marinade for steaks

I’ve been sent a George Foreman 5 portion removable plates grill, it’s a fat reducing grill apparently and the latest model has plates that can be removed making the cleaning process a doddle, plus it has a drip tray.

I was very excited to put it to the test and for my first trial I wanted to do one of my favourite Italian dishes – a tagliata.

A tagliata di manzo is a good piece of beef steak grilled lightly, left pink in the middle (medium rare) and then sliced across the grain into thin strips. It can then be served in lots of different ways, sprinkled with rocket and Parmesan shavings, or with pink peppercorns, or with rosemary, olive oil and drizzled with a thick balsamic vinegar before serving.

I decided to go with rocket and baby tomatoes but first I wanted to marinade the meat.

It would be the perfect way to use the last bottle of my Lindeman’s Shiraz which is utterly delicious by the way. Here’s my marinade recipe

Steak Marinade

Olive oil 50 cl
Balsamic vinegar 20 cl
Juice of one lemon
Rock salt
1 spoon of spiced Dukkah (toasted nuts, seeds and spices) leftover from a previous recipe you can make your own spice mix
2 sirloin steaks
1 onion quartered
garlic cloves if desired
Lindeman’s Shiraz – enough to cover the steaks

Making the steak marinade

  • Take a plastic sealable food bag large enough to hold the two steaks and place in a jug whilst you pour in the liquid and ingredients.
  • Add the ingredients as listed above in the order you find them. My quantities are approximate, they are dashes and glugs but hold back on the vinegar and wine as they tend to dry the meat and act as stronger tastes.
  • On adding the meat, remove the bag from the jug and hold the opening whilst placing the steaks inside with the other hand.
  • Add the onion and garlic.
  • Add the wine to cover the steaks and then seal the bag tightly.
  • Lay the bag on the side and allow the steaks to absorb the different tastes.
  • Turn the bag occasionally to ensure all sides get covered.
  • Marinade for a maximum of 24 hours. I prepared my marinade at lunchtime for dinner.

The George Foreman grill

It is very simple to operate, you plug in and switch on with the lid down, once the green light shines it is hot enough to put the food on.

Place your steaks on the grill and shut the lid. Keep an eye on the times. The steak was perfect for husband who likes his well done but I should have taken mine off earlier. Use these guidelines as a rule of thumb – note there’s very little in it.

For a 2cm thick sirloin steak

  • Blue: About 1 min each side
  • Rare: About 1½ mins per side
  • Medium rare: About 2 mins per side
  • Medium: About 2¼ mins per side

For a well-done steak, cook for about 4-5 minutes each side, depending on thickness.

Top tip: I found with my marinaded meat that a lot of liquid was coming out of the steaks during cooking, for this reason I suggest setting your grill up close to the sink for easy emptying of the drip tray, I had to empty once during cooking.

george foreman grill

Tagliata alla rucola e pomodorini

Prepare some fresh rocket on the serving plate and chop some baby tomatoes up in quarters. Have some balsamic vinegar on hand to decorate.

Take the cooked steak and place on a chopping board, with a sharp knife slice the steak into thin strips.

Place the strips on the rocket, grind some fresh sea salt over and scatter the quartered baby tomatoes. Drizzle a line of balsamic vinegar over

I served mine with chips.

tagliata alla rucola

I also had a go at grilling vegetables on the George and was really pleased with the outcome.

veg on the grill


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