March Gardening To Do list

seed planting

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”  ~Robin Williams

This is the month when gardening really kicks in and some of my major preparations have included the investment in a composter and a water butt. Living the dream people, living the dream.

I am guessing that as we have had so much [...]

Early Autumn gardening

garden harvest

It’s three years now since we moved in and three years that I have half heartedly been working on the garden.

Firstly I never thought it would be such a lengthy process.

Secondly I realise I MUST dedicate more time if I am to have hugely successful harvests

and Thirdly, I [...]

Silent Sunday

vegetable harvest

How does your garden grow?

purple flower

Well mine in all honesty is let to do much as it pleases in as much as I am not a constant gardener but one who dabbles now and then. Thank goodness the forsynthia knows that! She gets a good cut mid summer and again in the autumn and we get on just fine.


What princesses will be wearing this autumn…

Mini mode AW 2012

The life of a princess is a busy one, there are many chores to do each day and one must always try one’s best to look 100% princess.

Take yesterday for example, whilst we spend another week at home waiting for our ‘Home Visit’ we decided to check out the veggie plot. It needed [...]

What do I look for when I review?

I was ‘challenged’ on Twitter this morning when my Brittany Ferries post was automated to my timeline, it’s a first for me and I found myself defending my corner quite fiercely which a little later on in the morning surprised me so I started to reflect on the whys of this reaction?

I [...]

Another thief in the garden? #SilentSunday

Raised vegetable plot saga begins

raised vegetable plot

We have started on our raised vegetable plot this weekend and it’s looking really good. We bought the wood set to make the frame from B&Qfor £17.95 (if I remember rightly) and it’s sat in the back garden for a couple of weeks now whilst we got Easter out of the way and waited [...]

Silent Sunday

raised vegetable plot

Febreze Mini Fresh Haven

I have done quite a few of P&G’s exciting projects on the run up to the Olympics and I’m chuffed to pieces to be on this little gem as I’m up against Domestic Goddesque no less and well you know who’s going to win out of the pair of us don’t you?

Febreze are [...]