Camp Bestival Lulworth Castle

It wasn’t that long ago that we found out we too were official bloggers for Camp Bestival, we were very excited as dad and my last festival was back in 2006, we had knocked them on the head when the twins arrived and didn’t think any more of it. As we were to discover this is an excellent family festival where there is a lot of fun to be had and lifelong memories to be made.

The Weekes family Camp Bestival 2014


Camp Bestival is held in the rolling hills of Dorset in the beautiful surrounds of Lulworth Castle and the very best thing about this long weekender is children are actively encouraged to be part of the party. Children of all ages, from newborns to teens there is something for everyone.

I will be honest that as excited as we were we had no idea what to expect and that can be a little daunting when you’re away with the children because everyone knows

Camp Bestival – The Greatest Show On Earth At A Campsite By The Sea


The Feast Collective - Camp Bestival 2014

Paul and I were asked to review the massive and delicious food tent otherwise known as The Feast Collective whilst we were at Camp Bestival, we were over the moon with joy and there were a whole range of new names for us to savour, here’s our thoughts in the order we ate them.

Poco – Seasonal tapas

Poco seasonal tapas

I headed over to the Poco stand as I know my Paul loves tapas. The sight alone of the stand was enough to get your mouth watering, enormous paella like pans were on the go filled with a tomato sauce and other ingredients simmering gently in the background ready to go.

I presented my two tickets and asked them to surprise me and I came away with a chorizo and egg on sourdough and a aubergine on sourdough.

Poco seasonal tapas

They were delicious and I would have easily returned there another time but we had work to do and a lot of stalls to get around.

Editor’s note: The meal I was given was an ample portion, quite sufficient but I’m not sure my girls would have eaten it. Also Tom Hunt the eco chef behind Pocos was celebrating his tenth anniversary of being in business and a new book out The Natural Cook Book reviving our culinary heritage and reducing food waste.

poco seasonal tapas


Brilliant stall, great music thumping and freshly slow -low cooked burgers on the go in enormous drums out the back tended by some very cheerful staff indeed (see below). Paul ordered two cheeseburgers for the girls and they were both devoured completely (much to dad’s disappointment who was hoping to finish some off) 

DJ BBQ Camp Bestival

Editor’s note: Christian Stevenson grew up in American south and brought his artisan tradition of fire cooked meat with him. He also was The Feast Collective’s resident DJ and the music was amazing. I believe he’s the guy in the tight body suit above :)

DJ BBQ burgers

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

Helen McGinn, author of the blog and book The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club now out in paperback was present with her stall of incredibly interesting wines and I was lucky enough to attend her wine tasting. We sipped through 6 different wines starting with prosecco and champagne. Here is her tent and crowd.

Knackered Mother's Wine Club

The beauty of Helen’s blog is she gives top tips on where to find the very best wines at the vey best prices, subscribe and never miss out again! Penny from A Residence has captured Helen’s Camp Bestival wine tasting beautifully here 

Knackered Mother's Wine Club audience

The Cake Shop Bakery

Who can say no to a slice of cake? This couple, David and Lindsay Wright beat over 60 bakeries to claim the title of Best Bakery in the UK. I enjoyed a delicious slice of their Root Cake and another or their Ginger cake, not at the same time I hasten to add. Both delicious. I can see why they were winners.

the cake bakery shop

Rola Wala

This was a really interesting stall owned by Mark Wright who puts a British twist on traditional food from Calcutta, Bombay and Kernal. Here is me right after Knackered Mother’s wine tasting in need of some good soaking up. My wrap was delicious and held surprising crunchy bites along with tasty meat and vegetables. Epic Indian street food.

Rola Wola wrap

Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen

zoe's ghana kitchen

Yum, yum double yum! My mouth was watering as I stood in the queue at Zoe’s, with the meat sizzling behind on a grill and bowls of delicious food in front, tummy rumbling sights for sure. I tried plantain for the first time and yes it is a bit like banana. The whole meal was utterly scrumptious and quite possibly one of my favourites of the whole weekend.

zoe's ghana kitchen

Editor’s note: would have been too spicy for my girls

zoe's ghana kitchen



This is a mix of Asian street food via Dorset – home of Camp Bestival.

I was served a taste of three different dumplings one cheese, one pork and one salted whiting, the girls loved them. The dumplings were served on some exquisite salads worth taking note of for future inspiration.


