I started the new job last week, it’s brilliant and I am totally LOVING it, I’ll talk all about it in a separate post because I wanted to tell you about a song I’ve been humming along to in the car to and from work. I have embedded it above and if you click play you will most likely recognise it too. I like this song. It’s very catchy and has a good tune, it’s the lyrics that have been prompting me to write this post …

As the song is sang you quickly realise ‘your man’ is going to be locked up in jail pretty soon and he’s asking you to stay by his side. Now whilst I like the tune and I sing along, as he asks me the questions I find myself replying, ‘No.’ A lot.

It made me realise that the years have taught me and where, maybe as a starry eyed teenager, I may very well have replied, ‘Of course I’ll stay by your side, I will always love you. Don’t worry about everything we’ve lost, we can rebuild our lives.’ and all sorts of other naive nonsense.

This got me thinking about the twins and how they are smitten at the thought of finding their prince. It made me think of how innocent we can be. So Mum needs to put ’em right on a few things and what better opportunity than a pop song which they will remember?

lovehearts, street art dope

If I got locked away and we lost it all today

Tell me honestly would you still love me the same

Girls. If your man gets locked away and you lose everything you have, it means he hasn’t been honest with you. He has been doing things behind your back and putting your welfare at risk. This is not a man who will look out for you and it is the opposite of caring for you. A successful relationship is built on trust and friendship. If those two elements are missing move on, this man isn’t worth your time and I don’t care how good looking he is. There are BETTER fish in the sea.

If I showed you my flaws if I couldn’t be strong

Tell me honestly would you still love me the same

Being transparent with the one you love is also a vital ingredient to finding your soulmate. You and he will have to show your flaws. Don’t worry, nobody is perfect. We all have flaws but if his are petty crime or worse, that end him in jail or a courtroom then no, he’s not worth it. That is the truth and relationships demand 100% truth at all times.

Right about now

If I judge for life

Would you stay by my side

Or is ya going to say good-bye


Did he say he was being judged for life? Get your sweet ass out of there now and don’t ever look back. I don’t even want to know what he’s done but a life sentence is Bad.

Can you tell me right now

If I couldn’t buy you the fancy things in life

Shawty would it be alright

C’mon show me that you do

Earning money is what we do as adults. We go out to work in order to have the money to live and enjoy life, homes, holidays, evenings out and pretty things to wear. We are also bombarded by advertising, girls showing gorgeous designer gear that costs a month’s wages, sometimes more. It’s about being realistic and investing your money on the things that make you both happy. A relationship is all about give and take and trying to find a balance.

london street art love will tear us apart again

Now tell me would you really ride for me (would you really ride for me)

Baby tell me would you die for me (would you die for me)

DIE?? No, never. Your life is the most precious thing you have. Nobody should ever ask you to give it up for them.

Would you spend your whole life with me (wassup)

Would you be there to always hold me down (uh huh uh huh)

Tell me would you really cry for me (would you really cry for me)

Baby don’t lie to me (Baby don’t lie to me)

If I didn’t have anything (wassup)

I want to know would you stick around

If you are lucky enough to meet your soulmate first time round then you most likely will spend your life with them and it won’t be a hardship as you’ll be with the person you love most in the world. There will be moments that you will cry, that’s a huge part of love and you will see there is no need for lying, friends don’t lie to one another.

All I want is somebody real who don’t need much

You will find that there are some things you really do want out of life, one may be a future with children in it. If that is the case you will most likely want a place of your own. You may like the idea of an annual holiday, an occasional meal out in a fancy restaurant. You might like the idea of a family Christmas. I think it’s important to make sure both partners in a relationship are reading from the same page. If the above mentioned things are of no interest to your man then I can see problems ahead.

london street art tour this is not what you think it is

I gotta know that I can trust

To be here when money low

If I did not have nothing else to give but love

Would that even be enough

Yeah we need to know


Cuz I need a girl to hold me down for life

Would you still love me the same

‘Hold me down for life’ – You will find that if someone loves you as much as you love them, you will both happily stay together and enjoy every moment.

We have a lot of time ahead to talk through relationships and life but this song triggered these thoughts that I wanted to share with you both; basically girls, if he’s going to jail then let him go.

The official music video features three different scenes: a soldier leaving his family to return to service, a man and a woman fighting to make ends meet, and a father and daughter torn apart by her arrest. R. City did it this way because they wanted everybody to connect to the song’s message of perseverance through hardship.

