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Write On Prompts – Week 1 – I have never…

She felt his hands hold her head, wrapped in her long locks as he kissed her ever so gently. He looked deep into her eyes and slowly made his way in for a second kiss, again just as gently as the [...]

The secret of the river

Sandy Balls - River Avon

Some places are for staying quiet girls.

If you listen hard enough you can hear the wings of the fairies beating. You can hear the elves singing whilst they collect acorns for the long winter ahead.

You can hear the swans chatting as they gather materials for their nests.

Watch the river how [...]

Who is Jack White?

You know it’s been a long time you’ve not been listening to music when you don’t recognise a star’s name right?

A potentially ‘ground swallow me up’ occasion if you’re a teenager but for me now it doesn’t pose any threat at all. At most a flicker of interest and if I’m really intrigued [...]

Why can’t he see what I can?

I sit here day in – day out and watch scenes play out in front of me all year long. I have noticed a lady recently, she doesn’t look happy. Her children are fretful and difficult to cope with. I see her struggling with heavy shopping bags up and down flights of stairs [...]

Ministry of Stories and Monster Supplies

So S is for Scary, Stories and Supplies today for my entry in Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe Thursday now all I need is a monster aged 8 or over…..

Have you ever heard of 826 literacy project? I hadn’t until yesterday, quite by chance via Twitter and that gives me a fourth S today Serendipity but I [...]

Creative writing Mari’s world – part four

Chapter 1.4

If you missed the last part you can go here chapter 1.3 and please remember this work has been copyrighted.

Sophie opened her eyes and wondered what had woken her up. Her bedroom was dark and silent, the only noise was Giovanni’s steady breathing next to her as he enjoyed a deep sleep. [...]

Creative writing Mari’s World – part three

If you missed the start, here’s part one and part two

Chapter 1.3

As the autumn days grew shorter and colder Sophie saw Giovanni more and more. He would pop into the shop to see her unexpectedly and take her for lunch, weekends were always booked with fun new things to do and she [...]

Creative writing Mari’s World – part two

If you missed chapter one you can find it here – Creative Writing

Book – Chapter 1.1

Her eyes darted around the bedroom taking in the massive pile of clothes strewn all over the bed, some inside out, some screwed up into a ball and others half dangling on the floor where they had [...]

NaNoWriMo – Writing

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) a month of the year where people like me finally get their act together and write the book they have been promising to do for so long. Well, I’m running late as usual and was only spurred on last week when I saw Rocky Mountain Woman looking [...]

Creative writing Mari’s World – part one

Had she known that day was to be the day she would meet her future husband she would have spent a lot more attention on her appearance. She would have tried on her entire wardrobe leaving it piled up on the bed to be put away later and she would have spent hours in [...]