tomato fish curry

Schwartz. Recognise that name?

I do, I’ve had their shots of flavour in-a-bottle in my cupboards since I first went shopping way back in my college days. Well, McCormick are celebrating 125 years of being in the spice trade and to mark the occasion they selected little old me along with other great food bloggers to come up with a recipe based on the Flavour Forecast trends 2014

  • Chillies Obsession
  • Modern Masala
  • Clever Compact Cooking
  • Mexican World Tour
  • Charmed by Brazil

Where to start? I am intrigued with Mexico but I need to research further, I love the idea of Brazil but again I don’t know enough so I plumped for Indian cuisine and a tomato fish curry slow cooker recipe to fit the Clever Compact Cooking remit.

schwartz spices

I used my Sage slow cooker which has the great function of allowing you to saute meaning saving of washing lots of pots and pans plus keeping all the flavours in one place.

tomato fish curry

My Indian tomato fish curry is a one pot meal served with naan breads to soak up the flavours, slurp.

In 2014, global leader McCormick, parent company of UK herbs and spices brand Schwartz is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary. The yearlong celebration kicks off with the launch of the 125th Anniversary Edition of the Flavour forecast and the Flavour of Together programme, with the goal of connecting people around the world as they share 1.25 million stories about the special role food and flavour plays in our lives, have a look on Schwartz Facebook for more details 

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The Spicery curryA couple of weeks ago Mari’s World got chosen to be one of the blogs to promote the fabulous web site and I got to trial run the Three Month Curry Kit, the brainwave of The Spicery. I was excited. For one it was food and we love our food in this house and for two, it was a chance to get to grips with making my own curry, something that I had always thought was too difficult unless it came in a jar to add to cooked chicken.

Like all of the best ideas The Spicery started in James Ransome’s spare room with £5000 of his savings and his mum stepping forward as his first customer. James is a former chef and knows that spices are so much better when they’re fresh, so The Spicery grinds and blends in small batches before sending out.

In fact I think it was the blending of spices that always put me off making my own curry, I imagined all this time that either I would blow people’s heads off or not use enough and serve up a bland curry, so I have spent all these years phoning up take aways or using Ready Made jars, which I’m not knocking as I love them too but I couldn’t help but wonder just how difficult it would be to make my own.

The Spicery have a number of different options to choose from and the more I look at them the more I am tempted to try others, now I’ve bitten the bullet and had a go at my first. Should you like to try out for yourself or give as a present the Three Month Curry Kit then each month a different meal is put together, the spices are chosen and blended and packed separately in individual bags for each step of the cooking. All neatly labeled, trust me you can’t go wrong – well unless you don’t read the labels that is.

Along with your spices you receive two cards, one with a shopping list of all the fresh ingredients you need to buy ie I had to get chicken, spinach for the saag aloo and other bits and pieces that I didn’t have in my cupboards (fresh ginger!) and then a method step by step card which if you follow correctly,  your meal will all come together at the same time. The only extra I had to prepare was my Naan breads, a few minutes in the oven sprinkled with water.

So with no further ado I give you Moghul Chicken Korma, Saag Aloo and Raisin and Rose Chutney.

The Spicery curryDid you know it is National Curry Week? It started on Sunday 9th and it’s in it’s 14th year! For readers who don’t know Ruby Murray is cockney rhyming slang for curry, an affectionate term for the delicious food most Brits like to enjoy on a regular basis, I know we do but our extent of curry till now has been pretty much a pamphlet put through the door with numbers next to each dish to make it easier to order over the phone.

We have also be known to ‘make our own’ curry using one of the delicious ready made sauces available from all the top supermarkets, adding it to some chicken cooking in the pan and serving up with naan bread, my mouth waters at the thought of it.

But how would you feel about cooking a curry from scratch?  In all honesty it scares the living daylights out of me, let’s face it I wouldn’t have a clue and I’d probably blow everyone’s heads off. That was until I was asked to review a Gift Experience for which if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone you will find it on here from driving super cars to lunch on the River  Thames for two and more, there is something for everyone but my attention was being drawn to the hobby section and in particular the Three month curry recipe kit.

It’s pure genius, a gift that continues over three months that gets you in the kitchen learning how to make a curry with easy to follow instructions and all of the spices already measured out perfectly for you and labeled in different bags. For any budding chef who adores a curry this is the perfect present and there’s also a six month curry recipe kit for hard core curry lovers.

Wish are also on Twitter where you can contact them using @WishCoUk

So my first curry has arrived (I had to choose between meat or vegetarian) and it’s a Moghul Chicken Korma with Saag Aloo, Raisin & Rose Chutney. I have a shopping list and method instructions, the heat rating is 2/5 chillies and the preparation time is 25 mins plus 45 minutes cooking time.

A new project for Challenge Mari methinks and one I welcome on board with open arms, Bring it on!

I shall be preparing my curry one day this week and I shall make a video of it too then you can see if you too would like to put on your chefs hat and see if you can do it better! Watch out for The Spicery curry to follow