Five years old and I can see how you’ve grown, this past year has been a ma-hoo-sive move on from the baby chubbiness.

twins sleeping 5 months

Girls you can read! I never imagined at the beginning of the year you would read so well and enjoy it too.

Preschoolers reading a book

You can write. And you spend hours filling out your little notebooks, listing all your friends’ names in a register style and ticking off who’s having packed lunches.

practising writing skills

You can argue – a bit too much sometimes for my liking (I’m echoing every mum in the country with more than one child here) everything is a race now from getting dressed, to who gets to the door first, to who bags the ‘best car seat’

You both love princesses, especially the Disney ones, you love Scooby Doo, ice cream, swimming and playing with daddy. You love being read to every night before light’s out. You both still love cuddles and alien kisses ( a big wet lick on the cheek when you’re least expecting it) You love jumping into our bed on a weekend morning and snuggling for about 5 minutes before demanding ‘Let’s go downstairs now’

princess dresses

But you have your differences too and today I shall celebrate your differences with the following 10 questions.

Mini Mode - Boots clothes10 things about me – Alice

The words to describe me are thoughtful, kind, shy, happy, intelligent, lovable, a princess, clumsy at times – your knees have been grazed pretty much most of the year. Loyal, loving and gentle

The food I could live on is You LOVE all your food Alice but if there’s ever a second helping of pudding you’re hand is always the first to shoot up high. Alice says – Pasta, strawberries and ice cream

My favourite game to play is … this year your games have been heavily focused on princesses but you love puzzles, you enjoy playing on the computer and on your LeapPad. You love playing in the park and you adore swimming too.

My favourite film is Scooby Doo

If I had one wish it would be to learn to ballet dance

My favourite toy is Leap Pad

When I grow up I want to be a princess

My best friend is Serenity

outside the x ray room10 things about me – Bessie

The words to describe me are a giggler, funny, lovable, thumb-sucking (still!) odd tantrum throwing, inquisitive, messy-Bessie, chatterbox, princess. Cuddly, lively, open, occasionally shy. Intelligent. Kind and gentle.

The food I could live on is pasta, strawberries and ice cream

My favourite game to play is … LeapPad, Hide and seek

My favourite film is Beauty and the Beast

If I had one wish it would be I would like a Beast and a doll to dress up and play with it’s hair (styling head)

My favourite toy is princesses

When I grow up I want to be a princess

My best friend is Abigail

twins smiling cheeky

around three months

My goodness haven’t you grown!

Wow! We’re half way through our half term break and that seems like an excellent point to give you a Twin update especially as they are now 3 and 1/4!

They both surprised me as to how easily they settled into preschool, Alice has had a few tearful mornings on seeing me leave her there but on the whole they are really enjoying themselves. Also to her credit some of those times she has later proven to be under the weather or has run to get her favourite car only to be pipped at the post and this upsets her greatly.

It’s really amazing how this past 6 weeks have put a magnifying glass over the girls and I am now seeing them more as individuals each with their own make up, likes and dislikes. It is becoming more and more evident that Bessie is a confident, happy and independent little girl whereas Alice is quieter, more introverse and more easily upset.

Twins sleeping

around 6 months

They have both had runny noses and chesty coughs since we started at preschool, I have got ill once from them and dad narrowly missed it but had a few days when he felt tired and his glands were swollen. I have a feeling the runny noses and coughs are here to stay until the warmer weather returns.

I had my first chat with their key workers (teachers to you and me!) both girls have passed all of the initial observations ie. can count to 10, recognise various shapes, know the difference between small and big and so on and both girls are completing a ‘My Unique Story’ which will be a collection of observations, drawings, paintings, photos and tasks set throughout the year to take home and keep at the end of the year. This ‘book’ comes home on occasions and parents are asked to write their own bits in it and share it with the family too.

babies learning to roll

Roll over!

The first chats mentioned that Bessie is fine, knows her stuff, settles in easily and can work without her sister as long as she knows where she is. Alice on a slower scale has settled in and made friends but must always know where her sister is at any given time. They are in different work groups (also in preparation for next year when they’ll most likely be split up into different classes) Alice sometimes won’t respond to her name and the teacher didn’t think she was deaf more intensely engrossed but we’re all to keep an eye on her, it’s something both me and dad have picked up on too. Alice also on being asked a question about herself will talk of her sister rather than herself which goes to show just how important Bessie is to her. She passed all of her initial observation tests but if we ask her directly to count she won’t, she’ll change the subject and if pushed will start to cry.

