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It was bound to happen, wasn’t it?

In fact, husband went as far as to say to Bessie, as she stepped on the coach to leave with the Year 4 group Kingswood Camp bound, ‘Pick your jacket up! You’re going to lose it if you’re not careful!’

Yes, you already know where this is going, don’t you? One school trip later and one lost jacket.

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The teacher looked me as if I was dumb when I said, ‘It’s brand new.’ As we were specifically told not to send them with anything new. Do jackets count? Their old jackets have been around for two years and are looking very much the worse for wear. Husband, who delighted in reminding me told me, ‘Send them with their old coats.’ as I was packing and sorting out all of their kit. Did I listen? Of course not!

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Blacks had sent these perfect Berghaus jackets to review. They were waterproof, had removable fleeces on the inside, looked very smart and would be perfect for the weather at this time of year. The programme at Kingswood is fantastic, building dens, climbing high, zip wires and a lot of activity. They would be the perfect jackets to wear, fit for all weather and tough.

We had even tried them out on a visit to the coast a couple of weekends ago and decided they were fabulous.

Now we only have one and I am writing emails, contacting via Facebook and disturbing the teachers via email too to see if I have any luck getting it back, after all, it’s a really good coat and like all mums, I bought it big so it would last a year or two.

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Blacks really have some great gear for kids for all weathers and all seasons. I must remember to thank them for the black waterproof trousers that were sent through as they did return, covered in mud but that’s what they were for. With elasticated waistbands that are easy to pull over jeans or leggings, they came in very handy on rainy days.

I do apologise if this post is shorter than usual but I really do want to find that jacket, you would too if you had one. So I’m going to start phoning and emailing until I am sure that nobody has the jacket. Wish me luck!

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Disclosure: We were sent two jackets for the girls to review and some waterproof trousers from Blacks, I really do like them and I’d love to find the lost one. All opinions are my own. You can find them on the following social channels too.

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Did you know? According to ancient folklore if there are lots of berries on bushes in the autumn, it is likely to be a cold winter.

Have you seen how many berries are on the bushes this year? Hundreds of them, thousands even. Bushes are groaning under the weight of the super crop this year. We all need to wrap up warm this winter.

I walk the twins to school so, if it’s raining I want a coat that will keep me dry, if it’s cold I want a coat that will keep me warm and on top of that I want to look stylish too as now, three days a week, I hop into my car after dropping the kids off and go to work, so looks matter more these days.

Blacks, One of Britain’s best outdoor wear companies is collaborating with Sprayway, let me tell you a little bit about Sprayway because it’s really interesting and the kind of story that makes me proud to be British.

Sprayway history

sprayway postcards

Think 1974, think the Manchester area and think two competitive dinghy sailing enthusiasts. They quickly realise that the high quality performance clothing they want and need will have to be made by them as there is nothing on the market that is suitable.

In 1980 they supplied the kit for the pioneering expedition Everest attempt by Doug Scott, Pete Boardman and John Tasker

1982 saw the brand launch its first GORE-TEX jacket and a year later it became the first to machine tape non-GORE-TEX waterproof clothing, christened the Hydro-dry range.

1995 they supplied the kit to Alison Hargreaves who became the first woman to climb Everest along without oxygen tanks.

In 2001, they supplied the kit to Keiron Machenzie who climbed Everest via the North Ridge

Not just Everest

I told you it was a cool story didn’t I? Well now Sprayway have partnered with Blacks to create an exclusive range for this season, They asked me to review one from the range and give my honest opinion, I took a look at the Blacks Sprayway range online and decided on the navy blue parka to see me through the winter.

In fact I was able to wear it recently when the family came over from Italy and I nipped into the garden to pick the apples off the tree with Evan my grandson. Sadly the apples were very small this year and not the best crop but we had fun picking them and they tasted sweet too.

sprayway parka picking apples

Since they returned to Italy the weather has turned colder and I am now wearing my parka daily on the school run which then turns into walking the dog once the girls are through the gate. I can report that it is very comfortable and has lots of pockets, which is great as I no longer need to take a bag with me, I have phone and keys in one pocket, ‘pooh bags’ and ‘good Boy treats in another pocket.

So far it has kept me warm and dry and I’m looking forward to putting the Sprayway coat through it’s paces as the weather gets harsher.

Although a smart casual coat, I find it’s totally acceptable to wear into the office too.

This parka costs £130 and if you take a look at it online you might think, like I did before a closer look, that it’s Nicole Scherzinger modelling it. Mind you there’s something about the model that reminds me of her, what do you think?

Husband: Whilst you’re on Blacks, take a look at walking boots for me, I need a new pair.

sprayway parka hood

Disclosure: I was sent the Sprayway parka shown above for the purpose of this reveiw, all opinions are my own.