shepherd's head dress - nativity

Two shepherd’s ready for bed

You open your child’s book bag at the end of day and there it is, the school letter saying your child will be a shepherd in this year’s nativity, he/she will need plain coloured trousers/leggings (tick) a plain coloured t shirt (tick) and a head dress please all by the end of the week meaning you have a matter of days to get a head dress prepared.

What do you do?

You go online and Google the words ‘shepherd’s head dress and hopefully my post will come up and you can take an enormous sigh of relief because trust me, this is the easiest shepherd’s head dress to make. You will feel just like Coco Chanel felt at the first viewing of her new collections as you watch your child act the perfect shepherd on stage and even though not a starring role it’s clear he/she made the performance.

How to make a shepherd’s head dress

You will need:

1 pillowcase
a pair of scissors
a ruler/tape measure/good eye

I went to Primark and bought a pair of beige pillowcases for £1.90. I have twins, their outfits cost me £1.90.

shepherd's head dress

I cut up one side of the pillowcase and opened the material on the floor, I cut it to 60 cms x 90 cms and tidied up down the edges.

shepherd's head dress

On one of the 90cms sides cut a parallel strip 25cms long on each side 4 cms in – these strips will form your band to tie the head dress on to your child.

shepherd's head dress

Place the centre of the material of the longer cut side (90 cms) on the forehead of your child

shepherd's head dress

Wrap the strips to the back of the head and tie securely in place

shepherd's head dress

Voila’! Job done mate, pour yourself a glass of wine and embrace your new status of clothes designer

shepherd headdress

What a silly question Brit Mums! Even my three year old twins are wise to the fact that the Big Man is coming with presents for them. Here’s how they answered your question

This is the first Christmas that they are really aware of something happening which makes it all so much more fun for me because I love reading them the Usborne Christmas Story and talking to them about Father Christmas, mind you they’re not quite the 6 year olds who get so excited they feel ill or can’t sleep at night, nor are they asking me every day if it’s Christmas thank goodness, that’s all still to come.

This will be their 4th Christmas and on their 1st Christmas I started a new tradition where I buy them a Christmas tree decoration every year so when they leave home they’ll have enough to decorate their own tree and each bauble will have it’s history. Here are their first four placed in a line from left First Christmas when they were 5 months to the most recent, the knitted heart which is adorable, I love choosing them and of course they have brought home another 2/3 each handmade ones (which I am going to keep if I can)

We have already had a family get together with a swapping of presents, the girls were presented with these

and they burst into tears saying ‘No, that’s not mine, that’s Daddy’s’

Now I would have burst into tears too being presented with something – ANYTHING from Stella McCartney’s gorgeous range but my tears would have been of joy whereas their tears were for the fact – It wasn’t shiny Christmas paper!

Back in October Paul and I did a bit of digging with the girls to see what they’d like for Christmas (Daddy wants to give them their first bikes) anyway they both said bikes with pink ‘hats’ meaning bike helmets so off Daddy went chuffed to pieces that his little darlings had chosen what he’d been training them for all summer.

Then they started preschool and met Hannah – ‘my best friend’ for both of them. Now Hannah has a pink scooter and a pink hat (helmet) so they changed their mind and will not be budged. See Alice in the video above. I am going to have to video them opening their presents to catch their joy/disappointment on Christmas morning.

How on earth do I wrap bikes up? We’ve taken them out of their boxes and constructed them and I have bought handlebar tassels in jazzy twinkly purple but how do I wrap them?

Lastly I’d like to show you an ingenius ‘gigetto’ as the Italians say for a small friendly gadget that could be the perfect stocking filler, I was sent this to review and I showed it to the family on Saturday asking them, ‘Would you like to find this in your stocking?’

the response was – What is it?

It took a while to work it out but Jean was very impressed with the twist and turn mechanism, Dom laughed which is always a good sign for a stocking filler and played with it a bit but apparently he’s got a super-duper keyboard that doesn’t need brushing.

It’s fun and can be found on Ideas By Net along with many other cool ideas – go check them out

Yule log

Should have sprinkled a little icing sugar on for snow!

It’s not completely Christmas for me if there’s not a slice of Chocolate log in the house and this year I was determined to try and make one of my own. There are thousands of recipes out there, some with chestnuts or marron glace, some with alcohol and versions upon versions of Yule logs but I have gone for the simplest.

