each of the bloggers will be following up the party by writing a post on the Matalan blog so watch out for them too and have yourself a spooky Halloween
  • Decorating & Decorations
  • Food & Drink
  • Costumes
  • Games, Activities & Crafts

In the meantime I am collecting all my ideas on my Pinterest Halloween board, nip over for some fabulous inspiration just click on the image

halloween pinterest board

Carrying on with my quest to carve out more me time this week has gone completely to pot…it’s half term week and that means all of my time is spent with the girls BUT I am loving it.

halloween silhouettes

So this week’s me time post for Mums and Me will be dedicated to our half term week spent together.


In all honesty I didn’t want an action packed week, I wanted them to relax and have fun, to play with toys that have been forgotten since they have started school. I wanted them to chill in front of a good film on the sofa and to enjoy sweets, chocolate and cake; all things that in term time are given out in restricted doses.

As quiet as I wanted to keep it, our weekend started with a Halloween 5th birthday party and a trip to the theatre to see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Ben and Holly Little Kingdom

We went to the Disney shop yesterday and bought a Merida (Brave) puzzle plus we found a couple of ideas for Christmas presents. We have cooked a sticky toffee apple cake, had our faces painted and been to a Halloween party where we got sticky with paint and glue, decorated cakes and coloured in pictures.

halloween activities

Daddy’s off for the next two days and they don’t know it but we’re

  • going swimming
  • going to see Madagascar 3, which apparently is brilliant
  • and attending another birthday party at the weekend too

As for me Me time well I may have found my wedding dress – I need to nip back to the shop quick before someone else gets it and no I haven’t tried it on as I had the girls with me but I fell in love with it so I hope it looks good and they have my size. This could possibly be next week’s Me time post ;)

You’ll be pleased to know over the past week I found the time to file my nails, sort out my legs and bake a cake but that ruddy cushion hasn’t seen a stitch all week. I pledge to get the darned thing sewn up and stuffed by Christmas – ok?

But most of all, I came out of two blogging forums and I feel so much better for it. I may not know what everyone is saying but I have realised it doesn’t matter, I don’t care and I feel so much better for it.


I have never coped well listening to others back stabbing and being spiteful, being witness to certain discussions was dragging me down. Now what the eye doesn’t see the heart can’t grieve, I’m living in pure ignorance and LOVING it.

Pumpkin Pal teddy Build a bear

Aren’t they gorgeous? And their fur is so soft. Alice has called hers Pumpky and Bessie hers Pumpkin, I know the imagination rocks in this house but you can’t deny how adorable they are, the Pumpkin Pals that is.

Build A Bear have brought out a range of products for Halloween and with the children off school (mine next week) this could be the perfect treat for good children the emphasis being on Good, ‘Behave yourselves and you might get a surprise.’ kind of good. It’s also not a scary treat so if you have a frightened child a little bewildered by all the blood, ghosts and gore out there, this could be a wonderful introduction into the fun world of Halloween.

I know my two recently have become scared of the dark where they never were before, some films frighten them and although they are right up for dressing up as witches and accepting sweets from strangers in their bright orange buckets, I’m not sure they will handle the full-on Halloween fright so this year I intend to keep it soft and Pumpkin Pal is perfect for this. I think monster eyeball cake pops and bleeding finger biscuits can wait a couple of years whilst we focus on carving pumpkins, making spiders with pipe cleaners and cutting out a black witch silhouette for our porch to frighten the postie.

pumpkin pal teddy build a bear

Pumpkin Pal Teddy costs £13.50 or you could choose Hello Kitty for £20 and then there’s a whole range of clothes and accessories to choose from to kit teddy out.

The experience of Build-a-Bear is really quite something. The children will keep it with them for a long time; my two still remember theirs from May this year and by personally overseeing the lengthy process of making a bear, including a heart and the final fluffing they create a special bond with the bear they take home. Our two Build A Bear teddies sit in prime position on the beds and are often chosen to participate in teddy bear tea parties.

pumpkin pal

We heart our Pumpkin Pal teddies

Disclosure: We were sent two Pumpkin Pal teddies and we loved them so much we thought we’d tell you all about them