Snowman 2012 DVD 3D Have you seen The Snowman?

It’s a classic Christmas story written and sketched by Raymond Briggs and this year it celebrates it’s 30th anniversary.

Universal sent us a copy to watch and on Sunday when the weather was freezing outside and the day was dark and grey, the four of us jumped onto the sofa and sat down to watch this lovely animation, the perfect film for the perfect day.

The first thing I remembered was there are no words but this didn’t affect the girls who sat gripped watching the drawings come to life. It is illustrated so well it doesn’t need words and the music composed by Howard Blake playing underneath is soothing and perfect on the ears. The only exception of accompanying words being the beautiful Walking in the Air song and theme tune.

Channel 4 has transmitted the Oscar nominated The Snowman every year enchanting generations of children and in celebration of the 30th anniversary this year Channel 4 will be scheduling the brand new sequel to the classic, The Snowman and The Snowdog, so be ready for the magic to capture your heart all over again.

As of the 5th November you can buy a the 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-Ray and DVD

You may recall recently I wrote about the fabulous gift I received from Warner Bros for Valentine’s Day? I’m still working my way through the DVD’s and I can’t wait to watch Midnight in Paris which incidentally won the Writing (Original Screenplay) Oscar and The Lake House on Saturday night when Other Half is out on a lad’s night out.

I also mentioned on my Facebook page another Warner Bros package that we received, a Half Term Bundle put together to help busy mums get through the week and thank goodness I was on their books as both the twins and then I went down with a nasty virus that knocked us all out for days.

At times like that only a DVD will come to the rescue and our Half Term package included two volumes of Scooby Doo plus a Bumper Box of Toons which contains all of my favourites, Tom and Jerry, Speedy Gonzales, Bugs Bunny (I loved that bunny!) and Wile E Coyote.

I was a bit dubious at letting the girls watch the Scooby Doo – Mystery Incorporated volumes as I had heard of children older than them being quite frightened by the scatty dog and his mate Shaggy, my girls are real scare-dy cats but they loved it and there wasn’t a peep out of the pair of them for the entire two volumes back to back.

Their bundle came with Malteasers too and some Scooby snacks including some really cool gelatine ghosts which Alice devoured in one sitting. In fact you can’t see them in the photo as she got there before me :) There was a fabulous Scooby activity book which is a little too old for them but great for me and even some Scooby Doo putty!

Of course if you are an 80’s soul like myself you might like to treat yourself to a Bumper Box of Toons and enjoy over and over Road Runner, Daffy Duck and Tweety Pie, 10 classic DVD’s in all that I for one will never tire of watching and off the top of my head I can think of at least 4 adults who would really enjoy the Bumper Toon box too.

I’m rubbish at drawing but I found this How To Sketch Scooby on You Tube, if you’d like to learn how to draw him this short video is perfect

Happy days, thanks once again Warner Bros for a fantastic present.