#Supportafriend – Refuge and Avon #1in4women campaign video

Watch this video and click on your own unanswered answers and then share as far and wide as you can to stop domestic abuse. Click on the buttons above the post for easy sharing – thank you

Chances are someone around you is suffering but can’t talk to anyone. I’m very lucky this [...]

#supportafriend as Part of Avon’s and Refuge’s Domestic Violence Campaign

Tomorrow, 14th November, Avon UK and national domestic violence charity Refuge will launch a ground-breaking, interactive video campaign to encourage people to recognise the signs of domestic violence and learn more about how they can support friends or loved ones who might be experiencing domestic violence.

The “Support a Friend” campaign is the latest [...]

Avon, Women’s Aid and Give As You Live

Avon and women's Aid Empowering Women Awards

You may remember a while back I blogged about Avon’s Empowering necklace which you can buy for only £3.50 and Avon will donate all proceeds to their Domestic Violence charities. It’s really very pretty.

One in four women suffer from domestic violence in their lifetime and two women are killed each week by a violent [...]

Pass It On Campaign – International Woman’s Day 8th March

I have been celebrating International Woman’s Day since my first year in Italy (1987) where I first learnt about it. One day in the year when women are praised and appreciated for all they do for their families, for the community and for the world in general. We’re a good bunch us girls and when we decide to do something there’s no stopping us, or the lengths we will go to, to achieve our goal. Last year I took on the Proctor and Gamble 1930′s Housewife challenge which was immense fun and totally exhausting thank goodness for progress!

This year Avon contacted me about their Pass It On Campaign and invited me to back Alesha Dixon in her mission to raise awareness of the Domestic Violence charities I didn’t need to think twice.

If there’s one thing I have always struggled to understand it’s men who beat up their women and I go on to be confused as to why these women feel so loyal they don’t talk about it. I can’t understand why they choose to accept the abuse rather than move out but I guess until you find yourself in such a position yourself you cannot understand the dynamics of these precarious relationships. Continue reading Pass It On Campaign – International Woman’s Day 8th March