Guest room makeover and photography on canvas

guest room makeover

We have finally completed our guest room makeover!

The last bit that needed doing was rubbing down the window sill and re painting it white with two coats, that took 4 months to get round to doing, absurd isn’t it? There is always something happening that takes over my plans and jobs like [...]

DIY decisions and choices – hallways and corridors

decorating hall

We’ve stripped all the wallpaper in the hall way and this makes me so happy, I’ve been staring at holes and peeling bits for far too long and calming the urge to want to pick at the peels and tear as long a strip as I can. But last weekend saw the beginning of [...]

Home improvements 2013

Do you sit back and think about the state of your house, garden, life at the beginning of a new year? Do you wonder what you can do and can’t do?

I certainly do and although money will be pretty tight this year thanks to our wedding in March we still will do a [...]

Home renovation plans – dreams or reality TOTS 100?


Right peeps, in it to win it and all that I have BIG plans for some home renovation. I had them the moment I laid eyes on this house. In fact I even said to the Mr, I’m only buying if we can do this, this and this. He said ok and although [...]

Internal doors – will you paint mine for me?

Doors are, in my opinion, the worst thing to update when it comes to decorating.

I don’t know about you but I get all excited when I start out on my painting and decorating, I spur myself on with the image of how it’s going to be, I can already see the finished picture, [...]

Wall stickers for children’s bedrooms

Children spend their first years in a bedroom decorated more for the pleasure of mum as she awaits the arrival of her little one. A beautiful room that sends out the strong message ‘SLEEP.’ Then our beautiful babies are no longer in nappies, they watch cartoons on television, they listen to books being read [...]

A tour of my home

A long long time ago Rebecca tagged me in I’m a Nosey Blogger and it has taken me until NOW to finally be able to produce a vlog where I show you around my English castle, (sorry Rebecca!) I have had a short break to Cornwall, two family birthdays and a massive catch up to [...]

D for DIY

I’t s D-Day over at Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday today and I have decided to use this letter to catch you up on my DIY shenanigans, the living room you have seen and although not yet quite finished as I’m still waiting for the mirror to arrive from mirrorworld (paid in full in August!) and [...]

What I’m avoiding…

Only a few days ago I bought a domain, a place to call my own, you know, just in case I ever make it in life and to beat the ‘false guys’ to it on buying MY name as has happened to Wayne Rooney and other famous people before now.

BUT, I haven’t done [...]

DIY lounge

10 days off, all one after the other and no fixed plans. That’s what we have in store and day 1 is today.

Of course the British weather has decided to play up and therefore, not beaten, Day 1 will be dedicated to decorating.

As I write on one side of [...]