Cinderella exhibition

As school broke up for the Easter holidays I changed the girls out of their uniforms and whisked them off to the cinema for a full immersion in the film Cinderella by Disney only this time played with real actors.

cinderella maid dress

Cinderella, the animated Disney film, has long been a favourite of ours, we adore Gus the mouse, we get angry with the ugly sisters and very much dislike the evil stepmother. We know the words and songs by heart and the story is engraved on our hearts forever, just as a true fairytale should be.

cinderella - lady tremaine

The latest Cinderella film directed by Kenneth Brannagh is utterly spellbinding from the very start. Set in a kingdom not too far away the beautiful child Ella is adored by her parents. Her mother sadly dies when she Ella is still a child but not before leaving her with the most important message,

Where there is kindness, there is goodness… and where there is goodness there is magic.

cinderella pumpkin

Her dad decides to remarry and Lady Tremaine, the evil stepmother and her two daughters, Anastasia and Drisella become Ella’s new family.

cinderella step sisters

When her father passes away Lady Tremaine and her daughters show their true colours and rename Ella ‘Cinderella’ giving her a very tough time but true to the fairy tale, Cinderella remains a sweet hardworking girl looking after the house and home, cooking, cleaning and mending. Fuelled by her mother’s words, Have Courage and Be Kind.

Cinderella fairy godmother

Helena Bonham Carter plays the best Fairy Godmother, the carriage is stunning and the film is peppered with humour all the way through alongside the innocence and humble lifestyle of Cinderella.

Cinderella Carriage

The film really stands out for the excellent costumes and over the Easter break the girls and I met up with one of their school friends and mum and we all went up to the Swarovski exhibition in London’s Leicester Square for a closer look at the costumes and props used in the film.

Cinderella costumes exhibition

The film’s costume designer is the Academy Award Winner Sandy Powell who allows you to walk through and follow her creative process from the initial designs to the final creations. The spectacular ball gown took my breath away and the glass slipper was enchanting.

cinderella ball gown

The solid crystal slipper features 221 facets in a crystal blue aurora borealis coating, impossible to not fall in love with it. Six versions were required to create the perfect shoe and 150 hours of design time went into the making.

cinderella glass slipper

Swarovski provided over 1.7 million cut stones to embellish the costumes of the ball gown, the Fairy Godmother’s dress and her magic wand, and the Wicked Stepmother’s glamorous arrival outfit.

cinderella Sandy Powell

Swarovski opened it’s archives and lent over 150 tiaras and jewellery pieces for the famous ball scene.

Creating a live action version of the classic fairytale gave me the freedom to channel fantasy and that ‘Once upon a time’ feel through all of the costumes. It really was a costume designer’s dream job. — Sandy Powell

Cinderella Jewellery boxIf you have a little princess in your home then you might want to take a closer look at this gem of a Disney toy made by Jakks Pacific.

Cinderella’s jewellery box is perfect for girls aged 4 – 7 years old and is the perfect bedroom accessory for all princess loving children. The Enchanted jewellery box comes with a charm bracelet and a gem heart ring to start of your collection of jewels.

On opening the lid music plays and Cinderella and the prince dance around as her gown lights up.

A pretty baby blue with pink and blue trimmings to reflect Cinders pretty colours, this jewellery box is designed to look like her pumpkin carriage with four swirls used as legs in the place of the carriage’s wheels.

When this toy came through to review I knew immediately that I would have a mini war on my hands with the twins. Cinderella is Alice’s favourite princess whereas Bessie is a Belle girl but I knew they would BOTH want the jewellery box.

I showed them the box and their eyes lit up and as guessed Alice said ‘Cinderella’ her eyes already lighting up and expecting the toy to be hers whereas Bessie started to complain loudly and tears started to form in her eyes where’s my Belle one – I’ll have to get on to Disney about that…

Luckily for me we were approaching their best friend Hannah’s 5th birthday party who is also a huge princess fan so I put an idea to them

‘Do you think Hannah would like this beautiful Cinderella jewellery box for her birthday present?’

Thankfully I got two nodding heads in return, my idea had been a hit so I let them look at the box and push the button before wrapping it up as a gift for Hannah.

If you think your little princess could be enchanted by this beautiful jewellery box then  you can find it in all major stores including Argos RRP £24.99 but I’ve already seen it reduced to £19.99 ;)