The Hope Factory – Lavanya Sankaran

The Hope Factory - Lavanya Sankaran

At the beginning of the year I joined Mama Owl’s 50 book club challenge, now we all know I’ll never get 50 books read this year as much as I would like to, but I have completed my first book this year.

I had to put JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy to one side as [...]

The week that was 365/2

What a week! Girls back to school and they’re very happy to be there, back to gymnastics in their new leotards that nonna bought for Christmas and I got stuck into work after a very lazy Christmas break.

I managed to call Megan and have a really good catch up with her, I also [...]

The 50 book challenge and 365 photo challenge

50 book challenge

I stumbled across this post by accident which is possibly the best way to find things to do really, serendipity and all that.

Anyway the ONE thing I have truley missed since the girls joyous arrival in our lives is the pleasure of reading. When I used to commute to London I would always [...]