Blossom magazine for girls aged 4 – 7

blossom cover

There’s a new monthly magazine on the shelves this month aimed at little girls aged 4 – 7 called Blossom and I’m really excited about it as I think my twins are going to LOVE it. In fact I’ll probably have to buy them a copy each to hold the peace and wouldn’t [...]

Learning to read and write – Year 1 progress report

Star of the day

I’ve been meaning to write an update on the girls progress for a while (since half term!) but keep getting side tracked so I’m biting the bullet and here we go.

Just before half term our school opened the classroom doors and invited the parents in to have a look around. This is an [...]

Trainer Tuesday – walk to school in your trainers

Trainer Tuesday

Our school does a lot to try and encourage children into walking to and from school. Their initiatives help cut down on traffic and bad driving around the school plus it promotes good habits of walking, fresh air and moments away from screens.

They have been holding Trainer Tuesdays for years and who doesn’t [...]

LeapFrog LeapReader review

LeapReader pen


LeapFrog have been enjoying enormous success with their LeapPad and now the Ultra LeapPad, in fact I imagine that at least one of their toys has slipped into your child’s toy box over the years. Now it’s time to talk about the LeapReader which we have been sent to review.

You may have [...]

Back to school – Year 1

We are one week in to Year 1 and I had tears Tuesday morning from Twin 1 who didn’t want to go into school.

She did say her throat hurt and in all fairness she was exhausted the night before not moving from the sofa after teatime, so I gave her some Calpol and [...]

Snuffles and the cloud people – children’s book review

The online community is a funny old place, I’ve been online now for a good 10 years and have used various forums for all manner of topics from Trying to conceive to camping advice to making the perfect buttercream for cakes.

Sometimes you meet and chat with people that stay in your life for [...]

End of reception year – school report

ocean art work

‘We break up, we break down, we don’t care if the school falls down …’ do kids still sing that song these days? It was hollered at the top of our voices as we left the school building for the final time in the school year but maybe it’s more of a senior school [...]

Sports day: no winners, no losers #2013SSG

relay game sports day


We had our first sports day last week and were invited along to the school to watch from the side lines as the 4 reception classes were split into five groups to play the games that had been set out for them.

Each singular group was then split into four teams of [...]

First term of Big school progress report

swimming certificates

Wow, didn’t that first term of school go quickly?

There I was waiting for school to start and complaining of the long induction process and boom – it’s Christmas, the girls can read and recognise letters and have even started the add one concept.

They have weekly PE lessons, weekly trips to the library [...]

Christmas bunting – Make your own!

Happy Christmas bunting

When I was going through the remainder of last year’s wrapping paper and checking to see if there were any cards leftover I came across a bag full of old Christmas cards that had been forgotten to take to a recycling unit.

Later once our tree was up and [...]