Union Jack DoormatRight now we’re in the middle of a world economic disaster. Every time I switch on the news they’re talking war in far off countries; journalists dying in vain whilst trying to get the news out of secluded corners of the world and teenagers being killed by family members who think they’re into witchcraft.

All this depressing stuff still happening amidst us and yet 2012 is a year for celebration here in the UK. Yes, we have our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee on the 5th June, the London Olympics from 27 July – 12 August and then the Paralympic Games from 29th August to 9th September. Oh and we (me and Other Half) have been invited to a wedding in Essex too TOWIE fans! I need to fly the flag with my Union Jack Doormat.

We are a proud nation and one that pulls together in the face of hard times, we know how to pull our sleeves up and get on with what needs to be done and that is why, when we do have a moment to celebrate, we like to parrr-ttyyyyy! View Post