Skips Crossword Puzzles for kids

skips crossmaths

Easter holidays and isn’t it lovely to watch the children play without a care in the world? I daren’t reprimand them for a messy room of an evening when I can see they have clearly had loads of fun playing with their toys, we’re making it part of our day to tidy up [...]

LeapFrog LeapReader review

LeapReader pen


LeapFrog have been enjoying enormous success with their LeapPad and now the Ultra LeapPad, in fact I imagine that at least one of their toys has slipped into your child’s toy box over the years. Now it’s time to talk about the LeapReader which we have been sent to review.

You may have [...]

Twin time – 1st term of Big School

halloween costumes

It’s time for a catch up on the twins very nicely prompted by Fiona at Coombe Mill who you must nip over and see as she owns and runs a fabulous farm guest house in North Cornwall, the perfect holiday spot for families who want to get close to the animals. Fiona is holding [...]

Moosicology – turbo boost your child’s development


Music engages practically all areas of the brain.

Research by Schlaug et al (1995) showed that music learning before the age of 7 boosted the connection between the two sides of the brain.

Music learning tends to produce more intelligent and creative children.

Moosicology is the first and only home education package for [...]

School home visit – what’s it all about?

school information leaflets

A gift from last year’s Badgers given to the girls on our home visit

After our first introduction day at school last week was spent at home whilst we had our home visit, apparently it’s a government decision and although it was lovely to meet the teachers; Mts T (for Teacher) and Miss [...]

How do you control your kids?

butter wouldn't melt

Whilst getting into the car one day last week we saw our next door neighbour, also out front, the usual niceties followed and the girls went over to talk too.

It was the Easter holidays and I imagine the noise from our house had been a few decibels higher over the previous 10 days [...]

Abigail the new Story Buddy from Hallmark

Abigail is the latest Story Buddy from the Hallmark range and she is the softest, fluffiest and cutest rabbit ever. Very girly and very adorable

She arrived last week and has been read every day since. She gets swopped from one twin to the other on a daily basis as she teaches them to [...]

Tips on how to choose the right school for you

It’s weird that the girls were only 3 in the summer and yet we’re already looking into the start of their school career. Next September they will go into Reception class and we have until January 14th to choose our first, second and third choices.

I went on a visit [...]

Sainsbury’s Super Saturday

This Saturday just gone was of the best Saturday’s I’ve spent in a long time and a special thank you must go to Sainsbury and P&G who very kindly invited me to attend the fabulous Sainsbury’s Super Saturday on Clapham Common. I decided not to take the twins with me as they were too young [...]

Day 1 of preschool

Chillin' after preschool

Another broken night as Alice called out for me from her bad dreams and eventually needed her bed and pyjamas changing and a regular morning; having breakfast as daddy left for work, watching some cartoons whilst I showered and dressed and as the theme tune signalled the end of Peppa [...]