Our very pink and princess phase

BUild a bear shop

The thing with little people is when they discover something they like, they do nothing but play that game for EVER. We are going through the PINK and PRINCESS phase of life; many colours will not even be considered and can cause great arguments, I have taken to selling green to them as [...]

The Princesses and their pets – a story inspired by Schleich

schleich deer and pocahontas

Princess Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora and Snow White were laughing over old times together at a recent party, they looked forward to every occasion that they could get together and whilst their husbands were in the castle huddled over plans to save the financial crisis of their realms the princesses got together too.

Whilst [...]

Brave – the new Disney film

Merida - Brave Disney

There’s not a lot to NOT like about this film as it has you gripped from the word go.

Today I treated the girls to the cinema and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I slipped into Scotland for a couple of hours and watched a feisty young lady defy her parents, make a bad [...]

Memory games by Ravensburger

mini memory ravensburger

Memory games are a classic with small children, I can remember playing as a child. It’s a great game to encourage social skills, patience for waiting your turn, strategy in remembering where the other cards are and in doing this children develop their memories and like a mental gymnastics there memory becomes stronger and [...]