garden gate

If you’re planning to sell your house, you are probably already aware of the power a good first impression has on persuading a buyer. That’s why estate agents will advise you to de-clutter, bring in some fresh flowers and have something baking in the oven when potential buyers come by. Although those are all good steps to take, many people will care only about the inside of the house. 

A nice garden, however, is not to be overlooked as a selling point as explain  If you know that you will be putting your place up for sale in the near future, it’s worth spending a little bit of time making sure it’s a seller. 

Your front garden is the first area of your house that a potential buyer will set his or her eyes on, yet you don’t have to spend much to make it look appealing. A lick of paint on the door, trimming the hedge, tugging out weed and clearing away rubbish will work wonders for your front garden.  

If you have a back garden and you’re still a year or more away from putting the place on the market, consider building a patio. A nice sitting-out area can become like an additional room, making your home feel more spacious than it actually is. When it becomes time to sell the place, make sure you de-clutter your back garden. Any toys, gnomes or garden tools that you normally have out should be stacked away. Invest in some seasonal bedding plants and get rid of all tired-looking plants that are bringing the place down. Cleaning the windows will ensure the garden can be appreciated from the inside, and likewise an attractive inside can be seen from the garden. 

Unfortunately, simply attracting a buyer isn’t enough to get your property sold. Conveyance is the process that follows upon an offer being accepted and includes, among other things, preparing legal documents. Legal delays can prove costly so it’s worth getting a professional conveyance service to help you. When shopping around for one, make sure to choose one where all legal fees are agreed on. That way you avoid the price escalating if you run into unforeseen difficulties with your sale.


bird feeder in treeWell mine in all honesty is let to do much as it pleases in as much as I am not a constant gardener but one who dabbles now and then. Thank goodness the forsynthia knows that! She gets a good cut mid summer and again in the autumn and we get on just fine.

My ideal garden is one that looks after itself because as much as I love to dabble there’s never enough time to look after it properly, that or I have to start dropping other commitments, like blogging for example.

We moved in 3 years ago and the garden had been left to it’s own devices, we cut back LOTS at the start, possibly too much and only now after three years is it starting to look better. Although there is still a lot to do until I have my ideal garden that’s for sure.

In fact I would go as far as to say the best gardens are those of old people who have spent a lot of time and thought on it and passed many hours out there caring for each plant, bush or tree. Next time we move I shall be looking out for the words established garden.

A couple of years ago I took part in the Bosch gardening competition and with that we were given a super lawnmower plus £100 to spend on plants from Coblands. We were very happy to pick 3 apples from our tiny apple tree last year and this year she’s blooming marvellous.

baby apple tree

My wisteria plant struggles, I think the spot I chose is too windy and if I had the guts I’d move it only I notice it’s started to sprout lots of baby shoots – what to do? Leave it and pray it gets stronger this year. Or brick up the gap in the fence?

So with a family party on my hands a couple of weeks ago and a garden one at that (BBQ was being dragged out) I made a special effort to tidy up and get the place looking nice. Off I trotted to my local garden centre to fill up on colour for my pots. here let me show you in photographs all my lovely flowers.

purple flower

pink flower

mauve flower

mauve flower

white speckled flower

pot plant

rosemary bloom


And finally I cannot let you go without updating you on this year’s veggie plot! The spuds are coming along a treat, planted from chits a month ago, I’ve already covered them in soil once and they’re fighting back through to the sunshine again.

seedlings 2013

Then  we have seedlings of broccoli, carrots and leeks. I’m staying well and truly clear of brussels this year as last year they over took my patch and nothing else grew in it!

I’m linking this post up to the lovely Mammasaurus, click on her beautiful button below and you’ll find some fabulous garden photography and many other gardening ideas who have linked up too

spread ’em

raised vegetable plotWe have started on our raised vegetable plot this weekend and it’s looking really good. We bought the wood set to make the frame from B&Qfor £17.95 (if I remember rightly) and it’s sat in the back garden for a couple of weeks now whilst we got Easter out of the way and waited for some decent gardening weather.

Well that’s not going to happen is it? It’s turned really cold and wet but we mustn’t complain as we’re already on a hosepipe ban and I’m kicking myself I didn’t buy a water butt before now which would have filled up nicely over the past week or two.

Anyway, the seeds have grown and the kitchen window is once again looking like a nursery, in fact some of my plugs I got from B&Q are getting too big for the pots and crying out to be replanted only I’m still a bit wary of night frost so keeping them in for another couple of weeks yet.

It was very simple for OH to put the planks of wood together as I watched :)


raised vegetable plot

and once we had decided where to place it he then dug the earth over and removed the grass and roots from the soil.

raised vegetable plot


I then emptied five 25 litre bags of compost on top and gave it a good dig to break up any lumps.

little helpers

Now I just have to wait a little longer before my next step of planting but in the meantime look what the Spring has brought up so far

yellow tulip
red and white tulip
untitled bush

I was pleased with our garden progress last year, we made a real dent in it and the Bosch Garden Makeover competition certainly provided us with some beautiful plants to look out for this year, I can’t wait to see them grow and fingers crossed flower too. On the whole I think we did pretty well and that’s why this year I’m hoping to make a vegetable garden.

Last year I grew tomatoes, I had too many in all honesty but they were delicious and I will be growing some more this year. I had a go at runner beans but they died on me and I had a few courgette plants that overtook the garden. I also planted a pumpkin for us to use at Halloween and on my return from our summer holiday I mistook it for an overgrown courgette and ate it! Yes it was tough but tasty. Hey I’m learning here!

So this year I have plans…

I intend to get my Other Half to knock me up a box like the one below I found on Boy’s Life and I will have a Raised Bed in which to plant my veg year after year, doesn’t that sound organised and doesn’t it look neat and tidy?

Or on the other hand we could nip down to B&Q as they are now selling Rustic Raised beds for £17.98

Last autumn I entered a competition on Domestic Goddesque’s blog and won! My prize was this fabulous Sylvester Bird Box, I made sure we put it up ages ago way before any birds were hunting for nests and now I have to wait and see. I sent Other Half up a ladder as high as he could go to avoid cat problems and we’ve put it in a sunny spot, fingers crossed.

Sylvester BIrd box

In fact it won’t be long before I start planting seeds and turning the kitchen window sill into the Eden Project again, I was out yesterday whilst we enjoyed a fluke 16C and planted a few more bulbs for summer colour and I filled my tin bucket once again with primroses to add a splash of colour to the drab patio

There’s not really much to do in the garden in the winter is there? Well there probably is if you’re a fully fledged gardener but if like me, you’re not, well we haven’t even cut the grass! It’s looking long and in need but until either the expert next door neighbours get their mowers out then I’m waiting.

I also intend extending my herb garden this year which currently consists of a rosemary bush and some parsley. I’d like some chives and some basil, some oregano (pizza anyone?) some mint (Pimms) and some sage.

I am also pretty tempted to get one of those ‘Spud bags’ from the national newspapers. Grow your own potatoes in a sack on the patio. Am I taking on too much here? Running away with what seems on paper – a brilliant idea? Possibly, you’ll be told of progress or lack of as the year unfolds. I have however started composting. I treated us to a kitchen composter in January and now I need to set up part two of my recycling and get the compost ‘bin’ in the garden so I can empty this one into that one

Anyway, I have spotted shoots coming out of the earth meaning a short while from now we’ll have flowers again – can’t wait!