Mayoral – very cool Spanish clothes for kids

mayoral girls

Just before school broke up we were invited over to our local Bluewater to visit Mayoral. I hadn’t heard of it before but a quick look online revealed some really gorgeous clothes for kids.

Here’s a little information on the back ground of mayoral I found on their website

In 2011, Mayoral celebrated [...]

Skips Crossword Puzzles for kids

skips crossmaths

Easter holidays and isn’t it lovely to watch the children play without a care in the world? I daren’t reprimand them for a messy room of an evening when I can see they have clearly had loads of fun playing with their toys, we’re making it part of our day to tidy up [...]

Mummy, is God real? – Easter chats

buffalo tiger


The photo above was taken on a trip to Florida in 2006, the gentleman I am with is Buffalo Tiger, the leader of the Miccosukee nation in Florida between the mid 1950′s and the early 1970′s. He now runs an airboat tour company in the Florida Everglades

First you are to think always [...]

Hot Wheels Double Jump Duel

hot wheels double jump duel

It sounds good doesn’t it? 

Every time it comes round to writing lists of ideas for gift ideas for the girls to hand out to the family dad always manages to sneak in a Hot Wheels toy as he says ‘the girls will love it’. Needless to say the lovely aunties usually go [...]

Disney Planes Toys: Speedway track set

Disney Planes review

Mattel got in touch recently and asked whether we’d like to review some Disney Planes Toys in particular their Disney Planes Flight to the Finish Speedway Track set. The game is loosely aimed at boys and of course the Disney film Planes fans but I wanted to see how the girls would get [...]

Junior Labyrinth board game Ravensburger

junior labyrinth

The Junior Labyrinth board game by Ravensburger is the beginners version of the Labyrinth Games series. The board has 12 treasures to be found within the maze and you can move the walls to open up passages.

The player chooses a token to discover which treasure is up for grabs and then has to [...]

Our first visit from the Tooth Fairy.

alice teeth

MUCH excitement was to be had on holiday over half term as the wobbly teeth belonging to Alice were hanging on by a thread.

We missed ‘catching’ the first tooth, who knows where it ended up? So you can imagine the panic – we were away from home, in a holiday resort with [...]

Blossom magazine for girls aged 4 – 7

blossom cover

There’s a new monthly magazine on the shelves this month aimed at little girls aged 4 – 7 called Blossom and I’m really excited about it as I think my twins are going to LOVE it. In fact I’ll probably have to buy them a copy each to hold the peace and wouldn’t [...]

Adventure Sketchers LeapPad #review

Adventure Sketchers

The latest review game we’ve been sent to play on our LeapPad Ultras is Adventure Sketchers! Draw, Play, Create and it has been incredibly hard

a) making sure each twin gets a go as there’s a tendency to hog the game once you’re on it.

b) get a decent look in to be able to [...]

Penguin’s Childrens books and Half Bad by Sally Green

half bad

I recently attended a Penguin’s Children’s book event where they shared their plans for 2014 and I got  very excited – did you know Eric Carle’s The Hungry Caterpillar celebrates 45 years this year? The twins LOVED this book and we still have our board book version kicking around on the book shelf and [...]