English Breakfast quiche – family meal

English breakfast quiche

  I went a bit mad shopping before Christmas, well not totally mad but cocktail sausages must have been on my mind as I stacked the freezer with them.

Admittedly they are all different tastes, like Cumberland, or lamb ones plus the usual pork ones too.

So when I was sorting out my [...]

Cowboy Stew – slow cooker recipe

cowboy stew slow cooker recipe

Howdy partner!

When I was researching for my handy list of 10 things to make with a Bolognese sauce I mentioned my list to my brother who’s a chef and he said as quick as a flash ‘You’re missing Cowboy Stew.’

So I researched a little further and came across Corey’s recipe for [...]

Spanish pork and chorizo casserole – slow cooker

spanish pork and chorizo slow cooked casserole

Slow cooked Spanish pork and chorizo casserole was a very good idea, it turned out even better than I imagined and it was an economical meal to produce. Take a look

Slow cooked Spanish pork and chorizo casserole

Ingredients for 6

800 g Pork shoulder steaks cut into cubes 4 Heggies chorizo sausages 3 [...]

Sausage and potato bake: family meal

Hands up who else is trying to cut back on the calories and the spending this month after the onslaught of Christmas? I am that’s for sure and this dish is an easy one to prepare, nourishing and appeals to all of the family.

Sausage and potato bake

serves 4

Ingredients 1 pack of [...]

Roasted Rudolph potatoes with lamb and vegetables

Rudolph potatoes roasted with lamb and vegetables

I didn’t know there were potatoes called Rudolph in all honesty! I knew there were red ones but it never occurred to me that they had been named Rudolph!

The name made me smile and when I was asked if I’d like to receive some and try them out I said YES! Come on! [...]

Meatballs in gravy – easy slow cooker recipe

Easy slow cooker meatballs recipe

Looking for a delicious recipe that is easy to prepare, nutritious, that everyone will like and cooks all by itself? I give you an easy slow cooker recipe for meatballs based on buying a tray of 20 beef meatballs found in most supermarkets amongst the 3 x £10 range.

I also wanted to try something [...]

Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler

cheesy chicken and vegetable cobblerThe March edition of Good Housekeeping offered another fabulous recipe for busy mums Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Cobbler and what attracted me most to this recipe was the fact the ingredients are based on storecupboard basics meaning if you come home in a rush and don’t know what to cook THIS could be your answer just look how quick and easy it is to put together.

Another thing that attracted me to this recipe is that it is wholesome and in theory the kids should love it – let’s test it out!

Hands on time – 20 mins
Cooking time – 20 mins 

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Minted Lamb with peas – slow cooker

Minted lamb and pea casserole

Need a recipe for Lamb that’s easy, and delicious? – Try this one!

I have house guests this week, my aunt and second cousin from Hungary, they arrived Tuesday night after two days driving and as you may imagine they were tired and hungary. (No pun intended!) I wanted to offer them a tasty [...]