Fast asleep on teddy – 1 year

I have a date to go and visit the infant school at the top of the road on 10th November. I’m looking forward to it. It’s really strange to think in a year’s time they’ll start school, it’s also a guilty pleasure to think of what I can do with all that time!

The girls have made a few friends at school, Hannah is the one who really stands out as the three of them are as thick as thieves, both of my girls have declared Hannah as their ‘best friend’ – you see Peppa Pig has a best friend so it was one of the first things they set out to do at school! Abigail is another huge hit, she has a twin brother too which makes at least three sets of twins in next year’s reception class that I know of already! That’ll make life interesting for their new teachers :)

They have spoken of Amethyst and Serenity too and I’m sure by the time Christmas is here we’ll have a clearer idea of who

pole dancing

Early pole dancers :)

everyone is. Talking of Christmas we’ve had our dates for nativity plays, Christmas parties and end of term through. Dad was lucky enough to get a day off for the nativity after three attempts. His work are so awkward when it comes to giving holidays. I can’t book up our Butlins breaks as his manager has declared no holiday to be sanctioned till February next year! We’re only asking for Fridays and Mondays to tag on to weekends but even that is a resounding NO. I can’t tell you how angry that makes me. Grrrr

We are so over nappies now and doing very well in the loo department, when they’re at preschool they insist on doing everything themselves but this week they’ve had me running back and forth to the loo helping them up, down and it’s really exhausting. Why will the other twin always wait until her sister has completely finished and I’m sitting down again or gone back to the activity I had left before deciding she needs a wee/pooh too? If only they could go together it would be an enormous time saver for me.

After school clubs? None yet. There is a gymnastic class on Mondays at 12.45 that I may look into and a ballet class also on Mondays at 4pm (one or the other) I’ve not really pushed with other activities yet as I have noticed how exhausted they are when they come home from preschool however, this week I wish there were a few things going on to knacker them out a bit!

Food wise I have noticed they are becoming more fussy, they’ve learnt the word ‘Yucky’ I don’t know where – I imagine school and they still refuse to eat eggs. I’m going to start having scrambled eggs for breakfast and see if that raises any interest.

So there you have an update, I imagine the next one will be around Christmas time with, fingers crossed, photos of their nativity play or Christmas sing song whatever they prepare for us. The photos I have displayed today are ones I found on my phone in a forgotten file, it just shows how much they have grown and give me the opportunity to link up with Karin from Cafe Bebe as a Flashback Friday on how far they’ve come. I have also documented the works of ‘art’ they bring home on a more or less daily basis on Posterous as it will be a nice place to keep a memory for them as I cannot guarantee they will all survive over the years – I already have a folder full!


Who gets which toy is always an argument

A report on the twins 25 months

A trip to the park now is quite easy as they just want to play on the slides, climbing frames and swings which can be challenging if I don’t get two swings next to each other. The worst bit is trying to get them away when it’s time to go as I get screaming fits x 2 and I use distraction to stop them ie find and hand over a leaf, aeroplane in the sky? look at that over there, ANYTHING!


Pass the Parcel – with help!

They are also pretty good at listening to an instruction and carrying it out too. ie ‘Can you get me the wet wipes please? Whilst pointing to the object required. Having said that asking either of them to ‘Pick that up’ whist in the midst of a tantrum Does Not Work.


Bessie does glasses :)


Alice :)

August has been busy socially for them too, we have taken part in a Teddy Bear’s picnic, a Country Park Treasure Trail, 2 birthday parties (Thomas’s 4th and Samuel’s 3rd) we’ve only missed 1 twin club session when Daddy was home and lots of trips to the park.

We have constructed the sand pit given to them on their birthday by the Freeman’s and the Holland’s and they love it. Trouble is I have a home full of sand afterwards as it gets everywhere, hair, nappy, clothes, hands and toys – even in my bra!?!

ball pit

The ball pit became a permanent fixture in our bedroom last week whilst the decorating was taking place downstairs.

Foodwise, we have good days and bad days. One thing stands out enormously they both want to feed themselves on their own and will not be helped. And the days I introduce something new there is always a lot of tears (they dont’ recognise it) turning of the head, a lot of ‘No’s’ but slowly slowly they come round. I sit there eating the same and umming out loud and lots of ‘It’s delicious!’ ‘You want to try this’ and that seems to do the trick.

Happy, happy days!