My first car – a citroen Dyane

I started my driving lessons in the UK at 17 and remember running indoors after the first and telling my mother all excitedly I had overtaken a parked car, she burst out laughing whilst I tried to explain that actually this had required signalling, looking in my rear mirror and changing lane but she [...]


After what seems an entire age I am taking part in Josie’s writing workshop and one of her five prompts was

 2.Tell us a story of something that happened with a bang.

I started my driving lessons in the UK shortly after my 17th birthday and came home delighted after a couple to tell [...]

I, woman, can read maps!

Today I have left the country, car packed to the hilt off on our summer vacation (love that word!) and I am co pilot and will be reading directions from The Map – a Philip’s Multiscale Europe, 2009 to get us from Calais to Brumath for our overnight stopoff.

I have coloured post its attached to [...]