Also Winners of Britain’s Best Street Food this year

dorshi meal


girls eating Dorshi


Dad visited this stall as we had the tickets leftover and wanted to do the job properly, he returned with some super tasty morsels of meat rolled in breadcrumbs and spice and then deep fried served on a bed of salad. I know I was busting at the seams but it had to be done and boy was it good.


The Feast Collective

The greatest thing about this area, and there was a lot more that I didn’t get to visit, was all the activities (free) laid out for the kids to enjoy! Hula hoops, tons of them, arches to run under, and games for so many. It allowed the parents to sit and enjoy their meals whilst the young ones played happily in the sunshine.

The Feast collective

Needless to say after that we needed a good walk and Camp Bestival is the perfect walking/strolling ground as there is so much going on

Surplus Supper Club

This was where we sat and ate our Sunday roast, in a colourful tent with a beautifully laid table and a caraf of organic wine to share. The thing I love most about the Surplus Supper Club is the ethics behind it. FareShare South West the award winning charity, are the Greatest Upcyclers on Earth, they collect some of the four million tonnes of good quality food that the UK food industry throws away every year. The reason behind throwing away this enormous quantity of food is ‘promotions out of date or over ordering. 

The surplus Supper club

They then create the most ethical catering possible. Much of the food is redistributed to organisations working with vulnerable people and then some is used for creating magical events of all shapes and sizes using perfectly good ingredients.

There are four million people in the UK living in food poverty, this is one way of helping them as all the funds from any meal bought from Surplus Supper Club are all ploughed back to where it is most needed.

surplus supper club

Look out for them at Bestival and Shambala, Big Green Week and Bristol Food Connections, we thoroughly enjoyed our sit down meal.

Tickets for 2015

Early Bird tickets for Camp Bestival 2015 go on sale Friday 8th August 2014, and there is a payment plan, so catch them while you can! 

Disclosure: We were given tickets to Camp Bestival and food vouchers for the purpose of this post, the preview and another on it’s way soon about our experience as newbies – watch out for it


camp bestival

Just when we thought we had our summer set and ready to go along came an invitation to visit and review Camp Bestival 2014.

Paul and I last went to a festival in 2007, it was V Festival and it was brilliant but it was most certainly not the place to take young children along. How could Camp Bestival be any different?

Camp Bestival line up

Well we’ve been looking at the line up, lots of names that I don’t recognise but some I do like Basement Jaxx, Sinead O’ Connor and Sophie Ellis Bextor. It’s made me realise that since the arrival of the twins music has made a quiet departure from my life and it’s time to do something about that, Camp Bestival 2014 will be my step back onto the music circuits.

Here’s a screen shot of some of the live acts

camp bestival line up 2014

How to keep the kids amused at Camp Bestival

Now this may be too good to be true and we may find ourselves in this part of the Bestival all the time as there is so much going on and it’s all good. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50th birthday takeover, Horrible Histories, Mr Tumble, Ben and Holly, jousting (I really want to see this) Albert’s Travelling Circus and Hugless Douglas, one of our favourite books.

And that’s only scratching the surface, check out the full list here

Another great initiative this year comes from the National Trust as they are bringing along their 50 Things To do Before You’re 11 3/4 project a fabulous way to get the kids involved in nature and discovering the natural world.

There are ballet workshops, Beard and Moustache competition, dressing up, face painting, a science tent, a LEGO building factory and so much more.


Feast Collective

This is possibly my favourite part and the part I’ve been particularly asked to review much to the delight of Hungry Husband. The Feast Collective is Camp Bestival’s brand new Food Lover’s haven and trust me we will be there.

I shall be popping in frequently to say hello to Helen McGinn in her Knackered Mother’s Wine Parlour, she’d be angry with me if I didn’t say hello.

I am intrigued with the Crayfish Bob stall as Hungry Husband has always wanted to take me to New Orleans and this is all Louisiana based.

Then there’s SMOKESTAK direct from Texas that is a must, I know for sure that HH will want to try this delight.

So much more: the WI Tea Tent, The Cake Shop Bakery, Rola Wala (looks scrumptious) Martin Morales with his Don Ceviche, Korrito from Korea, a vintage Roma van where Josie da Bank serves her Jam Jar cocktails anyone for a lemon and thyme vodka? Or would you prefer a Rhubarb Martini? Yum Yum.

Can you see why I am getting excited? Music, excellent food and kids entertainment. We’ll be taking our caravan down but if you’re not the camping sort then check out the gypsy caravans or the wigwams to hire, simply FABULOUS.

Lulworth Castle get ready because Dorset here we come. If you’re intrigued, here are the highlights from 2013 below.