ARGO – Best Director Ben Affleck

ARGO DVD cover

On Saturday night “my husband and I” (I’ve been dying to write that) watched ARGO on DVD, kindly sent to us by Warner Bros for the purpose of this review.

It is the most incredible story and what’s even more amazing is that it’s based on a true story which happened back in 1979, [...]

The Snowman – 30th anniversary edition

Snowman 2012 DVD 3D

Have you seen The Snowman?

It’s a classic Christmas story written and sketched by Raymond Briggs and this year it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

Universal sent us a copy to watch and on Sunday when the weather was freezing outside and the day was dark and grey, the four of us jumped onto the [...]

The Vampire Diaries are back

the vampire diaires

Today I am hosting a guest post written by my 13 year old niece Rosie who writes her own blog. When Warner Brothers asked me to review Vampire Diaries in light of the upcoming new season, I knew with Dallas on my hands it would be difficult to get them both done in time so I [...]

Little Charley Bear – WIN a DVD prize draw

Charley Bear DVD

Little Charley Bear is my very most favourite cartoon character and the fact James Cordon is the voice of this cute bear makes me fall in love with him just a little bit more.

His show is part of the CBeeBies pre-school series and when the sound track starts my girls run into their [...]

Happy Feet TWO – Warner Bros film club

The original Happy Feet was one of the girls first full length cartoons that they sat down to enjoy with Daddy one rainy Sunday afternoon and they loved it. The tale of poor Mumble who couldn’t sing like all the other Emperor penguins captured their heart and how they cheered when he discovered he [...]

Warner Bros – Oscar Movie DVD box

It was 6th March that I tweeted  this fab pic of the latest Warner Bros DVD bundle inspired by the Oscar celebrations recently passed. I was so chuffed I also posted the photo on my Facebook Timeline.

The choice of black box and gold wrapping to contain the bundle was not lost on me [...]

Toons and Scooby Doo – Warner Bros Film Club

You may recall recently I wrote about the fabulous gift I received from Warner Bros for Valentine’s Day? I’m still working my way through the DVD’s and I can’t wait to watch Midnight in Paris which incidentally won the Writing (Original Screenplay) Oscar and The Lake House on Saturday night when Other Half is [...]

Warner Bros Rom-Com Valentines treat

On Valentines’ Day I had the most fabulous surprise arrive via Mr Postman, a ginormous package wrapped in brown paper. Unwrapping revealed a very shiny Red Box with lots of glittery loose red hearts which as you can imagine went everywhere and livened up the girls as they ran around to catch them and [...]

Dolphin Tale DVD – Warner bros

Sunday morning we woke up to snow and of course played both morning and afternoon in the snow, check out mummy’s snowman! After a delicious Sunday roast (if I do say so myself) we settled on the sofa to watch a DVD, Dolphin Tale

This was to be the first ‘real’ film on DVD the girls had seen (by real I mean with actors), they love cartoons and animated film so it was a bit of a test run to see how they got on.

They loved it, they sat curled up all over daddy (who also thoroughly enjoyed the film) and watched the film from start to finish with no interruptions, quite an achievement after our Christmas trip to the cinema which had about 10 trips to the toilet! Continue reading Dolphin Tale DVD – Warner bros