Inheritance – Sharon Moalem – genes and how we can change them.

inheritance - sharon moalem

‘It’s in his genes’  

‘I’m probably going to get cancer/diabetes/add your own illness as it runs in my family’

These common phrases would make you think that our genetic make up is fixed at conception and we’re stuck with it right? Well Dr Sharon Moalem has discovered differently and his new book opens [...]

Half Bad by Sally Green #review

Half Bad cover

‘Wanted by no one, hunted by everyone’ really captured my interest and from those words i just couldn’t wait to start reading it!

Half Bad is the story of Nathan, a boy who grows up in a world where witches are real, and he is one. In a race against time before he turns 17. [...]

The Higgidy cookbook – pies and more!

higgidy cookbook

Have you seen the Higgidy Pies on the supermarket shelves? Have you ever spotted them at a festival maybe? Have you tasted them?

Trust me they are delicious, I can say this as I was invited to a tasting just last week and what’s more Camilla Stephens founder of Higgidy was there too. What [...]

Make, Bake, Cupcake – the recipe book

make bake cupacke


Personally I am not a cupcake ‘maker’ fan and prefer to make cakes or biscuits but I do love to eat them and have been known to effortlessly put away two or three in one session.

Kids love cupcakes, mums love cupcakes and there are a million and [...]

Book review – The Buddah in the Attic by Julie Otsuka

The buddah in the attic

I loved it.

I have just spent 3 weeks lazing around on holiday and one of my favourite holiday pastimes is reading as I rarely get time to read and get engrossed in a book properly. As a member of the BritMums Book Club, I asked to be sent a copy of the Penguin [...]

Red Ted Art; Juggling chooks, felt strawberries and Easter craft

red ted art craft book

Aren’t we just the cleverest people on the planet?

Ok well maybe not that clever but look what we made, some Juggling Chooks from Maggy’s recently published Red Ted Art book and some felt strawberries too.

Maggy asked me to have a look at her book and review it for her and you know [...]

ARGO – Best Director Ben Affleck

ARGO DVD cover

On Saturday night “my husband and I” (I’ve been dying to write that) watched ARGO on DVD, kindly sent to us by Warner Bros for the purpose of this review.

It is the most incredible story and what’s even more amazing is that it’s based on a true story which happened back in 1979, [...]

Scooby Doo – Mask of the Blue Falcon

Scooby Doo

Calling all Scooby Doo fans

With my head still in cuckoo land after our fabulous wedding on Saturday I have been reminded by my girls, yet again ‘Can you put our new Scooby DVD on please mummy?’

Of course I can, they love it and it frees me up some time to catch [...]

The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

Knackered Mother's Wine Club

I’m in it! No honestly I am. I drink wine and I’m knackered, so that means I am in it. Are you?

I *watch it claim to fame coming up* actually met Knackered Mother a few years back, we were invited to a vlogging camp by BritMums in London and we sat next to [...]

The Hope Factory – Lavanya Sankaran

The Hope Factory - Lavanya Sankaran

At the beginning of the year I joined Mama Owl’s 50 book club challenge, now we all know I’ll never get 50 books read this year as much as I would like to, but I have completed my first book this year.

I had to put JK Rowling’s Casual Vacancy to one side as [...]