Port Isaac, cornwall, tea shop, Doc martinThis morning after the school run I had to go to the post office to post a few letters. I arrived early and the post office doesn’t open until 9am so I stood patiently behind  two other customers already in the queue.

We stood for some time waiting and at 9 am on the dot the lady turned up in a fluster ‘Sorry,’ she apologised ‘I got caught chatting and didn’t realise the time.’

Easy mistake it happens to all of us, by this time there were a few in the queue behind me too. The lady efficiently started up her till in no time at all and started with the first customer.

Then a second lady came towards us dragging her feet from the direction of the back of the shop … the staff room/storeroom?

‘Is she in?’ she asks to no one in particular, ‘I came by and there was no one there.’

‘I haven’t got any keys.’ she added, continuing a justification of her tardiness.

I watched as lady 1 quickly stood up and opened the door to let her in. It then seemed to take lady 2 a long time to get her till open – or was I fed up of waiting? Or could I have done it quicker than her? It seemed every one of her actions was long and drawn out, needing so much effort and energy. It was clear she didn’t want to be there.

The dragging of her feet and her poor excuse of being late had already got my back up and the first thought to cross my mind was

‘If you don’t want the job, let somebody else have it.’

Let’s face it Britain’s economy is struggling at the moment and there are an awful lot of people who would LOVE that job, they would be grateful for a steady income, a paid pension and all the other benefits that go with working for a company like Royal Mail.

If we rewind 30/40 years people took pride in their work. They arrived on time, they were courteous and did their job efficiently. Sickies being pulled as people couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed were unheard of and employers could rely on their staff.

What has happened? Sadly I bump into employees all over who really hate their job and do the minimum possible just to secure their weekly wage packet.

Are we a country who don’t have pride in our jobs anymore?

I went into Boots the other day looking for Karvol strips for the plug in we have and couldn’t find them anywhere. I asked a young man if he could help and he couldn’t have been more kind and considerate informing me the company were having problems locating any Karvol stock, which is annoying for me because I needed them but I had an answer to my problem.

What a difference it made, what an abyss between the two kinds of service offered.

Have you ever seen people in good jobs who aren’t pulling their weight? What do you think about it?