When we first viewed the house it was obvious where we would need to spend time and money to make the place reflect us as a family, we bought on the understanding that one day my husband would allow me to knock down walls and move the kitchen allowing a beautiful view onto the garden from the main living room.

In fact last summer he offered me the possibility of my dream kitchen… or a wedding. I couldn’t have both, so we got married. Project shelved for another few years whilst we save up again!

However on first view there was a fabulous oven in the kitchen, a 90cm one that stood under the same sized hood and I thought, ‘Yep, I can live with that.’

Can you imagine my disappointment days before moving, in I noticed they’d taken the oven with them?

In a quick frenzy we managed to get the 60cm oven from the house we moved out of and would ‘make do’ for now.

That was three years ago. The oven has worked well but was an eyesight with the bins shoved down the side.

When Argos asked me to review a piece from their white goods range, I leapt at the chance of a new oven and here ladies and gentlemen it is – Ta-Dah!

oven Argos

What do you think? I’ve still got to take the stickers off but it’s a massive improvement esthetically isn’t it, but how does it perform?

Well, very well indeed, I have roasted a chicken – I served it with home made coleslaw and new potatoes coated with a mustard and mayonnaise coating.

I baked a cake with yoghurt and raspberries that was really quite something and husband has used the grill for an All Day Breakfast one weekend. He was impressed with the grill but said the pan is VERY large and may have been better designed smaller so less heavy and more functional. Luckily I kept the smaller pan from the old oven.

On a side note, I had to put my old but perfectly functional old oven out for the iron man as British Heart Foundation couldn’t take it as it has windows in the door! Such a shame as it worked very well indeed.

On another side note, I had to get a plumber in to connect it all up and that cost £80 an expense worth taking into consideration when buying a new oven.

Oh and another side note, a huge thank you to the Argos delivery men who were punctual, incredibly helpful and on a very tight schedule, they told me not only had they been sworn at by customers that day but had another 15 drops to complete and it was already 16.30. Good on you guys and well done for an excellent service.

Now I just have to keep on top of the oven cleaning. I wish it would stay looking like that forever don’t you?

oven Bush Argos

Disclosure: Argos asked me to choose an oven to review from their range in return for this post, this BUSH one was in the sale and reduced from £499 to £349. We love it but could do with a smaller grill pan. Thank you Argos!

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29th June – Saturday

Robbie Williams Wembley 2013

Along with three school mums we made our way up to Wembley for the Robbie Williams Take the Crown tour, we had a great night out, I have a post and video to come. What did I think? Over priced drinks (£7.50 for a Pimms), staff shortchanging me wasn’t good, when I pointed it out the lad disappeared ….Robbie, as carismatic as ever but was there really need to belt out your new song ‘Go f*@k yourself’, I may be getting old but once I’d heard that I lost interest I’m afraid. Lots of parents had bought their kids along thinking it would be a family friendly show and at £75 a ticket they forked out big monies. I’m not sure they were so pleased with Rob’s outburst either.

30th June – Sunday

westgate on sea

Day spent at the beach with sunshine, they made sandcastles, they went in the sea, they tried out the new dinghy and we took them from the car to their beds so exhausted were they when we arrived home. Beautiful family day.

1st July – Monday

headteachers award

Oh how my heart beat proudly as I pulled Alice’s certificate out of her book bag, of course Bessie wants one now too and has been practising hard all week the tricky words with her dad. Bless her I hope she gets one but if she doesn’t then I’ll tell her maybe next year will be her turn ;)

2nd July – Tuesday

christmas in july toy fair

I was invited by UKmumsTV to judge the best toys for Christmas 2013, I took my job very seriously as you can see, I chose my top ten and there are some fabulous gifts on offer this year, really interesting, a post to follow this week with my faves ;)

3rd July – Wednesday

flower pot in garden

Possibly the only flower pot in the garden doing so well, a couple look very sad but this one is a beauty, just a shame the light that day wasn’t great.

4th July – Thursday

oven Argos

And a dream came true thanks to Argos who contacted me a while back asking me to review a product from their White Goods selection. We have desperately needed a new oven since we moved in so we grabbed the chance. The first thing I cooked was pasta for the girls on the hob (seems a perfect start to me) and secondly frozen fish and chips in the oven on Friday night when Mum and Grandad returned from their two month stint in Sardegna – easy meal. BUT I have a fabulous combi recipe for you which I used whilst waiting for the new one to be plumbed in, sitting on the top are my turkey puffs, recipe to follow.

5th July – Friday

tesco christmas in july 2013 styling

I spent the morning at The Westbury hotel in Londonlooking at the Tesco Christmas in July range and I could have bought a ton of stuff, I am not kidding. Another post to follow, boy am I going to be busy this week! What really caught my eye were the houses made out of Tesco biscuits by the stylists to create such an enchanting effect. The styling was very rustic, homely and totally wowed me, like I said great post to follow but here’s two other ideas that caught my eye, jam jars used to serve lemonade and flowers displayed in a covered tin.

jam jar glasses

tesco flowers

Have a great week all, there should be plenty of sunshine, more Christmas in July and lots of family moments as we wind down at the end of the school year

Mari xx

the story of toys infographic

Cinderella Jewellery boxIf you have a little princess in your home then you might want to take a closer look at this gem of a Disney toy made by Jakks Pacific.

Cinderella’s jewellery box is perfect for girls aged 4 – 7 years old and is the perfect bedroom accessory for all princess loving children. The Enchanted jewellery box comes with a charm bracelet and a gem heart ring to start of your collection of jewels.

On opening the lid music plays and Cinderella and the prince dance around as her gown lights up.

A pretty baby blue with pink and blue trimmings to reflect Cinders pretty colours, this jewellery box is designed to look like her pumpkin carriage with four swirls used as legs in the place of the carriage’s wheels.

When this toy came through to review I knew immediately that I would have a mini war on my hands with the twins. Cinderella is Alice’s favourite princess whereas Bessie is a Belle girl but I knew they would BOTH want the jewellery box.

I showed them the box and their eyes lit up and as guessed Alice said ‘Cinderella’ her eyes already lighting up and expecting the toy to be hers whereas Bessie started to complain loudly and tears started to form in her eyes where’s my Belle one – I’ll have to get on to Disney about that…

Luckily for me we were approaching their best friend Hannah’s 5th birthday party who is also a huge princess fan so I put an idea to them

‘Do you think Hannah would like this beautiful Cinderella jewellery box for her birthday present?’

Thankfully I got two nodding heads in return, my idea had been a hit so I let them look at the box and push the button before wrapping it up as a gift for Hannah.

If you think your little princess could be enchanted by this beautiful jewellery box then  you can find it in all major stores including Argos RRP £24.99 but I’ve already seen it reduced to £19.99 ;)