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The thing with little people is when they discover something they like, they do nothing but play that game for EVER. We are going through the PINK and PRINCESS phase of life; many colours will not even be considered and can cause great arguments, I have taken to selling green to them as Tinkerbell green and blue has become Cinderella blue as sky blue just doesn’t cut it anymore.

If you, like me, have a princess on your hands – and I have two – then Build-a-Bear’s Disney Princess might be well worth considering.

The bear has a beautiful pink fur which is luxuriously soft and a sparkling crown on her head with a big gold heart.

Having made a couple of bears now the girls were VERY excited at the prospect of making a Princess bear and chatted excitedly in the back of the car as I drove the short distance to our nearest store.

Once in Nichola, a really helpful Build-a-Bear assistant, took control and was the perfect entertainer, because in case you don’t know Build-a-Bear isn’t about walking in, choosing a bear, paying and taking it home.

This is an experience children will take with them forever.

Build-a-Bear Disney Princess

The dream starts by choosing the outer skin and there are at least 20 different types, probably more, plus extras being added in all the time. Recent newcomers apart from the Princesses are Paddington and the Harajuku bear.

build a bear that lights up

In fact there is even a bear who has tiny lights inside him which change colour so if your little one is afraid of the dark or a bad sleeper this bear could really help you out? Isn’t he adorable?

BUild a bear choosing the skin, disney princess

Skin chosen you then add a noise and a heart, which you must kiss and hold on your cheek, promising to look after your bear for always and forever. Then it’s time to stuff which the children also assist by pressing the pedal of the stuffing machine whilst the assistant makes sure the bear is stuffed to perfection.

Build a bear add a noise and heart, disney princess

You can comb the fur, fluff the fur and the best bit of all – DRESS your bear and Build-a-Bear has a massive wardrobe with every conceivable outfit available whatever your taste may be.

build a bear, Disney Princess

But our trip was all about Disney Princesses and my girls were mesmerised by the gorgeous costumes. Alice chose her favourite pink dress which is Sleeping Beauty’s and Bessie chose Cinderella.

We brought our bears home in a special box filled with stickers, and print outs to colour in, ribbons to add to the bears ears and lots more and trust me these bears have taken pride of place on the beds and have totally overtaken all playtime.

build a bear, Disney Princess

The 41cm Disney Princess Bear costs £18 and the Disney dresses start from £10. Shoes are an extra £5.00

If you have a little princess I would thoroughly recommend making a Build-a-Bear Disney Princess with her which she will cherish forever. If you have a little boy, don’t be disheartened, there are a ton of fabulous bears in store which appeal to the tougher hearts too.

Disclosure: We were asked to make Disney Princess Build a Bear’s in return for this blog post and my girls LOVED the whole experience.

Princess Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White were laughing over old times together at a recent party, they looked forward to every occasion that they could get together and whilst their husbands were in the castle huddled over plans to save the financial crisis of their realms the princesses got together too.

Disney princesses

Whilst they were talking of Merida asking who had met this exciting new princess yet, Snow White mentioned how much she adored Merida’s horse.

‘Isn’t Angus the most adorable horse? He’s such a good friend to her.’

‘I know what you mean,’ came back Belle. ‘I loved spending my time with the Beast, well after the initial fright of course…how I miss those days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad Adam has been freed from that wicked spell, but I loved having a pet.’

Princess Belle with Schleich beast

‘You call the beast a pet?’ asked Aurora incredulous as secretly the animal frightened her.

‘I never had a pet but there was a white owl who watched over me whilst I slept and you know he still watches to this day but it puts the creeps up Prince Phillip.’ Aurora’s laughter filled the air and the girls joined in with her.

Princess Aurora and the Schleich owl

Snow White thought for a minute, ‘When I lived with the seven dwarfs in the forest, I was surrounded by animals and we had so much fun. There was a nest right outside my bedroom window with two darling chicks, I spent many a happy hour singing with them. Prince Florian is such a sweetheart he had a tree planted outside our bedroom window and asked Fairy Godmother to grew it quick so the birds could move in and stay with us. Maybe you could all come and stay sometime so you could listen too?

‘Oh wow, that would be simply wonderful’ the girls chorused in return. They loved visiting each others castles.

Snow White with Schleich birds

You know who has a baby leopard as a pet?’ Aurora asked her friends.

‘Jasmine!’ Belle replied. ‘and he’s adorable, I met her at the Spring ball earlier this year, he’s the cutest leopard and adores his tummy being tickled. Aladdin was so clever giving him as an anniversary present, you know I think they’re coming today too on their magic carpet, she said she wants to take us on it.’

Schleich leopard and Jasmine

Squeals of delight buzzed around the room at the prospect of a flight on Aladdin’s carpet.

‘What about your seal Ariel?’ He is so funny, all those tricks he can do with a ball! Oh Ariel, he was so funny at King Tritons’ party last summer, he had me in stiches.

“Yes, he is fun and I love swimming with him every morning, he’s really special to me. Ariel replied.

schleich seal and ariel

How about you Cinders? Aurora asked her friend kindly, ‘Do you have a pet?

