Did your dad ever take you to his workplace when you were small? My dad did, I can’t remember why or even where for that matter but I remember when he took me and my brother into his office and that memory became something more than just spending time with dad, it gave me somewhere to ‘place’ him when he wasn’t at home. I suddenly knew what the ‘office’ and ‘work’ were.

HSBC visitors

I discovered he worked with other people sitting at desks with telephones.There was a friendly secretary who found us paper and coloured pens to keep us still whilst dad ‘worked’. A colleague of dad’s found us some plastic cups with water and we felt very famous for that short period of time basking in the wonderful compliments ‘Oh don’t they look like you Denis?’ ‘What gorgeous well behaved children you have Denis.’

There were no computers in those days. Dad had a briefcase which was very important and although never said we knew it was off bounds. Which of course made it even more desirable to know what was in it, a secret bag with locks on the outside and pockets on the inside.

HSBC wall of history

It was an immediate attention grabber when you heard the click of the locks unfastened.

We drove up to London on Saturday to see the Lion King and Paul had been able to get a pass to park the car at work whilst we were at theatre so using the opportunity daddy showed his girls where he worked too.

I could see they were in awe of the 45 floor building and very excited to be able to see where daddy worked.

HSBC canary wharf london

We took the lift up to floor 34 where the staff canteen is housed and as the building is one big sheet of glass we were able to admire the views of London from all four sides. An amazing view over the Thames with the London Eye and Big Ben in the distance to one side, the Olympic stadium from the next and Barclays bank to the third.

HSBC london views

Last weekend Bessie had brought home Number Puppy 8 and we were so lucky to be able to take him to the bank where numbers are in use all day every day, we found lots of grey (number puppy 8’s colour) as Canada Square is constructed in steele, glass and concrete the materials you associate with power, finance and world economy but we couldn’t find any octagons.

HSBC daddy's office

All in all a very special day, I wonder if the girls will remember it for many years to come just like I do?