The week that was 365/6

bridal make up

It’s still been very cold this week , it even snowed in some parts of the UK but there’s a hint of spring in the air. Maybe it’s just the slightly longer days, arriving home from school and still having enough light to play in the garden for a while, or maybe the shoots [...]

Keel’s Simple Diary – a diary with a difference

I love a diary and it’s this time of year that I start looking out for my trusty companion for the next 12 months.

My aim is to be organised – I don’t often make it but the good will is there. I have my wall calendar in the kitchen where I write all [...]

Twins 2 years old

twins on beach

Yep, on Saturday it will be twins two years old and the old cliché ‘Hasn’t time flown by’ couldn’t be more adapt. 

I’m not sure if it’s because they are twins and there is undeniably more work involved but it does seem we don’t stop. Ever. 

I have been incredibly lucky [...]