Dear Dad, I miss you x

Hi Dad,

I can’t believe you’ve been gone for 6 years. Where has all that time gone and no, time doesn’t make the loss any better. I miss you more now than ever and want to share so much with you.

As I write my third grandchild will soon be with us, Sophie. Tommy [...]

Let us tell you a story part 18

Did you ever play the game as a child where someone would start the first line of a story and pass it round the group of friends to see where it went? I used to love that game so when I heard Laura from Tired Mummy of Two wanted to have a [...]

I have never … #creativewriting

Sandy Calico - Write On



Write On Prompts – Week 1 – I have never…

She felt his hands hold her head, wrapped in her long locks as he kissed her ever so gently. He looked deep into her eyes and slowly made his way in for a second kiss, again just as gently as the [...]

The secret of the river

Sandy Balls - River Avon

Some places are for staying quiet girls.

If you listen hard enough you can hear the wings of the fairies beating. You can hear the elves singing whilst they collect acorns for the long winter ahead.

You can hear the swans chatting as they gather materials for their nests.

Watch the river how [...]

Have you got a book in you? Tips from a literary agent

publihsed books

They say that everyone has a book and it’s no secret that I would love to write a book but I hear so many soul destroying stories of writers who spend days, months and years trying to find an agent to get it published and sometimes they fail and lose hope.

With that in [...]

What’s it like to be mum of a Special Needs child?

luggage handlers on aeroplane

The Paralympics finished and yesterday in London all the athletes were driven around London in front of huge crowds to allow us to recognise them for their brilliance and respect the awareness they have raised for people with disabilities. How they were cheered on by the spectators all anxious to capture the moment on [...]

Cranky Old Man

Sometimes on Facebook something really nice comes up and I share it so others may feel what I felt looking at that photo or reading that piece be it funny, sad or heartfelt but this piece I really loved and I wanted to share it but keep it too, so I’m adding it to [...]

Horsepower – 100 Word challenge for Grown Ups

His eyes bore into mine as he walked past, his every muscle taut with strength and power. I heard him snort to attract my attention.

He wanted me, badly.

His stare didn’t waver as he showed off his perfect body, his maleness ready. My desire was making me giddy.

I turned my back slightly, flirting with my tail, flicking it to send off my strong scent in his direction. It worked, he could barely contain himself.

He came over and nudged me softly with his nose, he would produce perfect foals. We pressed up against each other and our mating began. Continue reading Horsepower – 100 Word challenge for Grown Ups

Take a Leap of Faith – 100 word challenge #32

How many of us have a dream, a wish, a desire to do something but we’re held back by a lack of confidence, bad use of our time or we simply don’t think we’ll ever be able to accomplish that one thing so we don’t even take the first shaky step?

Well today is [...]

The Scary Monster With No Name

Remember me telling you I had written a short children’s story for a book in aid of Save The Children? Well this is my Christmas present to you (if I get it right that is) I have copied the story below and added a PDF for you to download for free (again if I [...]