Matalan Halloween Twitter party

Halloween tips

  Not long now and we’ll be celebrating Halloween which is a real fun event for the children and with a little preparation can be fun for parents too but what you need is good ideas.   Matalan are holding a Twitter party this Wednesday 25th September @matalan  between 1 – 2pm where all [...]

Imperfect parenting – all the time

twins smiling cheeky


‘So what do boys have mummy?’ Bessie enquires as I start the daily rigmarole of dressing them both for school.

We’ve just finished washing so for some reason I assume she means as in ‘fifi’ as we affectionately call the intimate lady parts in this house – what do boys call their intimate parts?


What’s it like to be mum of a Special Needs child?

luggage handlers on aeroplane

The Paralympics finished and yesterday in London all the athletes were driven around London in front of huge crowds to allow us to recognise them for their brilliance and respect the awareness they have raised for people with disabilities. How they were cheered on by the spectators all anxious to capture the moment on [...]

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Tour the UK

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

We had the pleasure of going to going to see Peppa Pig’s Theatre tour back in February and the girls LOVED it. They came home with souvenirs, big smiles but more importantly a memory, a memory of going to the theatre and joining in the ‘He’s Behind You’ and all the fabulous parts [...]

Barefoot Books – imaginative reading for children

My Mama Earth

One of my favourite moments of the day is story time, it’s the end of the day, I’ve often got a headache and am exhausted but NOTHING will stop me from reading our daily stories together.

As you can imagine we’ve got quite a collection of books now but as the girls are getting [...]

Top Tips for Starting Infant School

Riverview Infant School

The other day I went for my first meeting at the infant school where the girl’s will be starting in September, a very exciting time and an extremely important one too. I recently shared with you my thoughts on keeping twins together or not but whilst I sat listening to the Head Mistress [...]

The best thing about being a parent

Following the video challenge set by BritMums (and completing it a little late) I answered the question – What do you think the best thing about being a parent is?

Silent Sunday

playing with water

How do you control your kids?

butter wouldn't melt

Whilst getting into the car one day last week we saw our next door neighbour, also out front, the usual niceties followed and the girls went over to talk too.

It was the Easter holidays and I imagine the noise from our house had been a few decibels higher over the previous 10 days [...]