It’s VERY easy and only takes 10-12 mins in the oven the longest bit is waiting for it to cool so you can cover it in chocolate butter icing but I learnt my lesson after the biscuits and only called on the girls to ‘help’ once I was at the icing stage ;)

Video instructions at the bottom to see exactly how easy it is :)

Christmas Chocolate Log recipe – serves 8



50g butter
100g caster sugar
2 medium eggs
100g self raising flour
1 tbsp cocoa powder
1 tbsp hot water


75g butter
150g icing sugar
2 tbsps cocoa powder
skimmed milk to blend
1/4 tsp orange extract


  1. Preheat the oven to 200C (180C gas mark 6)
  2. Line a 30 x 20 Swiss roll tin with baking paper and brush with melted butter.
  3. Place all the sponge ingredients in a bowl and beat until smooth.
  4. Pour the mixture into the lined tin and make sure it’s even, bake in the oven for 10 – 12 minutes
  5. Sprinkle some icing sugar onto a sheet of greaseproof paper, carefully turn the sponge onto it and remove the tin’s paper lining
  6. Tidy up the edges with a sharp knife then using the greaseproof paper gently roll the cake so the paper is inside the sponge
  7. Leave to cool on a wire rack
  8. Place all the icing ingredients in a bowl and beat until smooth.
  9. Gently unroll the sponge, spread half of the icing on top and roll up without the paper inside! ;)
  10. Cover the log with the rest of the icing sugar and make a bark texture with a fork
My own little touch which isn’t compulsory but if you’re as big a fan as me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange then I’d thoroughly recommend it – is to add a little Valencian Orange Extract to the icing, if I’d thought about it I could have even decorated with slices of Terry’s Orange but instead used Dr Oetker’s Chocolate stars.

I’m joining in with English Mum’s Christmas Bake Off

We Should Cocoa challenge over at Chocolate Log Blog

and Tea Time Treats over at What Kate Baked

Not long now and I am so thankful that most of my Christmas preparations are done leaving me time to spend with the girls for all the fun bits. We have received our first ever hand made Christmas cards from the girls, aren’t they gorgeous? I shall be keeping hold of these forever.

Thankfully all the SIL’s sent out their children’s Christmas lists back in November giving me ample time to hit Amazon and get most of it delivered to the door. Just a couple of trips to Bluewater were needed and I think I’ll have to do one more trip on Wednesday when we take the girls to see Santa in his grotto. Which leads me on to tell you that they BOTH burst into tears on Thursday at the preschool Christmas party when Santa entered ‘Ho ho ho!’ It took me quite a while to calm them both down and they refused to go over and collect their presents or have their photo taken with him so I may not get a cute Santa photo this year! …unless of course I take the opportunity and have one done with me ;)

Advent calendar is up and each day we have a task to do like the Christmas Biscuits for example. Today (Saturday) I’m making a chocolate log, my plan is to vlog it but my hair is a mess – shall I shan’t I? PS. The girl’s helped decorate with the stars – recipe (super easy) to follow this week.

Christmas Tree‘s up and I’m amazed that it’s still intact – remember last year? There have been a few additions coming home from preschool which are what make the tree in my eyes. Thank you preschool you really are the best!

I haven’t got my turkey yet but I most likely will this week and put it in the freezer. I have been collecting various items each time I shop and yes the chocolates have been opened. Of course! Have you tried the Twisters in the Heros box? OMG …Mini Cream Eggs – delicious!

I received some Dylon Fabric paints from Bottle PR and we invited Sophie round to share the fun – (I must buy one of those plastic covers for the table as it did get marked with glitter) but look at Sophie’s picture isn’t she clever?

I have written and posted my cards that needed to go abroad and tonight I shall start on the rest and hopefully have them done by Monday and I shall also start wrapping tonight and start clearing out my spare room that looks like a toy warehouse right now.

I’m missing my Megan more than ever especially after today’s phone call where she’s in tears because she’s missing me too – please universe get us together soon, we need it. Love you Megz xxx

Menu for Christmas Day

Roast Turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing balls, roast potatoes, glazed carrots, brussels with pancetta, red cabbage and gravy – why do I feel as if I’ve forgotten something? Oh! Domestic Goddessque made me some Mulled cranberry Sauce – look

Christmas pudding with Brandy butter, cream or custard

I really fancy treating myself us to a box of delicious chocs from M&S for after dinner.

Planned afternoon film on Christmas Day – The Lion King DVD with mince pies and a glass of champagne – Live it UP!

Oh and my last thought is Crikey! I haven’t got Paul a present yet so I’d best go and sort that out NOW! How about you? How are your Crimbo plans coming on?

I added my post to the Brit Mums Seasonal blog hop head over for plenty more Christmas spirit

Alice and Bessie help decorate the tree


My favourite decoration souvenir from Disneyworld Florida