UGG slippers cosy chestnutI am a slipper girl, I have worn slippers for as  long as I can remember and they represent more to me than just keeping my feet warm, they have taken on the significance of home.

They are the first thing I search for in the morning and the last thing I take off at night. I wear them all day every day and even when I go on holiday I take them with me!

When I see people walking slipper-less in their homes it makes me feel cold and want to try and advise them to change their ways. ‘How can you walk around with nothing on your feet?’

Maybe in the summer time I could rebel a bit but it would have to be hot and before you know it I will have slipped into some light slippers because that’s what I do at home.

Which brings me nicely onto my next point.

Slippers have seasons too and now in the dead of winter it’s time to be cosy and wrap up warm. It’s time to slip your feet into snug fur lined treats that keep your toes toasty all day long.

Then I get onto the BEST bit about this whole post. I have been sent a pair of UGG slippers – all the way from Australia! Well kind of, they originated there and may have been sent over by container load but made in the land of eternal sunshine they are the warmest, snuggest, most trendy slipper I have ever possessed. EVER.

UGG slippers

Even the box they come in is special, I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Carefully wrapped and beautifully presented they would make the most beautiful gift.

UGG pumps

They have quite a range to choose from too because UGG isn’t only about boots, they have shoes, and pumps like those above, you really ought to have a look as they’re not just the traditional boot we have come to know and love, take a look at these babies – aren’t they gorgeous too?

Which pair have you got your eye on? I can’t make my mind up

UGG shoes and boots

shellac nails My nails are brittle, they break and split at the bat of an eyelid. My hands are short and practical and I am one who will never have beautiful hands with long tapering fingers, the epitome of femininity. In fact I have spent most of my adult life ignoring my hands and their upkeep but with a wedding looming up fast I can no longer afford to ignore them.

They will be on show that day more so than they’ve ever been before so I have to get them into good shape fast for the ‘rings photo’ incidentally we bought the rings last weekend too, one step closer.

I’m afraid I don’t have time to do my nails regularly, having abandoned them for most of my life apart from when on holiday and therefore can afford the luxury of half an hour to do them. I had to think of something and Shellac nails seem to be the perfect answer.

I saw them for the first time last August, I remarked on the brilliant summer colour of a friends’ nails. ‘They’re Shellac nails.’ she replied ‘Shellac?’ I enquired.

‘Yeah like a gel but painted on, they’re supposed to last for about 3 weeks.’

3 weeks – that figure stayed with me. Three weeks would be time for them to grow, strengthen and allow me to reach the 9th March with beautiful nails.

I found a place in the local shopping centre but never got round to booking myself in. They were asking £25 (as opposed to the normal £38) on the run up to Christmas but the thought of driving over there in the madness that is Christmas put me off. Then one of my school mums organised an evening at her house with a nail beautician. She comes to your house and for a group of you can offer her services at a reduced rate, we paid £10 each so my advice is do look locally. Check Hollie’s Facebook page out on Beautiful Bonbons

shellac nails - day 1

I went along and I was very impressed. A file of the nails, base coat, two coats of colour (and plenty to choose from – I went for the dark red this time) top coat and you’re done. Each layer is dried in a UV lamp contraption which is perfectly painless and doesn’t heat.

This is my nails one week after, remember I tap on the computer all day long and when I’m not doing that I am peeling vegetables, washing bathrooms, vacuuming, polishing and changing beds. I put the rubbish out, I drive the car and do all sorts of things with my hands all day long.

I am impressed, not even a tiny chip so far. Even the regrowth is minimal and not worth worrying about.

shellac nails after 1 week

I have tried false nails in the past and have reached two days before they started to peel off which is very disappointing. So I am giving the thumbs up on Shellac nails and hope to be continuing well after the wedding too.

I’m sure even my first attempt at Zumba class this morning was a tiny bit more refined thanks to my beautiful nails

The the soul miningToday I am honoured to have the Soundtrack to my Life published on I am Typecast. It was a project I took on holiday with me to France last year, after all that’s when the Mister and I set up the iPod on random and just go through our backlog of music on random. I started to jot down my favourites during the holiday and before I knew it I had a really long list of ‘Oh I love this one!’

Once back in Ol’ Blighty, I looked through them and started to whittle it down to 5, that’s how many Nickie wants. FIVE. It’s a hard job but it’s also one that takes you back down memory lane, you realise some songs are good memories and others are not so good and slowly you start to form a list. Take a look here and make up your own, open to everyone not just bloggers.

It was on New Year’s Eve this year that I remembered the first time I heard Jools Holland and fell in love with his remarkable talent. So as I can’t add it to the Soundtrack of my Life I’m going to link to it forever ;)

The Jools Holland memory

I was about 16 and at my friend’s house, her older brother (who we all fancied – you know how it is) put this track on and I fell in love with Jools Holland. The older brother with his car, cool clothes and great street cred sadly never owned my heart but Jools has had a place there ever since that day, listen to the piano on this track (jump to 3.25 if you’re in a hurry) and be stunned by his amazing talent, it blows me away every time

Do you sit back and think about the state of your house, garden, life at the beginning of a new year? Do you wonder what you can do and can’t do?

I certainly do and although money will be pretty tight this year thanks to our wedding in March we still will do a few jobs around the house to keep it ticking over nicely.

What I’d like to do

If I were to be perfectly honest the entire block paving out the front would need lifting and relaying, I think the previous owners must have got ‘friends’ in to do it and I imagine they paid them well but it just goes to show that if you do take the cheaper option you’re likely to end up with a bodge job.

When we first took a look at this property in spring 2010 there was no sign that the block paving would deteriorate so quickly but over the past two and a half years it has sunk a lot towards the house, creating a muddy mess and to my great annoyance the whole area becomes covered in weeds during the warm summer months which take me forever pulling up and killing off.

The only solution is to take it all up and relay it properly as I have seen done on other properties along our road, I could do it myself, I could hire a cement mixer and seal the damn bricks together I suppose?

Nope, this is one job I shall continue to complain about this year *sigh*

I’d also like to re-lay the patio out back and build a wall along it instead of the fence which doesn’t even close off the property.

My dream kitchen and open plan living room is completely on hold possibly for another three years now but I will do the following

  1. Finish off the girl’s bedroom, it needs the woodwork painting and last year I slacked on this.
  2. Decorate the guest room – it’s nice and small and just needs painting to look fresh
  3. Redecorate the lounge as it already needs a new coat of paint.
  4. I’d love to decorate the hall too but I may be pushing my luck on this one so we’ll call it quits for the moment until I get the above done

What plans do you have for 2013?

This one pays the bills