Cinderella was the quietest princess of them all but she adored being with her friends, shyly she replied.

‘We have a beautiful white wolf, it’s Prince Charmings’ treasured mate and nobody knows about him except you of course now. Lucifer and Bruno stayed at home when I left. I miss them and their fights at times.’

Schleich wolf and cinderella

The girls smiled knowlingly at Cinderella’s story, they had seen Lucifer scratch Bruno plenty a time when he thought he wasn’t being watched.

I haven’t seen Pocahontas yet, is she here with us? Ariel enquired.

schleich deer and pocahontas

‘She’ll be here for lunch, she wanted to take her deer out into the forest for a quick run, have you seen him? He is the softest, gentlest animal I’ve ever met,’ Snow White answered. He reminds me so much of my time with the dwarfs which reminds me, I’m having a party for them in a month’s time, I’ve yet to send out the invites but please tell me you can all come, they’d love to see you all again, Bashful will be over the moon if you can come.’

The excitement filled the room at the prospect of a party to go to. All the princesses had such a good time together, they loved being with their friends.

schleich animals tell a story

Disclosure – Schleich sent us a wonderful collection of wildlife animals and we told a story with them. We hope you enjoyed it!

That's all folks Thumper

That’s all folks!

Brave DisneyThere’s not a lot to NOT like about this film as it has you gripped from the word go.

Today I treated the girls to the cinema and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I slipped into Scotland for a couple of hours and watched a feisty young lady defy her parents, make a bad choice and then understand just how much her parents mean to her. It is a film which tugged at every single one of my heart strings, it made me laugh and it made me cry but that’s why we watch Disney films isn’t it? To test we can still be emotional.

Merida is a head strong princess and when it comes to the time of her betrothal she will NOT listen to her parents. Like many a teenager she misguidedly decides to take matters into her own hands and soon is out of depth.

There are a couple of scary scenes in the film and I had both girls on my knees at one point but they managed to stay for the whole film and as we strolled past the Disney store on our way out to the car park they both grabbed hold of the  gorgeous cloth Merida dolls and looked sweetly, hopefully up at me.

I mentioned Santa for the first time this year to them and slowly replaced them back on the shelf but boy was I tempted.

Merida - Brave Disney

The shops are stashed with merchandise and I’m sure we’ll end up with a fair bit too but I am pleased to introduce Merida into our lives as at long last we have a princess who is courageous hence the name of the film Brave ;) We have a young girl who finally understands that parents have a huge responsibility in teaching their children and bringing them up properly whether they like it or not and we have a young girl who wants to use a bow and arrow, she wants to climb mountain tops, she wants to ride a horse, fight the baddie and she wants to be independent, all admiral qualities.

This film also hails red heads up and down the country who often get bad press for the colour of their hair. You can’t help but adore this blue eyed girl and her mass of unruly curls that bounce around her wherever she goes. Thank goodness we have finally moved away from blonde princesses!

Brave also gives us a chance to see a bit of Scotland and the beauty of the land. That will be twice this week Scotland has been focused on in Mari’s World and my appetite is definitely wanting to know more maybe I should nip over and have a look at Visit Scotland the sponsor of Brave for now?

In fact check out the Brave Disney site and enter the competition to win a 5 day break in Scotland. 10/10 for us we loved it

Triplets Brave Disney

mini memory ravensburgerMemory games are a classic with small children, I can remember playing as a child. It’s a great game to encourage social skills, patience for waiting your turn, strategy in remembering where the other cards are and in doing this children develop their memories and like a mental gymnastics there memory becomes stronger and stronger.

Ravensburger have bought out a whole new range of mini memory games and we were sent two to try for you. The Disney Princess range which you can see the girls playing here on our recent caravan trip to Cosgrove park near Milton Keynes.

48 pictures of various princesses are contained in the box and here you can see them all turned upside down on the table ready to try and make pairs with.

The cards show either a group of princesses or single princesses but you have to be careful as some of the colours in the background change and therefore may not be a pair.

mini memory ravensburger

The game is suggested for children from 3 – 5 and I found by starting with fewer pairs of cards to start with to encourage the girls and give them confidence was the best way as starting with the entire box they started to get cross that there were small differences that meant they hadn’t found a pair. As they became more and more familiar with the cards so did their confidence grow and so did I add more pairs in to make them look harder. Excellent for attention span – I hope!

mini memory ravensburger

The cards are made from high quality card and are laminated on both sides with a colour print, the cards measure 5 x 5 cm

mini memory ravensburger

Just because we had Disney Princesses don’t be put off as Ravenburger have many different designs including the Moshi Monsters, Hello Kitty, Mike the Knight and the Octonauts, Minnie Mouse and Thomas and Friends so depending on your childs favourite cartoon there’s something for everyone here.

The game retails at around £5.00 is the perfect travelling size to take on holiday and use for quiet moments which do come in handy don’t they?

hello kitty mini memory ravensburger