Eternity Rose

Photo by Oana Dascalul

Soon, there won’t be any getting away from it… Christmas is on the way and coming fast. Everyone’s going to be on the lookout for the best gifts to give. If you have a loved one to think of and have no idea what to buy, take a look at the Eternity Rose as an option…

When I lived in Italy there was (and still is) an artist who lived in the town called Maestro Paolo, an eccentric guy – as most artists are, who was always coming up with really good ideas. He’d build wooden huts throughout the village and fill them with interesting things to look at and the tourists would stop in awe as they walked the cobbled streets. He’d organise really fun town carnivals and when you walked past his jewellery shop you could see birds flying around and baby rabbits in the window chomping on fresh grass and carrots. (I must add no harm was ever done and he would take the utmost care of them.) But there was one idea of his that I simply fell in love with – silver handmade roses.

They were beautiful to look at and looked as delicate as a real rose. A tall stem with a couple of leaves and a fresh rosebud at the top just starting to open. I admired them so much, I decided to buy one for my mum to remind her how much I loved her. Living so far apart was difficult for us both and this would be a constant reminder of my love for her.

I also bought one for a very good friend of mine for a special birthday, I thought the silver rose would live on whereas real flowers would soon pass and be forgotten.

When Eternity Rose got in touch and asked me if I would like to review one I accepted, simply because it reminded me of that special gift and that special time in Italy. They make them in gold too but I went for the silver as a reminder of Mastro Paolo’s roses.

Eternity rose

Photo by Oana Dascalul

I must say, the rose is packaged in the most beautiful wooden box which really adds a touch of luxury to the opening of the gift. Inside the box is lined with a soft blue velvet-like fabric and the rose sits in a specially carved out space making sure no damage comes to the flower and delicate petals.

The Eternity Rose is a real rose. It has been taken at its most perfect stage and dipped in silver (or gold) It is then hung to dry and the finished product is a delicate and beautiful flower that will stand beautifully in a single stem vase.

I am very impressed. I think anyone opening this gift will love it. It is an object of beauty which is unusual and still maintains the deep meaning behind the gift of a rose. Plus it will live on for years and years.

Who would you buy an Eternity Rose for?

Disclosure: I was sent an Eternity Rose for the purpose of this post.

Well the nicest thing happened to me just before the New Year and it was similar to other people I follow in the blogosphere. I was contacted by a Very Nice Person from Appliances Online who had seen I a comment I had left on Nickie’s blog, I am Typecast, the day she received a jar of Nostalgia – retro sweets from them. Part jealousy on my part at her stash of Refreshers, Black Jacks, Cola Cubes and the like which took me back to the 10p tuck shop days. Do you remember them? Clutching your 10p in a sweaty little hand and staring for ages at the bounty of sweets  laid out in front of you. mmmm

Well Nickie did mention, leave a comment below and maybe you too will recieve a surprise some day. So I did. I didn’t think anything of it, I mean the blogosphere can be a fickle place, lots of promises and no follow through but what the heck, give it a go. So you can imagine my surprise when I found an email in my inbox offering me three books on how to improve writing skills, even going as far as to say if I wasn’t happy with the choice made on my behalf I could accept Amazon vouchers and choose my own!

‘Go on! Your having me on.’

I re-read the mail and decided that Ben could only have known I was interested in writing and was giving it a go IF he had visited my blog and traipsed through quite a few posts. Think of the time? Think of the patience of the poor man! Think of the headache that must have followed!

Here is a picture of the books chosen for me and very gratefully accepted I hasten to add. Stephen King, International Bestseller of zillions of books so should know what he’s talking about. In fact he was run over by a car in June 1999 and it took 6 operations to save his life and mend his body. Once able to sit up he started to write On Writing so I am sure it will hold many gems of knowledge. Bird by Bird, written by Anne Lamott and Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg which I look forward to discovering when I have the time :)

You know this game of pass the parcel started a while back when Ian Newbold got a washing machine from Appliances Online. I also noticed Jen at The Madhouse got a brand new fridge sent through and Josie at Sleep is for the Weak got an oven! Well I suppose it’s never too late to mention that I need a brand new kitchen, is it? No of course, that would be rude and ungrateful …

So guys? Fancy trying your luck at this pass the parcel, Jen got a fabulous coffee set over at The King and Eye, leave a comment below and if you do get contacted please link back to me as I’d love to see what you got. What are you waiting for? Comment and retweet, retwit, retwoo

PS and just in case you’re wondering where the bird comes from on the shelf well that’s my own picked up in beautiful Puglia, Italy in a town called Alberobello, you really must check it out…

Our bouncy castle with sun/rain protection – kids loved it

We are so lucky.

When you’re moving house you often wonder with a sense of dread ‘What will our new neighbours be like?

After all, we were so lucky on the Croft, everyone (well apart from the nutters at no. 69 who like to try driving over each other at night) was/is really nice and having been used to having such lovely people around you we did wonder if we could get lucky twice.

As it happens we did.

The road we live on now is one of the main roads up onto the estate – apparently a nightmare when it’s snowing and icy – so it’s not as neighbour friendly as the Croft but only a couple of days after moving in we met the people on our left ie the other half of our semi-detached and they are very friendly.

Richard was lending me his massive cutters and secatures on day 2 after seeing me struggle with the overgrown jungle in our garden and Anne always stops to talk and ask after the girls and my unpacking. Like I said – very nice.

Our other neighbours returned from their holidays a week after we’d moved in and although more reserved they too are very nice. Mind you Paul wants to talk to them about all the growth form their garden leaning on our fence and pushing it down under the weight, I’m not so keen on this discussion so soon after moving in.

However, I was incredibly touched on Friday when playing with the girls in the garden, Anne popped her arm over with a bag and said to give it to the girls in the morning for their birthday.

How lovely! How unexpected and what a lovely thing to do. After all, we’ve only been here a few weeks and we certainly weren’t expecting gifts or cards from anyone.

This kind gesture has really made us feel more at home than ever and of course in order to meet Susie’s prompt for this week’s kindness act over at New Day New Lesson – the first I am actually able to participate in – I must now do something equally as kind.

Well they are a couple who are retired or about to and have everything. Their garden is a picture of tidiness and obviously well kept. They have grandchildren who visit at the weekends and they seem to have everything.

All that’s left of 10 ls of Italian wine

BUT, after our party at the weekend to celebrate the girls’ 2nd birthday I am left with 2 and a half litres of Italian red wine bought back especially from Lake Garda for the party which I cannot possibly drink on my own before it turns so I thought I’d pass it over to them and tell them to fill up jugs, bottles and Gawd knows what else hoping they drink alcohol!

If they don’t drink I’m back to square one and will have to rethink and more importantly drink the stuff myself!

Now there’s a hangover waiting to happen!