Now there’s an interesting thought and one Paul and I had initially discarded as we just wanted to get married, no frills – no wedding videographer. We weren’t even going to have a photographer and you all know whatJay Mountford thought of that!

Should you have your wedding filmed?

It wasn’t until an email landed in my inbox from one of my twin dads that we actually started to contemplate the idea again. Oliver Kiell is a professional wedding videographer, something I never knew whilst we were chasing our twins around the centre every Wednesday morning whilst trying to drink a coffee that was still hot and have an adult conversation.

Paul was a flat ‘No. I don’t want a camera in my face all day. It will look false.’

End of.

Until Paul took the girls to their Saturday morning swimming lesson and chatting with one of the mums whilst they waited for our little champions to learn to float, he told her we are getting married and organising the wedding, perfect conversation for the swimming baths at 8am!

Anyway she said her biggest regret was not having a film of the day made! Resulting in a reluctant spouse agreeing. Yipppee!

Focus 1 media Reel Love! wedding reel from Oliver Kiell on Vimeo.

Oliver has been a camerman for 10 years and in that time has filmed fashion, sports, award shows and castings for TV, films and commercials. He set up Focus 1 Media – Reel love! to exclusively shoot wedding films.

I asked Oliver why should a couple have their wedding filmed and he said,

Having a professionally produced wedding DVD is one of the best decisions you can make. Your day will be full of excitement, romance and energy. I make sure I capture the amusing, spontaneous and unique moments. I only have one chance so I make sure my camera is in the right place at the right time, but I ensure I keep myself well out of the way so you and your guests feel at ease

Oliver shoots and edits your special day to a music soundtrack of your choice, carefully crafting special memories that he has captured through his lens for you to remember. His website is full of information and there are different packages offered to suit your needs so head on over and take a look.

So next question is – which soundtrack? More on music next week