Sardegna: Exploring the unspoilt Costa Verde

map sardegna

I want to show you this post of a past holiday from a couple of years ago to Sardegna where my mum has a villa. She has recently opened it up for rental (see the link below) and it’s such a beautiful, unspoilt part of the world I thought you might like to see [...]

Viva Italia! Winner of Conde Nast Traveller Readers 2013 awards – Favourite Destination

conde nast traveller

Conde Nast Traveller one of the leading tourism publications have recently held their 2013 Traveller Readers’ Awards ceremony and Italy was once again awarded Favourite Country by it’s 83,000+ readers and I am certainly not going to argue with their perfect choice.

Rome, Venice and Florence all feature in the Top Ten Favourite Overseas [...]

The Italian Dolomites; Eat, drink and be merry in Trentino

lake garda


In Italy the kids have already broken up from school and won’t go back till mid September – I know think of the childcare that has to be in place for that! – As you know Italy is a hot country; summers can reach constant 40C on a daily basis for months. [...]

Ten Things I learnt from the Italians

I moved to Italy when I was 20 and left when I was 37 so I guess you could say I became an adult there. I am sure that many defining parts of my character where finely honed by the Italian culture and here are some of the best bits I brought back with me…


The Ideal City by Piero della Francesca

ideal city piero della francesca

One of my favourite paintings that I had the great fortune to see on a trip to Urbino, Italy in 1999 is The Ideal City by Piero della Francesca.

Entering the Sala degli Angeli of the Galleria Nazionale di Urbino, the painting was hanging above a beautifully sculpted fireplace and quite literally took my [...]

Trentino, Folgaria for a weekend

chasing ducks kate, folgaria Trentino ItalyIt’s always a mad rush whenever I get back from a trip away and my weekend trip to Folgaria, Trentino was no different, it’s taken the entire week to catch up and I still haven’t. I have product reviews to do, emails to reply to and posts to write but hey, What a Fantastic Time I Had! Continue reading Trentino, Folgaria for a weekend

Festa delle donne – 8 marzo

Today is one of those days that make me think of Italy even more than I usually do. Consequently I really miss the wonderful girlfriends I made there.

Today is the 8th March and it was during my Italy years that I would celebrate International Women’s Day with my girls.

I learnt that this annual celebration [...]