When I imagined buying my wedding dress I automatically thought of my mother smiling on and nodding her head in approval or shaking her head with every wrong choice I made. I knew that having her there would mean I would come home with the perfect dress for me; after all the bride’s dress is an enormous part of the Big Day.

Jay Mountford - photographer

This is the lady I have chosen to be my photographer in her wedding dress! Photo credit Adrian Jones Photography

I also knew deep in my heart that my dress was not going to be high end budget. We are a a family now with so many outgoings that our priorities have changed. I cannot and will not spend the cost of a three week August holiday on a dress I am going to wear only one day. Fortunately the Great British High Street is the best in the world and we are spoilt for choice with dresses on offer, Monsoon, BHS, Phase Eight all have superb wedding dresses perfect for the occasion.

In fact I will admit to ‘popping in’ to these shops on various occasions to have a look at what’s on offer.

But it was the other day that I checked the rails and fell in love, instant pure love with the most beautiful dress. Just one problem I had two little people hanging on each arm moaning they were tired, bored and hungry – not the best combination for trying on wedding dresses.

I spoke to the assistant with a beautiful French accent and told her it was my dress but not the right time to try it on and begrudgingly I had to leave the shop and pray no one went in and bought my dress.

I went back a few days later, Other Half had taken a day off and I explained the importance of the occasion, I may have thrown in a 50% discount to make it even more essential that I visit that shop TODAY and I left him to take the girls for an ice-cream nearby whilst I spent some valuable Me time and tried on The Dress.

I entered the shop with an alarm clock in my head knowing he was waiting with the girls for me to return. I spoke to the assistant who recognised me and told her I had a very short amount of time available. She whipped down the dress and accompanied me to a dressing room, a small one as the other two were occupied by giggling girls trying on bridesmaids dresses.

Inside on my own I stripped and winced at the sight of myself in the enormous mirror, my passion of wine and chocolate clearly evident for all to see. I pulled on the dress and couldn’t to do the zip up!

Shit, It’s too small.

The French assistant sails by and zips me up ‘See, it fits.’ She says although I struggle to breath. She takes me out of the dressing room asks me to stand on a box and look in a mirror.

‘How will you be wearing your hair?’

How the hell do I know? ‘Up’ I say guessing.

She passes me a clip and I study myself in the unforgiving mirror.

It is so pretty, I love it but is it ok? Is it me or do I look an idiot in it?

I have no one to ask, no one to advise so I ask the giggling bridesmaid’s mum who is there.

‘It’s beautiful she says.’ but she would say that wouldn’t she? How would a stranger say ‘No love, not for you.’?

I point at my extruding tummy.

‘Spanx.’ she replies and then she shuffles her bridesmaids out of the shop quickly telling the assistant ‘ It’s not till 2014 anyway’

Ok I’ll take it.’ I say.

I buy it and as I walk away from the shop I am filled with doubt, every step increasing the insecurity until by the time I reach Other Half and my girls I am quite uncertain of the purchase I have just made.

If only I could try it on and get your TRUE opinion but can you give a true opinion or do you give the one that is wanted to be heard?

If I had taken you along would you have been able to advise me properly?

Image kindly lent by Jay Mountford who will be our wedding photographer and making very special memories of our day, nip over and see her work it’s amazing more to come on her very soon. Photo credit goes to Adrian Jones photography